Comic Guitar Heroine
This comic combines two references to make it appeal to as few people as possible. You can always oggle the girls. That is the genious of this comic format.

Guitar Heroine (what an uncreative name)

Panel 1
Phone: *click* Hello?
Natlie: Hi There
Phone: Natalie?! What are you calling me for?
Natalie: Can't a girl call a boy?
Phone: Well sure, I mean, I was just .. uh what's up?
Natalie: I was just thinking... Do you want to come over and play the new Guitare Hero with me?
Phone: R-really? I mean yeah!

Panel 2
[Boy and Natalie are playing Guitar Hero]
Boy: Haha, wow you're good. I didn't even know you were into video games
Natalie: Watch the screen, babe. You don't want to miss the finale.

Panel 3
[Natalie hits boy in the head with guitar]
Caption: Guitar Hero FLCL In stores November 17th

Wynd Fox2010-06-19 19:18:37
I didn't get it...
Khorde2010-06-19 19:23:43
SkullCandy2010-06-19 19:34:23
Nice :)
JoeCool422010-06-19 19:35:32
having seen FLCL and played guitar hero, I find this amazing.
Flamecannon2010-06-19 20:16:21
*audience cheers*

Hey guys, we're about to play a song. Don't worry, we played this song on hard in this gutiar game, so it'll sound great!
epsilon7466Mk22010-06-20 00:14:47
Wow.....That is ice cold to do against someone while playing a game.
Impsy2010-06-20 01:29:59
"Nothing can happen 'til you swing the bat."
Been coming here for Mass Effect comics, and now an FLCL reference? Love it!
scottish_izzy2010-06-20 08:20:15
HAHAHAHA! That was the best reference to FLCL
Super Chao2010-06-20 09:43:54
Why the F**k did she smash the damn guitar in hes backhead?
Arc2010-06-20 15:52:14
I'd smash my guitar into the back of her head, if you know what I mean!
Tingalz2010-06-20 18:35:13
I don't get what you mean
Spock2010-06-21 09:18:56
Seen FLCL, played Guitar Hero.

Blockoman2010-06-21 09:38:33
I didn't get the reference at first but I still laughed.
MillCzarr2010-06-21 16:14:18
I don't get the point of this comic.
Spock2010-06-21 16:39:29
If you don't get it, watch FLCL.
Comr4de2010-06-22 11:20:21
Oh my god yes
Swholli2010-06-22 14:29:30
I love the guy's expression in panel two.
Joemoemino2010-06-22 19:23:02
I like how her lips dont change at all from panel to panel.
Ace2010-06-23 13:37:01
Ahaha yes! Very yes!
Leon2010-06-26 22:54:04
awesome!!! XD
MegaScience2010-07-01 20:37:45
Oh god yes. Just to elaborate for those who don't know, FLCL is Fooly Cooly, an anime. In it, this girl keeps bothering this guy and hits him in the head with her guitar.

Yes, I just ruined the joke for people who already know, but I don't want any more idiots wondering in here. This is plain awesome.
Hydralisk2010-07-05 11:45:20
Nice :>
FLCLfan2010-07-16 13:37:15
I love it!
Reko2010-08-08 15:05:36
Anyone else notice that is the first time Badspot has ever drawn a male figure?

(Besides the obese poorly drawn character that barely even counts)
Dippindots2010-08-19 22:31:01
Notice how the male is drawn much more crudely than the lesbian.
Devvy2010-09-03 19:50:40
What program does Badspot use to draw this stuff?
Shadowed9992010-09-07 13:43:18
Questioning Bastard2010-09-29 10:02:05
But where is the motorcycle, you gotta have a motorcycle.
TheWasp2010-10-04 22:35:21
It wasn't a motorcycle. It was a Vespa.
Ryguy2010-10-05 00:26:15
YESSS totally get the reference! I'm so annoyed that FLCL on DVD is super fucking expensive
JohnnyFox2010-10-05 01:00:20
:D Awesome, I remember I wrote "never knows best" on my cigs some times.
bill2010-10-05 08:07:35
So, the idea is, don't trust attractive women? A little -- more than a little -- misogynistic. Nice drawing style, though.
Deej2010-10-05 21:22:44
FLCL rocks! Hmm... there should be a sequel.
Psywing2010-10-05 21:44:00
Deej, no it shouldn't.
It was an amazing piece of art that wrapped up rather nicely. It doesn't need to be milked for a sequel.
Itottallygetit2010-10-09 13:30:59
anon2010-10-09 23:40:35
"This comic combines two references to make it appeal to as few people as possible."

Your comic and assessment are both amusing
bishie2010-10-10 00:07:56
wow that's epic, i love inside jokes XD
2010-10-10 00:10:13
fooly cooly
an0nym00se2010-10-10 00:33:57
I got it! Love the FLCL at the end!
Dr. Mantis Tobagan2010-10-10 00:51:34
Hell yes, the rarely seen and hard to pull off FLCL reference, Well Done <golf clap> Seriously though, this rules.
Alaina2010-10-10 17:37:25
aaahhahaha I haven't seen FLCL in YEARS...I loved that wonderful (yet short lived) series. Awesome.
Eiza2010-10-10 17:56:51
hells yeah! made me miss FLCL haven't seen it in ages despite it being a classic
Trinian2010-10-14 11:22:17
Now I'm going to have that riff in my head ALL DAY.
takun2010-10-19 01:05:15
anyway, the band-aid came off
Nao2010-10-27 18:19:15
I don't like sour drinks!
...Nothing amazing ever happens here.
The.. The...2010-10-27 19:45:01
khan2010-11-04 04:08:41
jajaja. furi kuri! ^_^
FLCLfan2010-11-07 23:22:16
Non - FLCL fans just don't get it!
Phildog2010-12-20 09:48:30
Tool me a second, but then when I made out the letters I burst out laughing.
Comrade2011-01-19 18:10:41
So, is it all music by the Pillows?
Agent Washingtub2011-01-24 15:24:10
Never seen FLCL but Guitar Hero makes me want to do that to people all the time.

If you told me that someone was making a game where you play a fake plastic guitar 6 years ago my guess would have been that it would sell for about 3-6 months, and then the novelty would wear off, and people would learn to play a real guitar, sadly the novelty has not worn off even after 5 years
J2011-02-18 02:40:21
Just waiting for the robot to exit his head...
J2011-02-18 03:03:33
Just waiting for the robot to exit his head...
Me2011-02-19 00:37:06
I get this. And I love it.
Alex2011-02-19 17:12:23
Ahahahaha, fantastic.
Com Mentor2011-03-07 13:32:49
Yeah this is really dumb. FLCL? Had to google it.
tak-kun2011-03-24 22:42:23
For some reason, I really want to play Advice on GH
Hlrunning2011-03-29 03:51:02
snipereye2011-04-04 22:26:37
that was great
<32011-04-17 14:41:52
i love this so mush.
JackhammerGR2011-05-03 17:19:20
This is wrong. It should have been a base guitar :P

But this is awesome in any way!
Mady022011-07-18 19:19:56
why did she kill him???
Dragon2011-09-12 06:41:51
@JoeCool42: Agree with you there.
Koen2012-02-15 17:11:51
God...I would so rock FLCL guitar hero
Bolton2012-06-06 05:59:46
That's it, I'm bookmarking this shit. <3 <3 <3
jackrobbman2017-06-26 15:33:28
This one actually caught me by surprise. lol
That one asshole2018-03-17 12:02:32

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