Transparency Sorting Errors

Real-time computer graphics is nothing but a series of compromises. Here is a collection of transparency sorting errors in high profile games. Sure, a lot of these are nitpicky, but keep in mind that this is the result of thousands of smart and creative people battling the problem for years. The problem cannot be eliminated, only mitigated.

(Please stop bugging me about transparency sorting in Blockland)

Source Engine
Portal 2 - Hair rendered in front of portal effect.

Left 4 Dead 2 - Plants rendered in front of elevator door.

Left 4 Dead 2 - Fire rendered in front of fog.

Contagion - Control panel rendered in front of window texture.

Unreal Engine
Mass Effect 2 - Eyelashes rendered in front of foreground display.

Alice: Madness Returns - Background element rendered in front of forground particles.

Remember Me - Hair rendered in front of window.

Killing Floor - Presents rendered in front of fence.

DreadOut - Wall decal rendered in front of window.

Heavy Bullets - Wall decal rendered in front of particles.

Other Engines
Fable 3 - Transparent character clipped by water plane.

The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time - Background spider web rendered infront of foreground spiderweb.

Nickel2014-09-28 09:10:11
damn that killing floor pic is some trippy shit
MegaScience2014-11-09 20:51:23
Someday... someday, we will find piece with this issue... Someday...
AI2014-11-24 23:18:47
Blockland: FX blocks & other transparent stuff blocked by transparency.
AI2014-11-24 23:20:56
though, transparency errors (especially blockland's) can make cool stuff sometimes :P
Farad2015-07-16 08:00:59
always has to be the hair

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