Comic AS 204
If you're old enough to understand this comic quickly enough to get a laugh, you'll probably be offended.
It's like the comic has been engineered to disappoint my mother.

Comic 'AS-204'

Panel 1
Ms.CDR: Hey, you want to try this new Apollo simulator?
Ms.LMP: Uh... I guess...
Ms.CDR: C'mon, it'll be fun

Panel 2
Ms.CDR: Ready? Mission 1, start!

Panel 3
Ms.CDR: This is bullshit!

stromdriver2012-02-25 09:13:27
too soon...
Canuck-Errant2012-02-25 12:32:27
I dunno, I think this game would be a blast.
helios2012-02-25 17:34:09
oh my god. that is so bad, but still funny.
Guilty_Bystander2012-02-27 05:06:14
Maybe they'll have more fun with the Hindenburg simulator.
mindplougher2012-02-27 05:10:49
(CDR) Cleaning Decontamination Request
(LMP) Lunar Module Pilot

I still don't get it, is she offended because she needs to clean things up and doesn't get to steer the probe?

Even that comic with Spinnbarkeit was easier to understand for someone who's first language isn't English.
Tubal2012-02-27 11:26:37
As he said, wikipedia it and it will be obvious. Hint: first Apollo mission -> Apollo 1.

I got it because I could guess the reference, not because I actually knew it. :)
mindplougher2012-02-27 18:18:08
Okay, Challenger would have been more obvious than Apollo 1. I get the lighting now, but I don't feel offended or frustrated.
Juan2012-02-28 01:51:45
My god I can't stop laughing. I'm pretty sure I have no soul.
Strelok2012-02-29 00:10:27
Thats great, funny, original, clever
SeventhSandwich2012-02-29 23:24:05
I don't get it! :)
Zookuw2012-03-01 11:10:49
Apollo 1 kinda went like this:

Blank2012-03-06 09:03:53
I didn't need to look it up, but I got it eventually.

Morbid Humor for the win.
MegaScience2012-03-12 02:47:38
:( That's... Ya.
Sven2012-04-01 12:33:30
Gus Grissom, Ed White, Roger Chaffee; we salute you.
Pecon72012-04-23 20:42:29
The only reason I got this was when I remembered my parents talking about the apollo that exploded.
Alex2012-06-20 13:09:06
Lol, Apollo I joke.
Gojira2012-06-23 16:53:41
I got it within the first few seconds of reading it.
Yes, I'm that much of a space nut.
BHA2013-05-19 21:13:04
That is so wrong....
But I am sure that level 13 will be a major disappointment after levels 11 and 12.
ksm2015-12-01 20:46:47
kerbal space program?
Badspot'2018-01-17 04:16:32
@ksm you triple gay

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