Male and Female Character Models
New player models for aot, work in progress. (Not much progress though)

Otis Da HousKat2006-09-24 16:46:10
Well, it's a start :P
lol2006-12-12 19:49:56
lol man boobs
Loz2007-02-24 13:18:19
And we are still waiting for updates...
R@ND0M2007-09-26 01:43:31
pics of penis? please?
Vampiro cop2007-09-30 19:16:28
So when are you releasing male models?
Irk892007-12-03 20:13:47
The male face looks like jason from that horror movie!
Lol, Badspot if you didn't hate age of time we would have these. To bad :(
OOOOK2008-05-23 22:40:32
So he cencores the male but not the female. Thanks
Badspot2008-05-24 16:06:26
Oh no he's gonna tell the teacher.
StoreClerk2008-10-06 01:21:58
no fare im obber 18 :>
Sankuro2008-10-13 23:00:18
Remove the will attract queers to age of time. It will also add tons of lag due to the high polygon amount.
Otis Da HousKat2008-10-17 20:52:42

Neozuki2008-10-19 11:27:25
"I experience strange sensations when viewing a male penis, and I am not sure I like them. Please remove them or my sexual arousal may contradict what I am under pressure to be."

If adding a penis will keep fucktards like you away, the more the merrier.
Badspot2008-10-20 17:36:08
^^^ FAQ material right there
Sankuro2008-10-29 21:05:28
Did you censor the penis because your not make it able so males can't take their pants and underwear,
But the females CAN!@?@?@!??@!??!?!!!?!
shawnpup2008-11-03 18:47:24
YAY2008-11-06 21:19:05
Darren2008-11-10 20:56:15
Looks Like A Dick Stuck up That womens Mouth :o
Darren2008-11-10 20:57:09
Fliping Cloners ;'(
Tails2008-11-11 15:00:41
How 2 clone with same IP
Anonymous2008-11-16 15:08:17
Seriously, add some sex animations, since people cyber on their anyway, and it would add another layer of realism to the game that just about all others are missing nowadays (why can't I rape dead bodies in GTA like I can in real life?).
...2008-11-17 02:24:45
Sankuro2008-11-30 16:11:28
NoPENIS pics. He won't post them.
HAve this cookie and shutup :cookie:
Sankuro2008-11-30 16:12:24 animations? That would make AoT a freaking world of lore Sex RPG.
Otis Da HousKat2008-12-18 18:23:18
I demand penis now.
General Nick2009-01-02 22:15:54
bun2009-01-06 00:02:08
2009-01-08 18:24:55
penis plssss
ozan2009-01-08 18:25:08
Skin2009-01-17 12:04:07
Why iz dee a naked guy. Dee should only be naked laydee......
StoreClerk2009-01-19 07:56:55
where is the adult version of this?????????/////////////////
Twix2009-02-22 21:52:33
T-H-C2009-05-28 21:16:38
LOL thats all i have to say
Smax2009-08-06 19:37:25
Oh man, release it pleas!
The Hero of Winds2009-09-19 13:10:48
Desert Eagle2009-10-22 21:25:43
AH MICHEL MYERS!!!!!! 2 male pic.
your mom2009-10-31 03:13:14
b@d$hp0+ make these human-playertypes in blockland pleashe :D
Jcat212009-12-09 01:36:20
BADSPOT,i want a fefund for blockland. plz email me for questions and billing or other crap you want here: [email protected] thnx. FULL REFUND.or at least a new key?
jcat212009-12-09 01:37:05
http://[email protected] i think that link works,idk
jcat212009-12-09 01:37:56
GIMMAH REFUND!!!!!!!!!!!or new key.
Badspot2009-12-09 07:16:26
You don't get a refund when you get banned for piracy and being a douche bag. If you don't like it, sue me. I'd love it if your bullshit antics became a matter of public record.
jcat2009-12-11 05:00:51
wtf is piracy?
Jcat2009-12-11 05:01:39
fine,ill sue you 4 $19.95. seems like a fair deal.
jcat2009-12-11 05:07:08
but,i dont feel like it
can i have my key back now?
i wont pull any more bullshit with you again.
ill stay off the forums.
ok?fAIR deal?
and i wont register up for forums.
ill only go to the forums to get addons,ok?ONLY THAT.I SWEAR TO GOD.
jcat2009-12-11 05:10:17
and if i get my key back,ill learn to respect it.
and respect you.
and everybody else.
and take good care of it.
jcat2009-12-11 05:11:28
i take back the sue thing.
jcat2009-12-11 05:12:57
so, agree?i mean,im not shittin' you.
jcat2009-12-11 23:35:57
so u cheated me?
Badspot2009-12-12 03:27:30
No, you cheated me when you bought one key and gave it to your friends. Then you wasted my time by being a complete retard on the forums and creating new accounts after you were banned multiple times.
jcat2009-12-12 05:49:46
ok.i have three pc's.i used the key on my pc' might not believe me,but i already kicked my friends ass when i found out he was using my key.i had a paper(with my key on it) and he used it to write down my phone #.(he moved houses) then i was watching him wrtie it down when i saw my number written on the bottom.i should have said something,but he is too retarded to think that was the key,(i thought...)so next time i go,i will take off bl.and key.dts or cs. or what ever else its probably think this is bullshit.i dont blame you,you dont have to believe me...but you can keep checking and see if its there.if you dont find it anywhere else you mi-WAIT!!! my third pc is connected to another networ also.i have at&t wireless.and the other pc is cable,it goes into the wall and other stuff.anyways,you can keep chcking,ill take it off soon.
jcat2009-12-12 05:52:04
ok??????????ill take it off.and if i do,can i have my key back?i promise to save it in my pc and lock it.(if you can)(can you?)
then ill find that paper,and rip it.if i can find it.hopefully.ok?
jcat2009-12-12 05:54:19
plus my second house.i have two houses.with a hp pavilion desktop.with another network you want me to take that one off?ill take that one off if i have to.
jcat2009-12-12 05:56:26
so if i take it of,can i have it back?
jcat2009-12-12 06:00:49
p.s. what is piracy?
p.s.. i have a new website.
check it out and rate
Jcat2009-12-12 06:01:24
just type it in the addressbar...
jcat2009-12-12 06:03:22
jcat2009-12-12 19:35:07
p.s. keep checking here.
jcat2009-12-12 19:36:16
p.s. r u going to put these in bl?
jcat2009-12-13 02:22:27
can i EARN my key back?and if so,tell me how.
but if you wont let me,couldi have my key back for i week or more?mabey a day? idk,you set for how long i get my key back.
jcat2009-12-19 22:16:03
i want my key until christmas vacation is over
its my key,i bought it with my own $20 fucking bucks,and p.s. "russel" keeps calling me names over rtb.he has blockland too.he calls me names and threatning things.
jcat2009-12-21 01:19:33
so if i take it off my friend's pc,can i have it back?
blip2009-12-21 01:20:20
jcat2009-12-23 04:46:33
can i have another chance? i promise i will keep the key all to myself
jcat2009-12-26 00:26:29
plz! its christmas!YOU FUCKING IDIOT!!BADSPOT,you are the most idiotic drama whore on the internet.and p.s. my key works offline :P.i can't join games,but i got unlimited bricks asshole,so go to hell bitch.
jcat2009-12-27 19:32:29
WTF,where the hell did that come from?
jcat2009-12-27 19:33:17
who the hell wrote that?anyways i want a second chance.ill keep the key 2 me.
jcat2010-01-19 04:33:19
can i get a new key?
shaz2010-01-21 04:52:31
can i have a key???
2010-01-23 12:18:01
i lol'd at the thing where it said lol penis and omg wang
tony02222010-01-29 23:10:52
omg, keep working on male model and update plz, blockland was just updated to v14 yesterday for me and i would love to see male in age of time.

(no im not gay you pervs)
jcat2010-02-09 02:39:31
badspot,i feel as if i owe you an apology for letting my friend use the key.and for the rest of my life i will always regret letting my friend use the key.and for all the times i tried to make new accounts, i know how stupid i was while doing those things,and for that,i am truly sorry and i would like to apologize for what i i realize i can never go back and change what i did.i had the demo version from v10 til' v14 (current day). i was only into it for a while and then i moved on to other games.then untile summer 2009 i was bored as hell 4 days before school.i checked my pc and was kinda curious about blockland.i opened it up and waited for the update to go to v12. will confess that i became VERY obsessed with blockland,trying to build what i could under 150 bricks.soon it was on a sunday when i asked my dad to buy blockland.for the problems i caused for you and the blockland team,i apologize.would you accept my apology? i feel VERY depressed and upset not from you,but rather myself. thank you.
jcat2010-02-09 02:45:53
i couldnt post anymore so here's the rest.
for what i caused i dont know if i deserve a new key,i would let you decide since the key is yours,not mine because you made it,didnt. i just requested it.
p.s. i never told my parents about my key being taken away because i dint know how to explain it to them under the state of shock and dissapointment i was in. you have any advice? should i tell them or just forget about it. im not sure, but all i can say is,i apologize. thank you for taking your devoted time to read this letter. thank you very much

jcat2010-02-12 23:23:06
also,if i buy a new key,are you going to deactivate it too?
Desert Eagle2010-03-09 07:35:45
2nd Male pic looks Like Mike M.
Eh2010-03-24 20:56:07
...2010-05-23 00:30:03
for all of you that want to see that penis, YOUR GAY!
MegaScience2010-05-28 06:44:02
I'd prefer we, instead, has the Male Model as some dungeon boss. And there would be a way to make him naked, which would be a secondary, secret way to defeat him. Then, everyone would keep away for fear of causing male nudity and the few people who did make it would get to be called gay.
madmitten2010-06-03 01:29:17
that is a tiny ass penis if it can be covered with half an inch of black box
Antares2010-07-17 17:10:19
The male models crashing Blockland. :C
The penis using 600,000 polygens. :C
DrenDran2010-08-03 03:31:31
Wait, what about dicks make them high polygon?
Besides the circular shape?

Also, I lol'd at the part where jcat tried to get 20$ from badspot for a good 6 months or so.
2010-08-06 12:32:10
Jcat should tell his "friend" to give him $20. It's simple, and it's what he owed him. Badspot has nothing to do with it. And you don't even have to bitch about it at Badspot if you get the $20 from your friend.
lacuckooracha2010-08-27 22:44:03
"for all of you that want to see that penis, YOUR GAY!"
What about their gay? Also, who is to say that they aren't female?
DrenDran2010-10-24 03:33:15
I love to fuck horses because they're gay like me.
^2010-11-21 08:20:11
BanishedLetters2011-03-23 06:03:34
You cut his arms and left foot off D:
Trogtor2011-05-16 08:41:12
I Lol'd
jcat2011-06-02 18:56:38
badspot your stupid. i hate you and i never wanty anything to do wtih blockland ever aggain!!!!!!!!!
Wonder G2011-07-21 23:00:04
Increase the maximum breast size for females, and give them toenails for shits and giggles.
Wonder G2011-07-21 23:00:32
also, give the females a vag.
MP67672011-09-21 17:53:54
Lol wang.
Master Blaster2012-02-22 08:41:18
Uhhhhh... what is this?
Zookuw2012-05-18 02:04:58
SalivalTheSecond2014-03-24 16:19:00
Oh my sweet jesus of my damn,jcat,you are acting like a damn kid right now ok?Your cheatingness,your selfishness,your behavore,i never saw a kid behaveing like that,get a damn life and stol insutling badspot,if you hate him,why bother playing his game,i never insulted him in my life,i was allways thankfull for him and the enitre damn community,stop going to your past self and be someone thats not"hey you, i am gonna rip your ass",my gawd,my gawd.
SalivalTheSecond2014-03-24 16:20:34
Why would anybody bother to play with a 3 year old kids flooding the chat and spamming the damn community with bullshit and crap.
Badspot2014-03-24 22:16:50
>jcat,you are acting like a damn kid right now
>like a damn kid right now
>right now
SalivalTheSecond2014-04-05 13:53:39
Hmmm...badspot,instead of adding the penis,add a leaf instead,that would be much cooler,and less sexual-look.
SalivalTheSecond2014-04-08 21:04:51
I mean...why not add a leaf instead or make the penis pixelated or something,wait,thats not possible i belive,or,uhm,if you take off your pantie's you get auto kicked or get a package,or something,or you get auto jailed for 1:50 minutes,just,add thoes male moddels,just please,please add them,i have nothing agent's female's,but,it would be cool if there were 2 genders.Yeah,so badspot,4 milion of us are asking for the male model,if you cant respect that,i lost hope in you.
SalivalTheSecond2014-05-14 14:00:21
Now this chat died...
SalivalTheSecond2015-01-25 21:39:10
9 years later, nothing.
SalivalTheSecond2015-01-25 21:39:11
9 years later, nothing.
SalivalTheSecond2015-01-25 21:40:10
Accidentaly posted 2 times.
I will stop flooding the chat till we all drown in letters.
SalivalTheSecond2019-06-22 10:11:48
13 years later, still nothing
Denfesnter2019-11-18 00:46:42
fk that sucks

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