Blockland was featured as a free game on the G4 show The Screensavers.

The Silent Ninja2006-10-22 22:49:11
Kevin Pereira's an idot. Well, props to The Screensavers for discovering the game....I'd have never found it otherwise. Lol, Kevin's a hammer noob, shoulda known.
Evil Keal2006-11-04 01:10:39
this bring me back
when i first joined blockland
and this is aots know?

but they forgot to metion the mods....

hey badspot maybe you should let aots test beta?

oh and badspot did you pay for this?
Badspot2006-11-04 01:36:14
There weren't any mods when this aired. I didn't pay for this, they didn't even tell me.
maor2006-11-13 14:38:17
god imagne that your game getting aired on one of the most famous gamer shows ever god you must be vary happy
tails2006-12-11 19:49:08
tay1042006-12-22 03:21:13
lol i wasn't home that night nor have i heard of the screensavers then
MasterCE2006-12-27 05:33:01
Wow, Blockland Made TV......Badspot....could you maybe call up G4 channel sometime and ask to go on there to show off retail beta? :D!!! It'd be AWESOME!
Packer2006-12-27 07:44:32
I love how they show how people can destroy other people builds. Do you think they'll do some thing like that for retail?
Badspot2006-12-27 17:17:56
You can't really do that in retail. There are global trust lists.
Packer2006-12-27 18:13:49
Thats good to hear. I love the smart ass Comment at the end. Its to geeky, I'm gonna play World of Warcraft instead.
FaTDog2007-01-17 03:28:25
wow lol blockland sucked XD RTB pwns -_-
JCDenton2007-01-28 02:53:46
That's how I found out about BlockLand.
1529op2007-02-02 19:27:05
First of all, Vanilla suckzors, I wanna send them an e-mail to review this again, and if I remember right, this was days before the beta persistence saving system came out.
Iban2007-02-04 03:35:06

BL for the win pls.
Neozuki2007-03-02 04:45:41
I remember the first days of vanilla, how it was filled with people hammering due to Kevin. But eventually it calmed down and mods helped cut down on that stuff. I'm really interested to see what Kevin thinks of retail, although the other Kevin lo longer hosts AoTS.
[PAUL_UK]2007-04-15 12:27:19
That was ages ago i imaging, before i had even heard of blockland. I joined in March 07
Sgt Johnson2007-04-23 19:44:07
As other are suggesting (I think I remember being the first to suggest it to everyone a few months back...), Badspot, get someone to review it again on a show. Just make sure the reviewer(s aren't)isn't a jackass(es).
Dan2007-07-08 01:55:29
I'd suggest mention retail to G4 it could cause thousands of new members (or maybe thats a bit of an exaggeration) but still only thing is idk how to or if it causts
Maljam2007-07-25 21:11:34
Wow, i cant beleive that they did that without asking you, Badspot. I wonder why...
Packer2007-07-25 22:26:45
They mentioned my game in a Mag and they didn't ask me, Not much different.
Brxk3nz2007-08-15 22:53:54
With kevin Pereira reviewing this you really should take it as an insult.

G4 can suck my dick.
heavythehobbit2007-08-17 17:34:04
They should show a before and after. That would pwn
Colten2007-09-02 21:50:04
Packer, what game was it?

Also, they should do the b4 and after show :P
Mashew2007-11-07 03:32:28
Kevin still hosts AoTS with some whore. G4 is stupid beyond reason and they don't even play any games for god sakes!
Skylord2008-01-24 02:41:37
Lol, Hammer noobs
Spoon2008-02-17 18:55:24
Wow I was up 1:24am school the next day (going into 9th or 10th grade I think)saw this on G4 got on Xanga(before Myspace, thats how old im talking :-p) told my buddies left them some "E-props" lmao and then I downloaded and played this game...till like 5:30am(Rough day of school..)and still play till this day... Wow Mr.HeartMan... great work.
bigbadbarron2008-05-14 10:18:38
Wher are this? is that a new version of blockland or is that the full version(i onlay got demo(now)
Badspot2008-05-14 13:44:42
It's the old version of Blockland circa February 2005. Hence the bad graphics and LEGO™ characters.
32322008-05-26 16:44:27
people are tellin me that we cant help the username is starcarft. plz help!!!!
32322008-05-26 20:49:56
this whore ass baned me for no reason they have no fucking lives!!
Knaz2008-07-09 02:25:36
Wow, this guys a total DICK! He destroys builds D:

Anyway, congrats on that video, badspot. How old is this?
Badspot2008-07-09 02:58:52
It aired in February 2005
I LIKE THIS VID2008-07-14 12:56:45
that was funny when he said "oh my god thats my castle your so mean"
Knaz2008-08-23 01:08:35
2005? Fairly old >.> meh, still its decent.
StoreClerk2008-10-06 01:23:50
this game is crap how did it make it on the show wtf
StoreClerk2008-10-06 01:27:32
Sorry for double post...

two funny things...

1. "Diving Tower" - it's a crane, moron
2. Throwing back a couple of beers

Also, annoying.
Skylord2008-10-13 21:17:47
store :D
Sankuro2008-11-12 01:24:27
Blockland should be on TV more often, yes, I built my memories of builds I made back when I was..erm....young..Also the old characters of blockland were more detailed, so pretty much I like them more. But I know, the dang "™" thing. Actauly, lego should let blockland be lego, as it will promote lego toys so people can design their builds online, and get to work on them in real life. Also, I imagine this game being good at its time.
random2009-01-09 10:03:55
The only reason why lego doesn't want Blockland to be legoish is because the game costs money. Lego wants to make profit out of something that is their invention which some would say is selfish, but they basically made the lego so you really can't make any good arguement. Basically, they don't care about FREE lego games, but they do care about RETAIL lego games. To bend that rule, someone could just make a LEGO mod. Apparently everybody likes the new blocks and minifigs, which I like too, but I liked the lego better. *Sigh* So many memories...
Reelshiny2009-02-16 17:15:06
oh wow. Hammernubs have their own show now.
2009-03-26 03:22:23
Free promo?
Someretard2009-03-29 19:34:11
-snip- They didn't even tell me.

Wouldent that be illegal if a show made an episode about your creation without you knowing about it? YOU COULD GET FRIGGIN RICH!
Badspot2009-03-30 03:03:41
Why would I sue someone who was advertising my game for free? This show helped me out a lot.
Jay Ray2009-04-21 17:33:57
I love how much this game has changed, not being able to save, "hammering" everyone's builds. If only they could show blockland again,

"remember blockland from a few years ago?"
"Well, its out of beta, and now you can save! Its pretty swell!"
Maor2009-07-18 21:07:55
This show got me into blockland in the first place, 5 years ago.
NotBadspot2009-09-25 00:37:02
It would be really great if they could review the game agian :D

Is there any way you can get it on "Tv" agian, so they can review this version of blockland?
nas2009-09-26 02:52:33
last comment in 2006? lordy lord

anyway, this is how i found the game as well

I spent years waiting for a mac port
Green Blockhead2010-01-04 13:47:29
Xoax2010-02-15 04:16:38
Wonder what they'd think now after all the evolution Blockland has gone through.
Sephiroth2010-03-02 20:04:48
Hey badspot. You just made my day, you see. I was looking for this on the web for 3 years.

+1 Respect

Oh, and unblock me from youtube. I'm sorry for preaching at you.
Riot2010-05-05 12:16:17
"That's my castle!!!1! I SPEND AN HOUR-YOU SO MEAN!!!!11!
Ticonderoga2010-05-14 03:15:01
Wow, I was shocked when I saw this. I never thought that blockland was even known by the real world. It would be amazing if they reviewed it again, with all of the amazing updates, and fantastic builders that we have now.
Not Me2010-06-07 03:15:07
Hah! I remember this being aired... Though I only saw the last little bit of Kevin saying the name of the game.
Alexander2010-06-16 13:21:59
Do you still have the B-land prototype?
God2010-06-16 19:44:24
You want Vanilla Blockland? That is the prototype right?
@God2010-07-08 00:53:57
yes Vanilla Blockland is the prototype
Neotek2010-07-08 00:56:37
What would be a good way to get people to join Blockland is a TV commercial
Manzaross2010-07-28 20:06:14
I doubt Badspot could afford a TV commercial. They're expensive D:
Badspot2010-07-29 17:41:59
The old Blockland became the new Blockland, completely replacing it. You're looking around asking where the cavemen are. They are all around you.
Mega Bear2010-08-13 20:57:18
@ninja from blockland
You can get Vanilla Blockland from TBM.
Pheonix Down2010-09-24 19:28:18
So Blockland was featured on this show?

I'd like to see blockland featured in a TV advertisement! ;3
LOL I'm BadSpot2011-02-11 22:36:52
I made blockland
FrozenCitruS2011-02-19 16:31:30
Woah man.
Esstan2011-04-02 05:24:53
deleters!!!!! lol thats why theres trust now
duke8382011-09-19 03:02:56
I know this is really old, but I hate how they say "they will fix it," when it is just badspot.
Jacobian1232011-10-23 06:05:44
Whoa... what?

This was..... Blockland??
Smart person2011-12-12 08:15:00
Just search blockland0002.exe or on google noobs
Ephialtes2011-12-27 19:19:31
Tonkka2012-03-01 16:19:04
I wish Blockland was reviewed in more shows.
luckybuzz5102012-04-13 15:38:18
i loved lego so it brings back when you are a kid and you used with lego i downloaded it from the ToB website and i love it Badspot :)
Stoned Driver2012-07-14 15:20:59
Play this game while drunk and blazed. Extra props if you find a server.
allanbuzzy2012-07-23 20:59:41
Lol i am luckybuzz510
Daniel.S2013-05-09 21:15:27
OMG! Lol if my game was displayed on TV then i would be so happy!
Daniel.S2013-05-09 21:17:02
Sorry for double post,

Lol ban them for spamming :P
alex2013-09-06 01:21:44
hello i like blockland
cool2013-09-08 22:14:53
hey alex
RarwMuffinz2014-06-17 06:02:34
The essence of blockland, destroying other peoples hard work
Taco2014-07-19 01:04:25
MegaScience2014-09-08 10:52:48
Thinking back on this video now, they are ripping on the game for all these little things. Nowadays we have the millions of indie games releasing before they are finished with the same issues, and everyone takes them for granted. Kind of sad, really. I love Blockland, but yes that was an incomplete version they played. They were being whiny for an unfinished game, but they were acknowledging it was unfinished and not totally accepting of investing in that. Now... "Yeah, I know it's incomplete, but whatever here's money." And this was FREE. D:
ZachsSoda2014-10-01 20:53:35
Heitus2014-11-11 01:58:36
rare footage yo
Sad Cloud2015-05-09 19:42:11
Badspot why?! yu gave me happiness and youth!
Majorth2016-01-03 19:38:38
Antares2016-03-23 09:04:10
Dangit, the video doesn't work anymore.
Badspot2016-03-23 10:44:12
Should be fixed now, though it still uses flash.
Dinkster2016-04-30 20:11:24
how did this fucken game get on tv?
bl id 2025082016-05-02 06:19:53
holy shit, gg badspot, you made it on tv, im proud of you <3
Brooklin2007 (Blockland)2016-07-11 11:37:05
Ah.. The Old Days! With Blockland V0002!
TBG / TBM Development2017-06-27 14:55:48
(Name = Oxymoron)
badshit 2017-07-20 00:48:06
fuck all of u this game is gone forever MUAHAHAHAHAA
Eli C2017-08-04 03:01:12
Really cool to see such an old clip.
MegaScience2018-01-20 15:21:04
Might be time to get this into an HTML5 player. Firefox finally stopped displaying Flash by default.
IMAGINE2018-11-22 05:00:44
Imagine being the dude who spent hours building a castle, seeing it being destroyed, and the next day see your castle being destroyed on tv
Failsafe2019-06-05 22:08:21
@IMAGINE "what the fuck, that's the asshole who destroyed my castle!?"
how2020-07-16 14:53:49
how the fuck did i even find this
coolmen572022-09-22 20:06:22
this is so cool i had an orgasm when i watched it
yes2023-12-29 05:18:34

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