Dont want our shitty toolbar wait 30 seconds
When you uncheck "Install the new Bing Bar" the installer makes you wait 30 seconds.

2011-05-24 11:36:45
How cruel. Big businesses suck.
MegaScience2011-05-24 18:34:26
I think they changed that. I didn't know you used Unlocker, too. o.o Nice, Badspot.
Badspot2011-05-24 19:43:39
Unfortunately, unlocker doesn't work in Win7 64 bit. I eventually got the functionality I wanted out of the sysinterals "handle" utility.
MegaScience2011-05-24 22:49:48
Well, good you were able to find a functional alternative to the main. I mainly used this when a virus used locking to prevent itself from being deleted. This cleared that right up. What do you mostly use it for?

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