Lots of character creators let you rotate the player model. Few have the zing of Dragon Nest.

Creepy sexualized dwarf women aside, the game is shit. Don't play it.

Shazang2011-08-01 20:37:50
Mysteriously, there's a pile of jizz in my briefs...
Mr. event2011-08-02 18:08:52
SeventhSandwich2011-08-03 09:14:12
dat ass.
Owl2011-08-03 17:06:31
The game does suck
after 3 mins of playing i quit
stromdriver2011-08-04 10:16:10
a jewish sorceress?
MegaScience2011-08-06 18:01:23
It's like her ass is made of boob.
VegetarianZombie2011-08-19 14:40:50
Does that little sign in the bottom right say "Boots" or "Boobs"
Nero25252011-08-20 02:27:26
-quote- badspot: the game is shit. Don't play it. -quote- i can't believe the one who made blockland is saying this, but blockland is a completely different game and i gess thers gona be at least one that doesint like this game eventhough to everyone else its awsome and i mean EVERYone else
Ector2011-08-23 13:17:44
that's probably the dumbest argument I've ever heard of. What does making Blockland have to do with anything here? And why do you think that EVERYone thinks it's awesome?
Avi2011-08-29 01:48:12
that's amazing.

You should play DDO!
Nero25252011-08-29 19:28:51
well halfway thru my post i relized that and thats why i put in the "but blockland is a completely different game and i gess thers gona be at least one that doesint like it" but i was just shocked that he called it shit thats all so i apologize
Avi2011-08-31 10:09:42
I think it's okay to make something and still criticize others' work. There are a few professional wine tasters that eventually start their own vineyards, and it might not be the greatest wine ever, but it is to them, and they still drink other adult-grape-juice.
Mobo2011-09-27 00:21:05
If you quit after 3 mins you didnt even play the game at all. And if its shit what for there was no reason? Did you even play I think not...

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