Comic Master Plan
Ho ho ho, that's not how girls work. I've read the manual.

Master Plan

Panel 1
Ms.Vest: Nice plan, but why break into some doctor's office?
Ms.CatSuit: It's not just some office, it's a fertility clinic?
Ms.Vest: So...?

Panel 2
Ms.CatSuit: So reproduction is the ultimate measure of success in society, right?
Ms.Vest: Uh... I guess...

Panel 3
Ms.CatSuit: So we break in and replace all the sperm with our own!

JamestheLeet2010-08-29 08:27:31
Nice job, Badspot.
comr4de2010-08-29 14:21:15
How is babby formd

How gerl get pregnent
Muzzles562010-08-29 15:13:05
Peejster2010-08-29 15:40:58
Lewnaja2010-08-29 18:09:40
I wish I could have sex with her but I don't have a penis
moriarty2010-08-29 18:10:01
also that was me derp
Lewnja2010-08-29 19:39:32
But...I like dick.
W2010-08-29 22:04:48
Oh my god!! I was lied to in sex ed.!
MrMulch2010-09-01 02:44:33
Devvy2010-09-03 23:43:55
Great as usual, Badspot. :)
Shadowed9992010-09-07 17:54:03
But chicks don't have sperm...OR DO THEY O_O
MegaScience2010-09-29 04:29:06
LOL, why didn't I expect the last panel?
Nequ2010-10-22 15:08:24
So would you be bringing it with you, or producing it on-site?
LOL I'm BadSpot2010-10-24 03:23:47
Shamoo the fail whale2010-12-01 23:15:21
Ms. Catsuit doesn't seem of have thought this through completely
2010-12-21 01:38:36
good luck XD
Dragon.2011-09-12 10:33:11
Lol a herm joke. Nice one.
LewnaJa2011-12-12 18:41:08
omg guizzz trololololo

mrtt2013-08-03 01:11:31
people actually did this IRL
Bwopper2014-07-24 17:13:04
The space race, is now the sperm race

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