Psylocke Animated GIF
Based off of Psylocke's idle animation from every fighting game she appears in.

MegaScience2008-04-23 01:24:59
It may have less movement action, but it's a much bigger image, providing much more detail :o
Minion2008-04-23 01:43:17
Needs more boob.
MegaScience2008-04-23 02:12:01
Oh ya, forgot to mention you reduced the breast size. I guess it's because i'm not a perv like Minion.
remco2008-05-28 14:43:31
2008-05-29 19:27:52
Animation is jerky.
LewnaJa2008-06-21 19:39:11
Badspot you are a fucking whore who has no life, a perverted desperate retard. Btw its ilegal to ban me from using the blockland fourms. my bro uses that site too.... Badspot, leave the internet and delete blockland with it. Come back when you actualy have a WIFE and you have an ACTUAL life.

Your Worst Nightmare,
Badspot2008-06-22 15:45:09
Please expand on the illegality of your ban. I really want to know your reasoning here.
LewnaJa2008-10-23 21:50:34
Fucking crybaby Badspot. Why don't you stop listening to the 6 year old hoe bags on "your" Fourms and unban me from it....? I can never go away anyway. I STILL have access to your Blockland fourms. My computer can resist your cute little attempts to ban me from using your "Godly site of the best building game ever". I can never go away. No matter what. I'll ALLWAYS be there to torture you....
LewnaJa2008-10-23 21:51:14
See what I mean? I got a fricking different IP.

Told you I keep coming back.
Badspot2008-10-23 23:20:21
Please expand on how the forums are not "mine". I really want to know your reasoning here.
LewnaJa2008-11-12 21:20:14
my reasoning is PAYBACK for what you've done to me and my reputation for the PAST YEAR OR SO?!?!!?!?!?!!? You need to unbann ALL MY BL FOURMS ACCOUNTS.
Ronin2008-11-26 18:10:31
r u upset?
Lewnaja2008-12-02 04:25:51
LewaJa likes boyz.
Jesus2008-12-08 03:56:48
What a fag.
LewnaJa2008-12-21 22:51:36
You failed fake "Lewnaja" the next time you try to inpersonate me, dont forget the capital J
Mr. Kibbles2008-12-23 17:02:44
So this kid's gonna curse you out on your website to get "payback" for his forum ban which I'm sure he's earned? Also Mr. LewdNinja never gonna happen. :P
LewnaJa2008-12-25 15:56:14
Disregard everything, I suck cocks and I shag goats while crying about the fourms
LewnaJa2008-12-25 19:05:31
Disregard that I wish I grew balls and had a cock.
Mikery2008-12-26 16:13:33
LewnaJa is gay, he even hates porn!
I found lewnja2008-12-30 20:52:25
he's gay and he sucks
Paxl2009-01-18 08:21:54
He likes transexuals1!!!!
LewnaJa2009-02-16 09:08:58
Sorry Badspot i suck buildermans dick
Reelshiny2009-02-16 18:02:12
Lord Tony2009-02-26 02:44:17
Lewnaja do you like to be banned on everything?
Lewnaja2009-04-08 13:23:35
LewnaJa2009-04-16 22:24:17
MegaScience2009-04-18 08:41:32
And just to clarify, there's the IP ban, then the ISP ban. ISP NEVER changes (Unless forced upon through some process I don't know) and, as such, is pretty permanent. I found this out the hard way after arguing with Ephialtes because he was trolling my posts.
Lewnaja2009-04-21 15:26:25
oo oo i'm getting my horny on i stick my giant cock in any hole ooh ooh i'm cooler than you guys
BOOBS!!!2009-04-21 21:04:18
Tourettes Guy2009-05-07 09:06:11
Bouncing Boobs2009-05-27 03:50:52
All I can notice is the bouncing boobies.
LewnaJa2009-06-13 21:43:11
idiots. why dont you stop being fucking pussies and stop putting words into my mouth?
1. Im not gay, and badspots the one who should be sucking MY dick.
2. Your all retarded and have absoloutly no life, thats why you view this site every day to look at animated girls grabbing their tits and shaking up and down. BIG FUCKIN DEAL!
3. I have all your IPS now so you better shut the fuck up before I track your computers main hardrive and kick its ass into tiny little ashes with viruses!
Badspot2009-06-14 08:48:30
Wait, so you're not gay but you want a man to suck your dick?
San2009-06-15 22:05:53
Lol LewnaJa, You fail.
WOLFPACK22009-07-02 21:21:02
ya the "I'm not gay, and badspots the one who should be sucking MY dick." was an EPIC fail, sorry LewnaJa try again
Clone 3312009-07-23 00:11:07
KRS12009-07-30 01:10:30
LAWL. Leweh got pwnd by da Badspot.
wtf?2009-08-20 06:13:17
wow what are you guys? cyber pervs?
LewnaJa 2009-08-20 06:17:56
omg lololol badspot Responded! lol! hey guyz lewk badspot respnded 2 meh lol!!! EPIC
wtf? 2009-08-20 06:20:00
above is what hes trying to say.
Teh pwner2009-09-04 23:03:50
LewnaJa...(Or the real one)....Just shut up. No one wants to hear your LIES. Plus, if Badspot DID NOT have a life, then why would this place even EXSIST?! You are just some retarded man who cannot seem to find a place in life. I bet NO ONE is scared of you! And if you can send people viruses, why not send BADSPOT a virus? HA! You make me laugh SO HARD! Just go back to a normal life insted of making other peoples life bad, you big, fat, joke of a troller.
hecmx2009-09-19 19:31:29
LewnaJa2009-10-06 21:56:41
Badspot, I'm sorry. I'm too much of a fag for the internet.
LewnaJa2009-10-07 00:18:29
Im really sorry could you rape me please?
Shinji2009-10-12 22:25:01
Our dearest LewnaJa,

Fuck you.


The Blockland Community.
Custard2009-11-26 20:31:47
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
I defend porn :3
Anyone who is a man, and is mature enough to take in the sexyness of the "Man universe" Is a man! And will always be, 100%, Pure man. P.S, Im Twelve.
Fuck Fuckity Fuck fuck fuckington :D
LewnaJa2009-11-28 21:23:17
I'm sorry. I have tourettes. And i'm pretty pissed at the fact my balls are shielded by mold. The mold has spread to my imaginary dick.
Boomshicleafaunda2009-12-05 08:06:36
Lol. I find it funny that banning could be illegal. It can't. :P

On the forums, Badspot is god. So it's stfu or gtfo.
Kobewarrior2009-12-16 03:35:43
jcat2009-12-23 04:51:04
Badspot (IP: 2009-06-14 03:48:30Wait, so you're not gay but you want a man to suck your dick?
lol good one b-spot!
can i have a second chance?
Darkhaz2010-01-09 01:56:54
Alex2010-01-31 17:13:38
Badspot dont listen to lewnaja cos he is a fag with no penis and it would be illegal NOT to ban him and technically because you made the forums they are your forums and omfg this page is spammed with that cockhead
Alex2010-01-31 17:16:59
hmm i took a look at this quote from lewnaja: "AND I HATE PORN, IM NOT EVEN OLD ENOUGH TO SEE IT!" and i just looked at it and LAUGHED!!! who gives a crap about age ratings we live in a free country so why bother with them cos nearly everyone in my class (who is 13) watches porn
Alex2010-01-31 17:19:58
i took a look at another quote from the fag i shall no longer name: "IM NOT LIFELESS LIKE ALL OF YOU TO VIEW THAT SHIT! WHO EVER WATCHES PORN, READS PORN, LOOKS AT PORN, IS AN ABSOLOUTE LIFELESS WHORE WHO OBVIOUSLY DOESNT HAVE A DICK AND HAS A MANGINA INSTEAD!!!!!!" what the fuck is a mangina and watching porn doesnt make you gay or remove your penis - it only makes you gay if you watch gay porn which only you and your male side of the family watch and now i shall describe the situation you are in: OwNeD pWnEd OwNt PwNt and YOU ARE AN EPIC FAILURE AT INSULTING EVERYONE ON THE INTERNET
Bewbs2010-02-03 03:13:17
Bewbs =3
LewnaJa2010-03-07 16:05:54
I like to suck Badspots dick and shove it up my ass oh yeah fuck your dick is sexy yaaaaaaahhh
Alex2010-03-07 16:06:08
2010-03-19 22:16:59
FRED 2010-03-23 09:50:26
LewnaJa you i just wnat to you stop spamming up BL forums and this place your just an old ugly whore! i just want badspot to ban your accounts for ever! i mean a guy named Kevin he would like to Rape your ass LewnaJa and then go visit your mother for a sexy time!
bluspy = FAIL2010-03-23 09:55:56
i had an affair with YOUR MOTHER LewnaJa here is the pic!
bluspy = FAIL2010-03-23 10:00:44
badspot is no whore. LewnaJa i will fuck your mother and say i *BEEP* YOUR mother in YA FACE i am fucking your mutha
Sephiroth2010-04-02 00:34:57
Now let me just say I dislike badspot, but he is funny.

But nothing can beat LewnaJa

Almost called him LewninJa
Clockwork2010-04-24 01:26:33
I hear Boing Boing Coming from somebody's pantz!
LewnaJa 2010-06-15 02:53:07
LewnaJa2010-07-06 23:00:45
LewnaJa2010-07-13 04:32:38
I'm sorry I'm an asshole, I can't help that I got herpes from my gramma :c
LewnaJa2010-07-19 23:01:09
hurr hurr i like peenus.
LewnaJa2010-07-26 17:53:42
Badspot, can I suck your dick, I'm sorry for being a fag, just cock me hard.
Peejster2010-08-09 20:48:49
It's pointless, because your IPs are different than the real LewnaJa's.
LewnaJa2010-08-09 22:23:12

You2010-08-10 01:52:04
Honestly, stop impersonating him.
Crown2010-08-10 02:07:11
I agree with LewnaJa. . . Sence I have quit blockland I see this game is going to crash and burn. With a fagged up owner, Retards all over the place. 1 to many Kalpiters. Over time so many people will be spending 20$ and making badspot richer and richer. As the game grows older there will be hacking, I bet.

Badspot, You can suck my balls
2010-08-10 02:33:46
>this game is going to crash and burn

>so many people will be spending 20$ and making badspot richer and richer

What. Do you even read your own posts?
Metal2010-08-10 11:47:08
I just confirmed, that his IP on the comment, is indeed LewnaJa.
You've evolved into a faggot and you just learned how to suck dick!
LewnaJa2010-08-10 15:51:15

ami doin it rite?
.2010-08-10 15:54:12
Nicro2010-08-10 16:07:51
Seriously stop impersonating him it's not even funny anymore.
Kevdude2010-08-10 16:23:04
LewnaJa, why do you want an account on the forums if they suck so much?
Nicro2010-08-10 17:50:12
He can always come back to the forums yet he wants to be unbanned...
AlexGT2010-08-10 18:31:36
This is pretty good. Boobs don't spin around like usual and they're not overly sized.
Mr.LoLHaX2010-08-10 19:13:08
Was this for fun?
Crown2010-08-25 22:47:10
BaDsPoT your a self centered ass hole. You don't even care about this game as long as you get at least 100$ a day. your updates are shitty. YOU ARE SHITTY.

Oh yeah and remember when you banned me? You said I had stolen keys.. Right well you see theres something in real life called "Friends" I dont know if you have any but see some of them play blockland, and sometimes they play blockland at my house. So you can always count on IPs being there.

im never going to this site again, if you wanted to talk to me. Yes I do play runescape my name is Yeahnope!

P.S. If anyone sees Kalpiter, tell him I called him a FAG =)
Badspot2010-08-25 23:05:09
>im never going to this site again

That is all I ever asked of you.
Badspot2010-08-25 23:22:39
Oh wait, I forgot. I wanted you to stop stealing people's keys with various phishing scams.
Crown2010-08-25 23:54:56

>phishing scams

Badspot2010-08-26 01:07:17
Like when poiuyt created a forum for the purpose of stealing email passwords and used that to funnel stolen keys to you.

After your recent attacks on the forum and the incident where poiuyt compromised TomTheGeek's email account, I found that poiuyt had obtained several more keys and that you are using one of them. Either that or you purchased keys for him or some other bullshit.

What I know for sure is that you're both assholes hell-bent on attacking the Blockland community. At this point I would classify Poiuyt as a criminal. You associate with him. I am not interested in having either of you as customers.
Crown2010-08-26 01:17:15
Well your not going to beleive me but, thats a bunch of shit. Yes poiuyt is an idoit. I dont buy keys from him I dont even talk to him. I hope a bus runs over your fat ass.
Badspot2010-08-26 01:58:57
*BLID 20516, Purchased by one Penny Bishop, Username: Crown, Frequently used by IP This IP matches the forum account "ByeBye" which you created to spam the forum. This is definitely you.

*BLID 21546, Purchased by the same Penny Bishop, Username: Poiuyt, Used exclusively by IP This IP matches matches the forum post where Poiuyt confessed to phishing email passwords. It is definitely him.

The real question is who is Penny Bishop person? Is it some relative that you've browbeaten into letting you buy Blockland keys like candy? Or is it just some poor woman who didn't have a particularly secure email password?

It boggles my mind why you would try to lie to me when you must know that I have the facts to back up my claims. You are a fucking liar and probably a criminal. All possibility of me having a normal conversation with you about this is gone. The only thing left for you to do now is hurl some final insults and get the fuck out.
Crown2010-09-05 21:03:43
I think I will come back to Blockland, im not going to do anything bad. Do not ban meI will stay off the forums so don't worry. I won't "Scam" anyone.

-Crown (Yes its the real me I am at a friends house)
Crown2010-09-05 21:33:02
I am not a criminal, im not even 17 okay? I have not scammed one person in my life, If I do some back to Blockland you should not ban me I do not plan on really talking at all I just want to play again. I would not host I do not want to do anything with other peoples keys I want to keep one key, Mine and not "scam" anyone. You'll see =)

-Crown (yes this is me I am at my friends house)
Crown2010-09-05 21:36:38
Sorry double post my computer was being stupid =
Acid's Plain2010-09-12 13:38:07
I can't believe your having such a fight in the comments page of a picture.
LewnaJa2010-09-21 18:55:21
You people are absoloute morons. You realise I posted that 2 fucking years ago? Yet you still have the lulz to keep going at it and completely kill the joke. I find it funny that you pathetic 12 year olds sit in the bottom of your parents basement stalking the forums looking for bad things about me and trying to drama it. I am not even remotely close to the idiot I used to be. So why hold a grudge? It's pointless. I suggest you all just shut the hell up and mind your own lives.
LewnaJa2010-09-21 19:07:30
As for you, Badspot. I still can never tolerate your idiocy from infinity and beyond. Surprisingly you can manage to defend your self against Crown by pulling fake info out of your ass and shoving it onto the internet making your self look pro. You shouldn't hold a fucking 12-13 year old (Crown, forgot his age) responsible for theft of key. Sure Crown might have used one, only because you keep banning his IDs for something he didn't or did do which you have absoloutely no proof of. So you know, you should really shut the fuck up and stop fapping to your comments thinking you have absoloute power over everyone. You're spreading your faggatory across the internet, so for gods sake stop it. You've held a grudge against me for what now? 4 fucking years? You think I'm the same idiot I used to be? Well I'm not. So good sir, get the fuck out.
Badspot2010-09-21 19:20:46
Well after reading that, my opinion of you has completely changed and I can see you are a completely different person now that you are 14 instead of 12.

This is sarcasm :
LewnaJa2010-09-21 19:31:11
Badspot, obviously you see me as some idiot. I have many issues in life, such as anxiety, tourettes, ocd, my family. You can't go off trying to be an asshole to innocent people, I may have annoyed the fuck out of you FOUR years ago, but why hold a grudge? It's absoloutely pointless.
LewnaJa2010-09-21 19:35:42
I don't see why you hate me so damn much. I never hated you in the first place. You should have made a rule to disallow 10 year olds into the forums, when I first joined I was 10. So you have absoloutely no excuse to press charges of being immature against me when I've never used the forums before. (Talking about when I was 10) I'd very much like the ability to use your forums again. I don't see why we can't end this here? Many people who haven't fallen to the influence of the forums understand who I really am. I see you as some person trying to start a drama for the lulz. It's not funny. Why can't you just restart with me? I'm tired of going on the forums seeing my name written all over it with the constant characters such as Ephialtes, Destroyer, Nickthesushi, etc. Throwing insults at my past and they do not know who I am now. Seriously, end it.
LewnaJa2010-09-21 20:05:11
I personally have nothing against you, Badspot. But just the fact that you and the rest of the community have driven me insane. It's probably going to affect my chances for a job since people know my name. With all these negative posts about me, I guarantee you I'll have a hard time getting a job. You think that is fair? It's not. So again I say, stop holding a grudge on me and get with the program.
Badspot2010-09-21 20:54:39
I'm not holding a grudge, I'm judging you right now on what you've posted here today. You are mentally unstable. You are not fit to inhabit any public forum.
LewnaJa2010-09-21 22:47:56
You do not know how easily I can control my self. I've simply had a bad day after nearly passing out from lack of oxygen, thank you very much. I am mature, I could easily prove it. Look, I'm sorry for being such an ass earlier but I just can't take the stress of a community of 20 thousand plus knowing my name as someone that should be banned on site. I'd like to restart with you, most people say you're an okay guy and all that but I just hate it that even you have to pick on me too. Come on, I really just want to end it. What's past is the past. The present is the present, what do you say?
LewnaJa2010-09-21 22:52:25
I simply have issues. After reading countless insulting posts on your forums, I've grown used to it, I don't yell like a moron like I used to. As I said before, I was 10 when I first joined. I never hated your drawings either, I just was so mad I wanted to flip out on you. You see, it made me feel like shit that everyone wanted me banned, considering everyone in real life hates my guts because I stand out. The computer is my life, LOL. So pretty much I have no life. The first place I'm going to restart is here.
Badspot2010-09-21 22:56:14
Of course buddy, what you posted two hours ago in the past so lets put it behind us. You're being sincere now and I believe your lack of oxygen story.
LewnaJa2010-09-21 22:58:18
I've tried countless times to make peace with you and Ephialtes. I recently rejoined their forums and tried a peace offering, he apparently did not accept. I'm hoping you'd accept mine and make the impression on Ephialtes that I have changed. I used to have serious anger issues due to the constant emotional abuse my parents and friends give me, I wasn't used to it. But now I am. As I've said before, I really have changed. I just want to be friends. Or atleast have you stop hating my guts for what I did 4 years ago. Please accept me into the community, I am ready.
LewnaJa2010-09-21 23:00:52
I know Badspot, I know i've gone from raging on you to trying to be a suck up. I'm just.. I don't know what to do. I just want to restart. It just ticked me off that you were going at Crown like that. I hate my self beyond belief. But you know, It's not too late to fix up things now. But I had lack of oxygen because I have allergies, I couldn't breathe through my nose at all and my mouth wasn't taking much in either. So it's not some kind of dying shit.
LewnaJa2010-09-21 23:02:00
2 hours ago was a desperate attempt to end the insults on a recent drama topic started by some moron.
LewnaJa2010-09-21 23:03:52
I just don't get why you hate me so much, I was 10. I'm frustrated that you always come at me with insults. I want to put in peace between us. As it is the blockland community outside of the forums have began to like me because they've gotten to know me. I feel like you're some kind of jerk trying to tower over me to hurt me, so yes I get defensive. But I swear I didn't really mean earlier.
LewnaJa2010-09-21 23:04:18
But I do question your ban on Crown. He IS my friend, afterall.
LewnaJa2010-09-21 23:06:15
I know I tried to get defensive against you earlier but I just don't understand you, you're always so mad. It's like you hate your job. LOL
LewnaJa2010-09-22 00:27:52
If you ever reply, I gotta go so I'll be on tomorrow. Later lolol. But please do think about what I've said. I'd really like to end our constant arguing.
LewnaJa2010-09-22 19:59:11
Hello again, have you thought? I swear on my life I'd never do any of the things I used to, many people know this. Just take me into consideration. Please?
Badspot2010-09-22 20:12:09
LewnaJa, you are, by your own admission and clear demonstration on this page, mentally unstable. You cannot function correctly on a text based forum. Read what you have written here. You are crazy.
LewnaJa2010-09-22 20:19:42
I know that I mess up alot, I am very lost in my own mind, I am stressed. But I am telling you I want to prove to you I changed. Please give me a chance, Badspot. I promise I've changed. I also hate to say this because you probably wont believe me but probably the reason I've said so many different things and have switched easily is because I think I may be bipolar. But that's not the case. I ask of you, please. Blockland used to be my life, but I never get to express my feelings towards the community anymore because I've been banned for 4 years. I can function perfectly on the forums, I promise you. Just give me a chance. I'd even ask you to tell me what NOT to do so I wont get banned again?
LewnaJa2010-09-22 20:23:24
I have advanced my skills using the forums just to let you in on that. I'm on the Nexon forums, another game company I do not know if you know about them. But I do not spam like an idiot or type in all caps. I've learned, I've made good points. I try to help people in their issues instead of saying "lolufail" or something like that. I'm not crazy..
LewnaJa2010-09-22 22:19:02
LewnaJa2010-09-22 23:11:00
Honestly, I know I'm just one person out of a million other people asking you for an unban, but please. I was banned for over four years. I've had time to grow up, can't you believe me on what I am saying? I'm being honest with you. I wouldn't be the same as I used to when I was 10-11, I promise you.
Badspot2010-09-23 01:19:23
No, I will not unban you because you are fucking crazy. How many times do I have to tell you that? Mental disability is the reason you are banned. It is not an excuse.
LewnaJa2010-09-23 19:03:08
Mental disability? I'm not mentally disabled, dude. I have tourettes and OCD. That's not disability. All I'm asking you is to unban me, I can prove to you that I'm right. You can ban me for the rest of my life if I don't. I'm not crazy for gods sake.
LewnaJa2010-09-23 19:23:51
Can you please trust me for once? Being banned as a little kid and being mature and actually wanting to use the forums instead of trying to win arguements is a fair ban. Please badspot? :l
LewnaJa2010-09-23 22:36:34
Herrow? :c
LewnaJa2010-09-24 18:55:02
Badspot, will it REALLY hurt just to try?
LewnaJa2010-09-25 00:53:28
LewnaJa2010-09-25 16:43:29
Come on, Badspot. I know you really don't want to but I just want to prove to you that I'm not a douche bag like you think I am. Please just give me one more chance. :
LewnaJa2010-09-26 02:13:13
LewnaJa2010-09-26 23:14:04
Come on seriously?
LewnaJa2010-09-29 22:50:31
it's like you're waiting for me to start calling you random insults to prove yourself right. Well I have no need to, I shall continue to request an unban until you get my point on why I should be unbanned.
Crown2010-10-06 23:21:05
Badspot is just stupid and doesn't get that people age and change.
Rhysandphal2010-10-08 12:54:07
is it just me, or does LewnaJa sound like an addict?

@crown: claiming the man who banned you is stupid is nothing more than useless bitching. why don't you try asking him to see more of the incriminating records about you and these phishing scams so you can actually try to prove it instead of bitching about not being able to use a forum on a damn image comment thread.

now the more important matter. the psylocke is awesome, nice touch with the hair movement.
LewnaJa2010-10-08 19:07:01
an addict? LOL. No I just really want to use the forums incase of the need to drama. c:
Crown2010-10-13 23:00:12
I dont need to use the forums, I just think its retarded that Badspot thinks im a scammer.. I dont see how he has any proof I have scammed someone. I chat with my friends on Blockland and I host thats it. I dont go around scamming people.

P.S. Im not bitching ^_^
Badspot2010-10-14 00:24:05
Crown, you received and used stolen keys. The same account purchased a key for you and the scammer. You denied both of these facts even though I have hard evidence supporting them. I cannot have a rational conversation with you about this because you will lie about absolutely anything.
Badspot2010-10-14 00:27:36
Oh hey look at that, your latest key that you purchased from the Penny Bishop account is being shared between you and poiuyt. What a surprise. I guess I'll deactivate it and you can go back to denying that you even know this guy.
Alex2010-10-16 12:54:59
Oooooh! A load of spam and scam since I last commented here! I'm going to come here more often to see Badspot own some arses!
Omg2010-10-17 15:18:06
I read the entire argument... It's.. Overwealming... 0_0

BTW hi Badspot!
LewnaJa2010-10-18 23:05:12
Badspot, come on. Seriously?
Crown2010-10-20 18:21:42
What the fuck im not sharing that you have no right to disable that. im the only freaking person who uses that key How the FUCK did you come up with that badspot
Badspot2010-10-20 19:38:47
The master server records all IP addresses that log in using a particular key with date and time.

I thought you would have figured that out from our last exchange.
Crown2010-10-20 20:52:34
Dude im not fucking sharing an account with Poi now PLEASE unban me i dont know why the fuck your log shit said that but I AM NOT SHARING A MOTHERFUCKING ACCOUNT WITH [email protected]!#$%^&@*(!)_
Crown2010-10-20 21:59:13
Badspot, is the a screenie where it SAYS im sharing? because I know damn well that im not.
apoim2010-10-21 14:40:38
im not crown and u banded me for being his bro!!!!!!!
apoim2010-10-21 22:15:06
comon please give me unbanment =)?
apoim2010-10-21 22:15:43
Goodspot2010-10-27 22:25:44
Dear LewnaJa first of all to get un banned delete system 32
LewnaJa2010-11-29 21:18:20
Dear "Goodspot"

I am not stupid and nor will I ever delete System 32. So go back to your corner and QQ some more.
LewnaJa2010-11-29 21:22:53
First off, Badspot. I know I am mentally capable of handing a stupid forum. Considering I am registered to many others over the internet, I feel like you would understand by now that I'm not exactly top news anymore and no one is going to QQ if I am on the forums once again. Why, why can't you just let me on the forums again? It's so simple. I just want the freedom to express on the forums, that's all. Why must I be banned for over three years and not be allowed to make an Alt?
CalmDownNerd2010-12-06 08:52:28
Calm down nerd.
Zomg2010-12-16 08:23:39
Zomg, Did it actually go from 2008 to 2010?.. Pardon my Stupidity.
LewnaJa2010-12-16 20:11:17
Indeed it has. Back in 2008 I was still a fucktarded child with an undeveloped maturity. I am now fourteen years old and am most definantly capable of this shit. If anyone believes otherwise they can do dig a hole and die in it for all I care.
Marks Fector2010-12-24 22:58:29
LewnaJa, not to be mean or anything but just leave walk away just let Badspot be don't make him more angry at you..
Mai2011-01-24 20:42:12
I love her.
N2011-01-29 22:56:30
Reheheheheh. Hey Lewnaja. If you're seeing this message, It's me. You might remember me as an old friend back in RTB. My point being is that you need to calm the fuck down and just get a new persona. It'd be easier that way.
Dohoho2011-03-01 04:38:55
These people, man.
LewnaJa2011-03-05 23:00:12
N, the name rings a bell. More refreshments for my brain please?
Shy2011-05-01 20:19:50
Look! nice!
Alex Man!2011-05-14 02:31:13
LewnJa's butthurt. *thumbs up*
BBOY2011-06-17 15:01:18
Wow I took time to read all of these.
LewnaJa2011-06-19 06:05:45
0_02011-07-06 23:05:09
LewnaJa omgz im yo biggast f4n me want to do it
LewnaJa2011-07-19 05:04:06
Xanderian2012-10-17 22:23:28
From 2008-2011... you people need to check this out. Read up, and enjoy some popcorn while at it! Hey badspot, you should really use that IPS ban or whatever somebody else was talking about. Ban both Crown and LewnaJa perma once and for all! It would probably work too! :D
TF2 Wolf2012-10-27 17:17:53
Holy shit this was the most entertaining shit i have read in quite some time!
lolnope2012-12-01 20:48:36
It's funny because I like to refer to this page to see how much things have changed; like how I've grown up, and most of you haven't. I don't see what you have against Crown, though. He hasn't done anything wrong. lmfao
Crown2013-07-19 22:59:28
boy I sure was stupid.
LewnaJa 2014-01-13 16:27:13
Hurr durr I suck big cocks
Cca2014-01-13 17:05:53
Bejacks2014-01-14 04:44:35
I like the way her tits bounce
Pro2014-01-14 14:55:11
Everyone on this game is fucking retarded
jew2014-01-14 21:54:42
10/10 job moonstar also is that crown the same crown that we can see in blockland today
taly2014-01-15 04:22:02
badspot u da besst
Pro2014-01-16 23:58:23
that includes you lew, you were quite disturbing at the serv I hosted
2014-01-28 09:21:08
*Sees pic
*goes to comment
*see's LewnaJa dumbass comment
*scrolls down to hurn on that guy
*notices i reeeeeeally don't have to
2014-01-28 09:21:53
*scrolls down to -hurt- on that guy
Pro2014-02-28 06:17:24
Wait, that wasn't you, scratch that
why did this all happen ?
Badspot2014-03-11 01:38:00
>why did this all happen ?

1 in 1000 people is severely mentally ill with obsessive and combative tendencies. In online communities these people are rare but they are quite vocal and they never leave. So as a game exists for more and more years, it accumulates more and more of these crazies until it seems like that's all their is.
penis2014-03-12 23:05:38
Daniel.S2014-06-27 23:47:52
Wow ok...
Anon-kun2014-07-12 14:31:37
I came here to bust a couple nuts and now my fap time is ruined by this Lewdnaja moron.

I can't fap when I'm feeling sorry god dammit.
T_T2014-08-17 00:55:59
You do know that that was 4 years ago.
-.-2014-11-08 03:46:46
2016-12-12 23:13:04
Why? Needs bigger boobs, and more jiggle
bigjuicy boobies daddy2019-10-19 14:29:57
why not more big boobs?
that gawd damn drama nearly 10 years ago, some mentally ill nerds talking about getting their accounts back after counts of abuse in the forums. lmao. this sheds me a tear how simple that community was. I wonder if LewnaJa/Crown is still active or either alive. People would ever know the history of that, as this stays legendary on this board.
cant make this shit up2021-12-10 05:09:14
this is so funny to read

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