Ponytail angle of attack vs intelligence.  Theoretical zero point, retarded, below average, average, above average
A theory of ponytail angle of attack as an indicator of intelligence.

Jervan2008-06-22 16:51:56
dUMBELLS2008-06-30 02:46:36
The Zero Point one is hilarious.
Sheezy2008-07-18 17:29:02
Samus isnt stupid :(
Badspot2008-07-18 21:26:53
Sorry, but it's undeniable. This is all very scientific.
Dan2008-07-21 23:27:54
Holy crap,the last girls I saw with the ponytail directly up like that, (retarded, do seem quite retarded. I might just have to agree with this.
Tape2008-07-21 23:35:04
Tails2008-08-01 09:36:29
I has never seen a person with the front one :(
MegaScience2008-09-06 07:47:14
If there's a deeper joke to the first one, I don't understand.
All I get is it means "Probably zero intelligence."

Does the kinds you like suggest anything about yourself? Because the last 2, for me are :o
tay1042008-09-09 00:50:22
Ethan2008-09-12 23:09:18
I know someone with the first one, lol.
It's true.
Sirrus2008-09-24 00:51:31
Theoretical zero point.
Makes me laugh every time.
StoreClerk2008-10-06 01:20:35
Falcondude2008-10-20 00:16:12
The funniest part about this is that I saw someone with a ponytail hanging over her face right after I saw this picture
Fabio the Brave2008-11-04 07:46:39
So true
Blaman2008-12-24 04:17:36
Very accurate diagram. I must say.
The Russian2009-06-04 04:16:46
You make a good point herem any pony tail sticking up looks retarded and the person having the ponytail is also retarded.
Krypton2009-06-16 16:05:19
Why does it have the similiar faces to the 2D Killer game?
IceBlue2009-07-04 13:58:26
What about to the side?
Tails2009-07-15 07:36:01

Because that's how you layout a face.
-Un-Known-2009-08-06 21:12:27
Badspot, How come you never show your face?
Reko2009-08-08 00:10:55
He does show his face... KAHNKAHNKAHNKAHN, its on the blockland forums, that's his face, duh!
hecmx2009-09-19 19:26:53
hahahha // this is almost a law
ColdCatcher2009-11-04 02:19:32
I Dont Want To Offend You In Any Given Way, But Many Girls Have Hair Like This... How Could You Prove That These Hair Styles Really Prove Something, I mean would this prove anything if a smart person one day wore her hair like this?...
Badspot2009-11-05 07:29:10
Well, why don't you do a little experiment. Walk around until you find a girl with a pony tail coming straight out of the top of her head, then talk to her.
Block Buster2009-12-03 23:02:17
I agree, although I have never seen someone with the forward ponytail I have seen people with pony tails and they are retarded indeed.
Alex2010-01-31 17:24:10
i lol'd at the retarded one
2010-04-08 06:49:21
Test comment
Felipe0582010-06-06 19:38:24
The "Theoretical Zero Point" and "Retarded" made me laugh :D And I too have noticed a correlation between ponytail height and average intelligence. Of course correlation does not imply causation, but preconceptions based on appearance can nevertheless be quite amusing.
Conan2010-06-26 19:01:55
A girl in my school who wears her hair like the last picture gets straight A's.

Clockturn2010-07-07 04:37:32
There is various photos of me with my hair at the zero point. It is not theoretical. I was hammered out of my mind.

In these photos I am also wearing a suit and I have a glass on my head, so there is no denying that I in fact hit the zero point.

However my hair usually defaults to above average. But yes, I can confirm this theory via controlled experimentation.
mister big-hands2010-07-15 02:18:32
The Titanium2010-07-15 02:19:09
What about ponytails that come out the side of their heads?
Jirue2010-08-18 18:51:21
Funny because I've seen pics on facebook of totally stupid chicks wearing theatrical zero point :D
Qqtt9912010-10-23 18:57:57
@The Titanium OHSHI PARADOX!
Jiibewkana2010-11-15 19:56:52
I live across the street from a sorority house where the girls ALL wear the "Retarded" selection of hair, and I must say, in my various, but not too few, encounters with them, this diagram is pretty accurate. I have thrown the word "ineptitude" at them while talking, and one had to stop me and ask what that meant. Oh dear.
Shamoo the fail whale2010-12-01 23:34:27
Jiiberkana, try talking to them about Women's Suffrage, some girls at my old college didn't like it because they though it was bad to have women suffer.
Gerex2010-12-05 22:49:08
Lmao. this is so true.
Titanium2010-12-10 06:27:25
Shakey2010-12-31 05:58:31
Would be better if they were in reverse order. You know, lead up to the punch line, not away from it.
JP2010-12-31 23:46:21
at least it's not their pubic hair in a pony tail
Matthew2011-01-01 10:50:52
This is SO accurate. When I see this I think on Kandi from Two and a Half Men. lol.
muffdyver2011-01-03 06:57:42
what about the side pony tail?
Henk Poley2011-01-03 10:29:33
I wonder what happens when it goes through the neck and ends up on the chin.
Fuin2011-01-03 12:03:41
I'm amazed of how accurate this is, i never seen type 1 , but all the rest comply with an accuracy of almost 100%.
mag2011-01-03 15:14:23
soooo goood ! :D thanks
A.I.2011-01-03 15:18:28
If you find a dumb girl wearing one of the smarter hair styles, that's called "artificial intelligence", she's just imitating a smarter friend.
MutterButter2011-01-03 17:11:37
Yes, let's make generalizations about individuals' intelligence based upon their hairstyles. Apparently I become more intelligent as the day wears on. You should submit this to a scientific journal, as it would probably win you some shiny medal. Mutter.
Badspot2011-01-03 18:07:38
^^^ Retard
It's funny, but meh. 2011-01-03 18:10:19
The "Below average" hairstyle, is probably more so used by people like me who otherwise couldn't keep their thick curly hair from driving them crazy.. which I don't find stupid at all.

If you guys haven't guessed already (this is to those who are getting offended by a silly internet picture. Really? Grow up) How many women do you see with low-tapered ponytails? The nerdy ones with flat hair. It's a stereotype that many movies, cartoons, etc play on, and people give into.

The "Retarded" hairstyle works great when applying makeup, washing your face, keeping your hair out of newly pierced ears (Though I imagine a good headband would do the same.) But I can't say I've seen anyone older than five or so actually wear their hair like that in public, because.. well.. they'd look retarded.
I can attest2011-01-03 21:54:29
That the wearer may not be retarded, but they sure look dumb as hell.
Spider2011-01-04 05:04:47
Disagree with 2nd from right. Only girls I saw wear this hairstyle was in Australia and as I used to have long hair myself, realise it's the best way to keep cooler in the hot weather.
Snip3rM00n2011-01-04 05:17:00
Joe2011-01-04 06:00:55
I'm 12 and what is this?
julie2011-01-04 06:44:18
I want to see another one comparing men and how much their pants hang down past their waist!
Phil E. Drifter2011-01-04 07:33:02
Did she died?
sherbet2011-01-04 08:07:59
Sideways ponytail??
Mallory2011-01-04 13:00:35
Side ponytail = retarded, but thinks she's cool/unique.
Rusty2011-01-04 20:35:43
Damn... Now I'm gonna think about this every time I see a ponytail
2011-01-04 22:16:11
Theorethical Zero Point = The Higgs-Boson of Ponytails.
GavinSpaceFace2011-01-04 22:31:19
@ColdCatcher, stop typing with capitals for every word you damn retard.

This theory is 100% correct and scientifically proven.
Kayos2011-01-05 03:07:24

Kayos2011-01-05 03:07:49

glenn2011-01-05 03:34:30
this smart girl in my class has the above average ponytail
glenn2011-01-05 03:35:04
and very accurate
speculator2011-01-05 05:09:54
We need more images like this.
putz2011-01-05 07:41:11
what does this say about sumo wrestlers?
CindiK2011-01-05 13:22:12
what if it's on your butt? even more intelligent?

(that's where ponies have their tails!)
derpderp2011-01-05 19:32:50
Anyone who tries to argue against this diagram is not only a girl themselves (obviously, only a woman would take offense to this), but has no sense of humor whatsoever.
O2011-01-05 20:36:11
Hahaha :D Although I don't think she looks unintelligent :) http://www.howtogeek.com/geekers/shirley+manson.jpg
Julia2011-01-05 21:22:38
At this very moment, my hair is in a low ponytail. Woohoo!!!
2011-01-06 01:16:24
Theoretical zero point.
Above Average2011-01-06 17:41:41
A side pony tail should be somewhere between below average and retarded.
Ryushi2011-01-06 17:42:45
I'm with Derp.

People need to relax these days...
GG2011-01-06 20:38:43
Chrissy from Three's Company!
meidal2011-01-07 00:09:11
this is t-shirt material for pissing off people! :D
romina erechires2011-01-07 03:53:11
en que categoria entro yo???...odio usar cosas en el pelo...por ende lo uso suelto
FaithUchiha2011-01-07 04:40:49
Basically, ponytails suck. LET YOUR HAIR OUT, WHOOOOO !
SophieDee2011-01-07 07:53:52
glad to know I'm above average! I usually wear my hair down but if I feel it's in my face then I just pull it back low.
Doctress Julia2011-01-07 08:49:23
I am 'above average'. :3
XX2011-01-07 08:51:40
That last one is my "omg this is so cool and my hair is in my way" ponytail. We nerdy girls have better things to do than attempt to make our hair defy gravity.
lala2011-01-07 11:49:44
shit heads
majornutts2011-01-07 20:44:21
ya use to know someone with the ponytail straight up above her head and we used to call her pineapple head cause it looks like the shape of a pineapple, and yes she was and is still not so bright.
rawr2011-01-07 21:03:14
charlotte2011-01-08 01:24:25
that is so true!
nisse2011-01-08 03:11:09
I tend to wear the last one, but every now and then will wear a low side ponytail to work. Chew on that for awhile.
ha!2011-01-08 12:12:22
i'm above average
Finalreminder2011-01-08 21:53:18
Dr. Sakuya, PhD2011-01-08 21:53:39
Above average, fuck year.
Adam2011-01-08 22:12:48
We need one of the rarely seen "side of the head" pony tail, a la Lady Sovereign.
Shrimper2011-01-09 03:50:50
Go to East Carolina University. You'll see the retarded ponytail like its going out of style!
Tarheel_Born&Bred2011-01-09 06:05:26
Shrimper....I agree! LOL
E2011-01-09 06:21:36
notice how most cheerleaders wear the 3rd on...
ABC2011-01-09 10:28:48
been there2011-01-09 15:09:19
if your girl is wearing her hair to the side - she's batshit insane - and if you don't know that yet - you probably wear a mullet....
Miko2011-01-10 00:00:37
Taking this as a /joke/ and not a /judgment/ of every touchy individual ever born, I must say I lolled myself right out of my chair. It's perhaps the funniest thing I've stumbled on yet today. 'Ponytail angle of attack' alone was pretty funny.
I feel obliged to model a theoretical zero-point at some point this year. Just for the lulz.
noah2011-01-10 01:29:58
actually most people that could be called a genius are intelligent mainly in one way, so someone who is a genius @ science, might be terrible at fixing up his/her appearance
Ami2011-01-10 03:21:15
Eh heh heh. Some people are gonna be really upset over this, but it's just a little jokey joke. :)

Althought I've actually met girls with each of these ponytails.

And I have to say this chart is pretty accurate at least where I used to go to school. XD

As for the front ponytail, it used to be seen in the eighties. And mostly weird bimbos wore it.
Darcy2011-01-10 06:13:26
If you look at the picture on the left. And you think she's dumb... the problem is that you are coming at her from the wrong direction. You're the dummy. ;)
Ellen2011-01-10 13:46:10
Think about Grey's anatomy and how Kristina Yang wears her hair...Definitely above average
Breexian2011-01-10 23:36:21
OMG, the first one just made my day!
Roxxxie2011-01-11 05:41:47
You are all retarded for laughing a this retarded stereotypical non-joke. The above opinions is a good demonstration of how we cause our own problems.
Badspot2011-01-11 06:03:41
Now Roxxxie, be honest with us. How do you wear your ponytail?
pranav2011-01-11 16:38:06
Its.... kinda true! :)
a2011-01-11 19:41:46
Mosie2011-01-12 00:00:35
To Sheezy: It's not! D: This is PSEUDOSCIENCE!!! I will warn the scientific world... >:[
RewLi Hrney2011-01-12 01:29:12
I would say attractive-wise, below average is the hottest ponytail position
theFace2011-01-12 09:39:51
Tails (IP: 2008-08-01 04:36:29
I has never seen a person with the front one :(

well, theoretically there should be someone dumb enough to obscure their entire field of vision with a front pony-tail :)
Fucking Retards.2011-01-12 22:35:09
I'm undeniably an idiot, yet wear my hair at the 'above average' intelligence level. This is primarily because my mommy still dresses me and does my hair. I always tell her to stop trying to make me something I'm not, but does she listen? Never.
meow :32011-01-13 03:08:30
spread the word to end the word !!!

Relax!!2011-01-13 03:28:10
Okay, I'm a girl, and I thought this was hilarious. All you girls becoming seriously offended by this just need to CHILL. OUT.
FluffyRhino2011-01-13 03:39:38
As a girl, I must say the "average" is way more comfortable than the "above average." The "above average" style results in Scratchy Neck Syndrome, and those with extremely long hair (like myself) don't necessarily enjoy having their sleek locks turned into rat's nests as individual hairs gradually get trapped by the collar of a shirt, and balloon outward in all different directions.
eternalspaz2011-01-13 04:08:21
All woman, way above average intelligence, currently wearing my hair just a little longer than a crew cut. When it was long I wore it in the Below Average angle, unless I wore a ball cap, then it needed to be at the Average angle. Unless a woman is unusually beautiful, the Above Average angle just comes off as a spinster type. There may be such a thing as being taken too seriously.
Badspot2011-01-13 08:32:25

I actually made this page a while ago to try to win the game.


Sadly it did not seem to detect the page. I guess I'd have to link it somewhere.
Badspot2011-01-13 08:43:30
I hate to break it to you but I think the r-word.org and rwordcounter.org sites are troll sites. Look at this banner: http://www.r-word.org/images/banners/banner-2.png - You could not possibly put that together in photoshop without laughing your ass off. I mean it's a tragedy and all, but the guy is literally making the derp face.
lol2011-01-13 14:54:27
i've known 3 people with the retarded ponytail...and this post is so right...3 for 3 -_-.
tica0sofa092011-01-13 18:08:12
wait i have my hair like the below average...D:
Todd2011-01-14 01:21:23
I've had a ponytail for 20 years, and I love it...now it's all gray but soft and nice....I wear it low, which means I am of above average smarts. I think this post is accurate.hehe
LongHair2011-01-14 09:54:52
This just confirms my suspicions that I am of above average intelligence. Woohoo.
Dr.Kink2011-01-14 16:22:15
Go Lemmings Go!
Danae2011-01-14 20:42:38
Can we link to this post and use the image on swervecalgary.com?
Badspot2011-01-14 21:34:44
>Can we link to this post and use the image on swervecalgary.com?

cfiz2011-01-14 23:35:23
If a girl has a ponytail to the side, that means her intelligence is imaginary.
cfiz2011-01-14 23:41:01
Or negative imaginary if the ponytail is to the other side.
sleeko2011-01-15 21:40:58
ergo: the higher the amount of melanin, in ones skin, the higher the ponytail....duh.
Lightning2011-01-15 21:46:39
I like how the intelligence for women ponytails only goes up to above average but it goes all the way down to theoretical zero. Point; there are no genius women.
freewine2011-01-16 02:20:07
no comments!!!
ZombiePirate2011-01-16 05:22:23
above average looks like Guybrush Threepwood from Curse of Monkey Island
dhali2011-01-16 05:52:52
And yet
Very well covered.
Let me make a participation:
When there's a "No Pony Tail" situation, an average heterosexual male or a lesbian female, most likely, starts to drool...
I'm guesing, for some pre-historical genetic reason, a female with her hair down, typically has a confusing effect on those people.
It is a perfectly functioning disguise for a woman, who wants hide anything; including her intelligence.
It is just like a man with a lot of money; they both have a wooing effect on unsatisfied, inadequately grown humans with a comparatively under-developed brain activity and lack of getting laid in their lives.
Just saying...

bug2011-01-16 21:36:57
id say change the intelligent one to has no friends
Rly?2011-01-17 07:31:19
WTF!!! This is the definition of dumb.
Rly?2011-01-17 07:31:23
WTF!!! This is the definition of dumb.
nandi2011-01-17 15:04:20
Well now this is just confusing.. I wear my hair up in every one of those styles,(except its been many years since I've used the first two.)So how do you equate the fact that I seem to be either mostly above average or below average?
Harbinger2011-01-17 22:26:19
Lightning: Seeing as how you can't have a pony tail actually inside your neck, the scale stops there, but there's nothing saying how far above average "above" can or cannot go. Women geniuses exist ^.^
earing and the makeup2011-01-18 00:47:54
Its sad in this day and age, that a joke is made using the word 'retarded'. No one chose to be mentally challenged.

I think that it is completely insensitive, and only illustrates the author's ignorance
not true, and very pointless2011-01-18 01:04:48
Wheres the side ponytail, not much thought put into this
Badspot2011-01-18 03:01:48
So if the vertical ponytail was labeled "Mentally Challenged" would that really make you feel better? Or would you just find some other hippy bullshit to whine about?
teenage girl2011-01-18 05:38:35
hahaha! i loved this, VERY accurate! and guys, its a joke, get over yourselves! like youve never made fun of someone!
Mike Huntertz2011-01-18 07:43:32
nice, this is really stupid, f'ing dtupid who cares tdisfdhkl ffjsis a piece fof shit
Aillanna2011-01-18 19:12:39
I so want to agree for the most part with this, and especially the first few examples. Except? I tend to alternate between the last three ponytail styles (from below average to above average) simply depending on my mood and how lazy I feel on a given day.

The "above average" ponytail, requiring the least effort to keep neat, is for my laziest days. What does that say about it (or me), I wonder?
GSR12011-01-18 23:58:21
how about men ponytailing pubic hair?
Bo Ner2011-01-19 19:48:06
The front one is like so Emo!
Ina2011-01-19 21:41:18
the second one can also be an ironic statement...
2011-01-20 12:36:51
makes me feel good about the way I wear my hair ;)
m2011-01-20 14:25:14
same here :)
Shan2011-01-20 18:27:23
My friends and I used to call the first one a Unicorn Ponytail. Of course, we were in elementary school at the time.
tennesseeflower2011-01-22 00:17:00
I am between average above average. That's cool but I don't measure intelligence on they way a person wears their hair.
suv2011-01-22 10:25:58
i agree!!
Re-Hat2011-01-26 14:50:58
Munch2011-01-26 15:12:29
Truth is, I've known people that used the zero point (but a little to the side), and yes, you are right, they were stupid as hell, and squint.
Stumbler2011-01-27 20:47:52
this is hilarious yet so true
Rachel2011-01-29 08:45:32
eww I hate low ponytails, I think they are ugly
eh.2011-01-29 10:25:22
heck, i don't wear a ponytail guess that makes me practically clueless
KLM2011-01-31 23:29:05
"Badspot (IP: 2009-11-05 01:29:10
Well, why don't you do a little experiment. Walk around until you find a girl with a pony tail coming straight out of the top of her head, then talk to her."

Donne Roma2011-02-01 09:36:09
What if she has 2 side tails :) ?
Anas Dady2011-02-02 10:00:43
The above average ponytail => a very simple & respectuous women ;)
DaniDeS2011-02-04 06:21:47
So there are all these questions about the side pony tial, what about the pigs tails which are essentially two pony tails?
Hams2011-02-05 07:52:29
lawl misogyny so funny!
Clayton2011-02-06 03:15:02
This would be much more hilarious mirrored (that is, start with the smartest on the left).
Art2011-02-07 23:55:21
Cool, but people usually read from left to right, so the point is at the beginning :P
Hrrm2011-02-08 07:04:19
*sigh* why is it that women always get the "if you look a certain way"=smart "If you look a different way"=stupid... the two really have no correlation.

Tired stereotypes but your simple sketches are nicely presented.
Badspot2011-02-08 07:28:32
What about the tired stereotype of hipster feminists not having any sense of humor?
Heyya2011-02-09 22:20:01
Omigosh I Luv Zat Pic! Theoretrical Zero Point... It would be hilarious if some one actually did that!
Refrigerator2011-02-12 14:16:33
Yep. It's all true.
narnia142011-02-15 02:38:36
totally reminds me of this book.
ann2011-02-18 17:58:14
i agree with this....
smithers2011-02-18 19:57:28
win! i has my hair above average XD
R2011-02-18 20:51:49
I wear my ponytails at the below average height an I would just like to say that I have an 85 average and I am on the honors with distinction roll...
Alex_Sukhoi2011-02-20 02:35:47
Максимальный угол атаки
Johannys2011-02-20 23:44:51
Ok I don't agree with this. I am not "dumb" and I like to wear my hair like the second and third one- it gets the hair off my neck and its the most comfortable way. I think it looks cute too. :)
Nice!2011-02-21 21:40:38
I like this post! It's funny. But bad spot, do u really have to snap at everyone that makes a negative comment? Please don't take this the wrong way, I agree with you but it really doesn't call that. Anyways this might be one of the funniest posts out there! Lmao :D
Nice!2011-02-21 21:40:40
I like this post! It's funny. But bad spot, do u really have to snap at everyone that makes a negative comment? Please don't take this the wrong way, I agree with you but it really doesn't call that. Anyways this might be one of the funniest posts out there! Lmao :D
Suffragette2011-02-23 10:28:36
"because they though it was bad to have women suffer." That's hilarious.
Faustye2011-02-25 21:18:02
Smarties are Sexy2011-03-01 04:37:50
My hair is usually The last so i think this is true cause I had straight A's ever since I started school :)
Alex2011-03-05 14:50:55
My girlfriend is above average. It appears all her blonde friends are at theoretical zero point. Fucking retarded bitches.
Vini2011-03-10 13:51:45
This is so true... so very true.

The theoretical zero point make me rofl. lolol
Citrus2011-03-10 21:47:57
Hooray. My girl is the last one. :3
Carrie2011-03-13 06:11:07
So, the uglier your hairstyle, the smarter you are?
Zeeshan2011-03-13 10:58:47
Actually it seems very true. I have to agree.
J 2011-03-14 02:50:14
So true and funny.
Cass2011-03-19 08:42:19
Wait, I put my ponytail in the first position sometimes...

2011-03-27 03:14:04
woot comment number gazzlion! beat that!
Against The R-word2011-03-27 12:40:50
Why must you use "retarded" to describe something "stupid" or "idiotic?" I believe it's your vocabulary that's "retarded."
Badspot2011-03-27 13:50:18
Maybe you should look up the history of the word "idiot".
Roflcopter2011-04-01 16:46:00
The theoretical zero point is what made this.
cmkerr2011-04-03 13:24:42
LMAO @ Roflcopter!!!!
Ks08912011-04-05 05:45:13
Ehm. I wear my pony on the top of my head - to the side actually. I am going to school for computer engineering and am on the dean's list. I'm also on the dance team. It is possible for girls to not wear their hair like a fashionably inept feminist and be intelligent.
hmmm2011-04-08 15:57:27
I think i'm gunna cry, my hair right now is in a high ponytail!
hmmm2011-04-08 15:59:06
Should mention i don't always wear my hair like that and i am a university student studying computing and only girl in my class!
Thelimeusa2011-04-10 12:28:39
My wife wears the 2nd one. I hate it...I call it the palm tree. Now I have proof...she is retarded!
lostfaithinyou2011-04-11 01:58:06
""I Dont Want To Offend You In Any Given Way, But Many Girls Have Hair Like This... How Could You Prove That These Hair Styles Really Prove Something, I mean would this prove anything if a smart person one day wore her hair like this?...""

Well obviously, if you're saying this, that means you are either the first one or the second one. Dear, the point is that a "smart" person would not wear their hair like that. if you can comprehend that...
Rafflesia2011-04-14 01:26:59
I'm the above average one. lol
dasha2011-04-19 14:00:13
I have the middle one. But the only reason I tie it up high is because my hair is long and gets pretty messy. I never understood people who can bear to tie their hair low eg the first from the right. Because I get hot and bothered with the hair behind my neck and it really depends as well the place you are from. Where I am from, it is a hot climate all year round. The first two is just dumb but the other 3, I don't see how intelligence and the angle correlates. Also, I have encountered peers with hair tied like the first from the right but are deemed messy and prove this theory (at least for the three) is pretty baseless and done just to target at ppl with he first two hairstyles.
Rose2011-04-22 20:01:21
Wow... I always wear my hair like the last picture (above average). That's probably just because I'm usually to lazy to put it in a high ponytail. Haha. I'm in a lot of honors/AP classes but I don't think that really means anything. I do like how this diagram is set up though.
Melllly2011-04-25 01:21:17
I would just like to say I personally wear high ponies a lot because they look cuter on me. I'm not saying that it is directly on top of my head but it's between the third and fourth one. I have over a 4.0 and I am very intelligent. this has no scientific basis. thanks:)
Badspot2011-04-25 05:06:44
>I personally wear high ponies a lot because they look cuter on me

don2011-04-27 13:32:21
oh wow this is getting funnier and funnier replies every day
at least i can say i was one of the first to see this
Kaitlyn2011-05-02 23:35:07
yesh im above average lol
Norava2011-05-11 19:50:59
Mellly when you talk about gpa cont it unweighted please a gpa scale after high school is to 4.0.
rosie2011-05-14 19:04:30
the last one is totally inaccurate. this chick i know wears the low ponytail and shes stupid as fuck
Norah2011-05-21 22:58:23
Actually, low ponytails are uncomfortable in my opinion. Thus, it would be stupid for me to wear one. I prefer a high pony because it looks nicer or a middle of the head pony if I just need to get my hair out of my face. On top does look pretty stupid, though. I'm conflicted on whether to give this thumbs up or down on stumble...
Norah2011-05-21 23:01:35
Need I mention that I graduated high school with a 4.2 GPA (weighted, yes, but on a 4.0 scale still) and have been on the Dean's list during my first year at college?
Kendra2011-05-24 22:24:12
Actually, this is a correlation of a ponytail ATTACK angle and your intelligence! 1) The "Zero Point" is really dumb in this sense because to attack with your ponytail, you swirl your head suddenly and hit the person in the face. So in this case, pointless, as the pony tail is in your face,
2) "Retarded" is pretty much the same thing as the "Zero Point",
3) "Low Average" is not that good unless you're shorter than the intended target,
4) "Average" works if you are the same height as the offender,
5) And "Above Average" is best for if you are taller than the other person.

In my opinion, above average is best, because I have curly, clumpy hair. My opinion.
Goku!2011-06-13 00:06:33
So so true and so funny.
Courtney2011-08-13 05:09:05
I go to sleep "retarded", then wake up as a "zero point". Then I go on with my day with my hair down because ponytails are ugly.
Observer2011-09-09 18:30:24
One of Female Shepard's possible hairstyles is the "Average" one.

Thank goodness that ponytail doesn't go higher.
GrrrrFace2011-09-13 02:24:36
Hey. I am a teenage girl with an IQ of over 130 taking college classes in dual enrollment AND I'm an avid femanon! And I wear my hair in pretty much all of those styles depending on the situation (first one aside: that's just fucking stupid unless you are gonna tie it like that then fold it back and pin it on top of your head to wear under a wig).
mcfluffy pants2011-09-29 00:58:37
haha! thats hilarious!!!! but i would just like to say that im a starit A student, and i wear my hair in the "below average" hair style! haha im telling ppl about this!
Fuuuuu2012-01-02 02:30:21
Pretty much the truth. Of course there's exceptions. Except to the theoretical style. Zero point lol
Mary2012-01-17 02:28:34
More like laziness than intelligence xD As a girl, I am honestly too lazy to brush my hair and use 2040329840380 bobby pins to put it perfectly up so i do a low ponytail. But, I am flattered :P
zaboomafoo2012-03-05 20:58:21
below average. it's just the easiest way to go without having to brush my hair for an hour.
Me & cousin go to volleyball with our in a hair ponytail.We're very intelligent we have 4.0 GPA.People say we look cute & this style actually looks cute on some girls.Don't judge people you don't know them.But I Wear Mine With A Headband At Least.
We Go To Volleyball Or When We don't want our hair in our faces.We Wear One.The high one.
Steve54512012-07-13 17:50:25
This is quite accurate.
spidy spider 2012-08-27 12:43:07
Proof that this is correct: the ABOVE AVERAGE ponytail is the easiest to construct and is only used to keep hair out of your way there for it is used by people who are not overly concerned with their looks and care more about being able to complete a task without all their hair getting in the way. The AVERAGE ponytail is slightly harder to create due to the fact that you have to pay attention to how you pull back your hair a person using this hairstyle isnt practically dumb they merely spend more than 5 seconds on their hair these extra seconds indicate that they are not constantly obsessed with one thing all the time such as improving their intelligence. The BELOW AVERAGE ponytail while very similar to the average ponytail in concept (same theory of extra time spent on ponytail) is actually drastically different in practice the main purpose of the below average ponytail is to give it extra movement thus bringing extra attention to the ponytail this distraction is usually used to cover up other facts about the person such as their lack of intelligence (some allowance can be made during hot weather or the play of sports). The RETARDED ponytail is mostly signified by its inefficiency namely the fact that hair will get in your face if you even think about moving your head thus defeating the purpose of a ponytail furthermore the pain caused to your root hair can only be ignored by a person with a mental inability to realize pain. The THEORETIAL ZERO POINT ponytail completely defeats the purpose of a ponytail and beyond that youd have to be brain dead to be willing to go walking around with a pony tail that appears to be a failed unicorn horn so unless you a zombie please go to the nearest hospital so your basic care will be taken care of since you cant accomplish it yourself (any argument about the weather or heat are invalid at this point due to the fact that while your neck may be cooler your face will be melting into your neck). As to the question of SIDE PONYTAIL there is the one at the base of the neck very similar to the above average ponytail merely pulled to the front on one side this indicates AVERAGE intelligence do to the fact that it makes your neck and shoulders itch and may get in the way. Any SIDE PONYTAIL higher than that is between BELOW AVERAGE and RETARDED due to the fact that it is merely used to draw attention. A last note: EXTREME HEAT TURNS EVERYONE RETARDED
meowkitty122012-08-29 00:02:51
Funny pic. As long as you don't take it too seriously, it's actually funny, imo.

"Ponytail angle of attack", lol. xD
fake and gay
Higher ponytails are cool for sports. Samurai have them also.
2013-07-03 00:32:00
LOL at all the angry girls getting mad at the truth of this
Lozenge2013-08-30 22:23:01
Oh god, some Senior in my school has the Retarded ponytail.
Badspot2013-08-30 23:34:17
>Oh god, some Senior in my school has the Retarded ponytail.

No2014-02-01 20:23:49
This is not true or "100% accurate"

I know clever girls who wear high/medium ponytails
Orange2015-01-04 15:34:35
It's funny to me because I met someone who had the "above average" hair, and she was insanely smart. Also loved star trek. Idk.
i dont care2015-09-14 03:04:35
dumb dumb dumb
MegaScience2016-03-08 11:18:22
Nearing 8 years later, this is still relevant...
Styx Gamer2016-10-18 21:50:04
^^^^ Too true, my friend.
Stuff2018-02-23 03:33:43
A woman who has tail middle and above are good to go!- A tail below the middle are typically a bitch- An observation on your own will prove my theory-
HumanBeing692019-04-14 17:21:49
This was trash then, and its trash now.
Badspot2019-04-14 21:24:49
I can't believe retards are still getting BTFO'd by a cartoon I drew in 5 minutes 11 years ago.
Carrot Sticks2020-03-29 21:58:31
Dude my sister is below average in thus scale and its true! Who woulda thought. This is a high-quality scientific super-genius thing I will share. Thanks bro :D
2020-05-29 20:38:58
lol this is so funny
2020-05-29 20:39:30
the first one xD
2020-05-29 20:40:42
theres this girl in my class who wears the last one and she is above average ^w^

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