Mass Effect Comic Boss Rush
Guess they don't see many humans in dark space.

Mass Effect Comic 'Boss Rush'

Panel 1
[Tali and Shepard are looking up at something]
Shepard: It's... a human reaper!
Tali: Keelah!
Tali: How could this happen?

Panel 2
[Cut to a reaper gathering, outside the galaxy]
Reaper A: The plans for the human reaper are due tomorrow!
Reaper A: Quickly, how many optics units do humans have?
Reaper B: Two!
Reaper C: Four!
Reaper A: Very well. We shall compromise.

Panel 3
[Human reaper shown to have three eyes, asymmetrically]
Human Reaper: Durrr...

Tingalz2010-05-30 11:16:46
I never did understand why it had three eyes.
Possesed2010-05-30 12:00:02
Comr4de2010-05-30 12:01:55
Wolfsite2010-05-30 14:30:48
Well in the game one of the dialogues said it was originally based on the Protheans, but when that failed they began converting it into a human reaper.
Narkro2010-05-30 20:01:54
Wow, very nice
Floater2010-05-31 10:34:44
Of all the things to choose from, I think you were too gentle.

The reapers reduced to a half-finished terminator cosplay powered by human sauce?

And then there is harbinger?

They are just a couple of reasons among many why I thought ME2 was the biggest let down from a sequel Ive ever experienced.
An2010-05-31 14:08:35
pd2010-06-07 00:01:47
I know that's just Shepard's upper lip. But lordy, it looks like she has a mustache.
Badspot2010-06-09 12:59:36
There niggers, I changed her lips.
thaladyneko on deviantart2010-06-13 14:27:00
LOL! Dummest maschine ever : )
MegaScience2010-06-16 21:04:16
Great work is all I can say. :3
God2010-06-21 01:58:13
I'm pretty sure that most of the people viewing this are "White". Therefore, it wouldn't be that smart to call us niggers.
Clever2010-06-22 04:56:27

Uhh.... it would be even LESS smart to call actual black people niggers (with the possible exception of the person doing the calling actually being black, as well...)
White Guy2010-06-27 16:26:09
Hey fuck you nigger!
Black Guy2010-06-27 16:26:29
That's it punk ass cracker! *Pulls out gun and shoots*
myca2010-06-29 14:01:35
holy shit i'm laughing so hard
DURRR2010-08-16 09:20:40
Wait...2010-09-08 16:53:09
You played Shepard as a girl!?
Badspot2010-09-08 22:41:32
>You played Shepard as a girl!?

Hell yeah, I'd much rather look at a girl for 30+ hours. Plus the voice acting is a lot better on femshep.
Shadowed9992010-10-16 15:49:54
Lol so much for superior intelligence.
Masseffectgirl2010-12-23 15:42:47
LOL!Awesome comic. Does anyone else notice that,1. all the reapers in the second box are different species? 2.The human reaper has four eyes?OMG I can't stop playing this game.My older brother is going to make a character,give him a evil name and go fucking totally evil...sorry,"renagade".Go to google and type in ''Mass Effect 2 biggest prick in the galaxy.'' So funny.Then go to YouTube and type in ''Darksydephil mass effect 2 playthrough''Then get ready to fall off your chair laughing! He adds commentary
Masseffectgirl2010-12-23 16:02:09
I know it's a bad user name,(no offence)but his commenary is hilarious!You know how the explination at the beggining that tells you what's happening,how it goes so fast so you can't read it? Fav. line from his commentary-''What the fuck and shit how is anyone supposed to read that?! It's just like the first game!It's so fast! Okay fine, here we go,(LAUGHS)mission 1!'' Also,''Comander Sheperd is dead.Mass Effect 2...emo edition.'' And," Here we go,final boss ! Oh shit it's actually functional!" LOL!
Masseffectgirl2010-12-23 22:57:33
(Please reply)Did someone else actually draw this or was it someone at badspot?
Badspot2010-12-24 04:33:20
I drew it. Badspot is one person. Me.
Masseffectgirl2010-12-24 21:00:29
oh, so this is your drawing? You're really talented. I can't beleive ME3 is coming out next year! Have you seen the trailer yet?
Masseffectgirl2010-12-24 21:04:02
How/Where did you learn to draw like that? It's incredible!
Badspot2010-12-25 23:56:36
I haven't had any formal instruction or anything since high school. It's basically just practice and studying the things you want to draw.
Masseffectgirl2010-12-29 21:55:55
How many times have you played mass effect 2? I'm asking because it's so detailed.
Badspot2010-12-30 00:01:25
About one and half times. I started a playthrough on hardcore difficulty and making all renegade decisions but I have not finished.
Masseffectgirl2010-12-30 11:52:02
Well,finish it. My friend did that and it was hilarious.The renegade ending is so funny.
Masseffectgirl2010-12-31 00:24:36
One of the liines from the renegade ending, if you saved the collecter home world and you're having a final chat with the Illusvive Man. The line chosen ''Don't lecture me.'', what she/he actually says,''Sorry,i'm getting alot of bullshit on this end.''(if you're lucky,sometimes this is added on)''Looks like i'll have to try again later''*DISCONECTS AND WALKS AWAY SMIRKING.*
masseffectgirl2011-01-04 22:06:26
Is hardcore really that bad?
masseffectgirl2011-01-08 12:29:49
masseffectgirl2011-01-09 11:54:05
okay,i'm starting to think you don't like my questions. If so sorry. I'm really curious,so sometimes i write...impolite or nosy questions. Sorry!(sad_face)
masseffectgirl2011-01-09 22:14:34
okay,now i think you're avoiding answering me.(anoyed_face)
masseffectgirl2011-01-10 22:30:01
Badspot2011-01-10 23:15:34
masseffectgirl2011-01-11 15:59:50
Ha,Ha,Ha very funny.
masseffectgirl2011-01-12 21:59:30
Did i say something or are you just being rude and ignoring me?
Badspot2011-01-13 03:45:56
What am I supposed to say exactly? Post pics.
masseffectgirl2011-01-13 23:40:36
sorry,nevermind.I'll just come for the comics.I wont post anymore comments/questionns.Sorry to have disturbed you.
Badspot2011-01-14 02:14:26
You're not really a girl are you. You lied to me.
masseffectboy2011-01-19 01:15:38
I'm not really a girl.
masseffectgirl2011-01-29 21:49:15
I'm a girl! What are you talking about?!
masseffectgirl2011-02-01 19:19:21
Okay, I've had a crappy day. I don't need people telling me I'm not something I am.
Derp2011-02-02 07:20:32
This comic made me seriously LMAO for a good 5 minutes. Most def some talent, brother!
masseffectgirl2011-02-02 15:28:03
Have any of you heard of Dragon Age Origins? Role playing game?
crapface2011-02-03 10:34:06
if you have'nt heard of dao it's probably because you live under a rock...
masseffectgirl2011-02-03 17:27:33
I haven't finished it yet. Does anyone have any pointers...for a GIRL BTW.
masseffectgirl2011-02-06 23:05:59
No? Okay,whatever.
crapface2011-02-13 15:35:47
I finished it and i sincerely think it's the dumbest game since i started playing super meat boy
Masseffectgirl22011-02-13 16:53:03
SHUT UP masseffectgirl
masseffectherm2011-05-01 01:54:48
"I haven't finished it yet. Does anyone have any pointers...for a GIRL BTW."

Sorry, I only have experience playing games as a dude. I have absolutely no idea how a girl would go about playing something. I suppose you could just, I dunno, rub the controller against your chest or something? Would that work?

But seriously, this isn't a forum. It's a comments section, for commenting on the comic. If you just want to chat about your hobbies and your gender, do so in a place suited to such conversation.
masseffectgirl2011-07-22 13:25:51
(sad_face)You're right. Sorry to everyone I have bothered.
smileyface2011-07-24 00:17:48
I love the detail you put into this badspot. I wish I could draw like you.
Strbrst2011-08-20 01:08:34
Who the hell would take Tali into the final battle??
smileyface2011-09-17 12:46:06
Um, I would. Who would you rather it be?
mirandasleftbuttcheek2011-11-29 03:38:28
thats what
Spyke19852013-02-26 00:10:30
I lol'd SO hard at this XD
TolkienGirl0522013-07-24 00:01:25
Formerly masseffectgirl. Hmm. I seem to have matured somewhat since 2011. Badspot, your comics are incredible. Please, never stop drawing. You have an amazing talent.

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