Soft Pinup
I tried a softer, more flowing style than usual for this pinup. Some of it is lost in the colored version but most of the lines taper out rather than intersect.

MegaScience2008-08-10 23:08:50
The panties seem a bit low, making it look like she has an ass pad instead of the intended...
hottttt2009-02-15 19:39:19
sex with her would be amazing, her sucking my penis, humping hot sex
bob2009-03-25 23:14:41
whats with all the chicks
jimbob2010-02-21 07:28:14
sexy hot blonde...
Love this2011-02-18 22:39:58
gives me an erection, for some reason (Primitive, perhaps?)
Bilbo2013-12-21 05:09:31
that my friend is well balanced. make a tutorial on how to sketch her out?

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