Homeless Man Comic
Homeless man should've opened a grocery store.

The Other Side

Panel 1
Ms.Checker: Your total comes to $49.59, wuold you like to round up to $50 to donate to cancer research?
Ms.Giving: Ah, yes

Panel 2
Homeless Man: Spare some change, miss?
Ms.Giving: Oh I'm sorry, I don't have any. Really.
Homeless Man: That's alright, god bless

Panel 3
[the homeless man dies]

W2010-11-08 03:28:44
Only problem here is the brunette wouldn't have given the homeless man anything but bad advice anyway, so he still would have died ... probably of cancer. And 41 cents wouldn't have been enough to buy that homeless guy a night in a drug house, so he'd still have died, just as sober. (used to be 41 cents could at last get you a residue snort, but prices they are a-rising)

I think the real lesson here is save your money in case you ever get cancer and need to pay the doctor bills; or so you won't run out of cash and end up on the street.
Kabanzai2010-11-08 03:39:17
Bah. I never give change to homeless man anyways. Always offer food. In this city, there's too many who are professional beggers and make more money a day than I do a week XD
So yeah! The real question here is, "Where are the wild dogs that will feast upon this homeless man's body? Why aren't they enjoying their carrion meal?"
Anonymous2010-11-08 05:15:09
Man in the comics? But its all right, he dies painful death.
Shadowed9992010-11-08 12:35:34
I feel bad for him :(.
Anonymous2010-11-08 15:42:48
This one sucked
Badspot2010-11-08 18:07:09
>This one sucked

Thanks, nick. Didn't know you were a hobo.
Bloody Mary2010-11-08 20:03:32
I thought it was good.
Qwepir2010-11-08 20:54:12
Man and I always just threw my pennies in the garbage.
Douche Ex2010-11-08 21:00:08
This is the exact same way I treat my neighbor's dog.
Anon2010-11-08 21:01:47
Just do what Daniel Tosh does. Fill up a big jar with coins over time and when it's finally full strap a car alarm to your chest and cover it with a shirt. Then take that change and put it in the deepest pockets of your cargo pants and take a stroll through new york city. First hobo that asks for change you slap that alarm shout "WE HAVE A WINNER!" And throw all of it at said hobo. How hard you throw depends on how much fun you want to have.
Infomaniac2010-11-09 14:56:30
Obama did not give change fast enough.
Iban2010-11-09 15:53:02
Oh my god, the Hunter died.
Robo Noob2010-11-09 17:06:48
can i get a DAT ASS
Pixl2010-11-11 21:41:47
General Nick2010-11-13 15:13:13
bah humbug!
Pixl2010-11-14 14:19:04
Hi Nick
Anonymous2010-11-15 00:19:25
This one wasn't funny.. but at least the art was nice?
2010-11-18 01:31:00
D: this wasn't funny to me just becuase its something thats possible. crap now everytime i can't give a homeless guy some change im going to be imagining them dieing like that
Alex2010-11-25 13:25:57
@Robo Noob
Dude, it's just a drawing that Badspot made. Why are you playing with yourself over that when you can play with yourself over a real girl?
W2010-11-28 16:17:52
Real women are messy and have hair in all the wrong places. That is the glory of anime, you never have to worry about your women having failties of the flesh.
Bloody Mary2010-12-01 22:58:46
I think the text in the last panel disappeared.
Atleast, I can't see it.
W2010-12-02 14:37:52
It did ... and I have to say that is a serious coppout. If you're going to write the comic, be a little open to criticism. Not everyone who read it was whining.
Badspot2010-12-04 01:13:18
Oi, I must have missed the layer when I rebalanced the gamma on the first panel
Bloody Mary2011-01-03 14:53:50
I just noticed that if you read the panels in the order of 2-1-3, the woman becomes a heartless consumer.
Who donates to cancer research.
Meowman2011-04-24 05:02:11
This made me totally laugh, meow.
Tuevon2011-04-25 05:47:20
You know, advanced studies have shown that besides the risk of irresponsible spending, giving money to a homeless person will hurt them more than benefit them.

Reason why?
They will be forced to live through more hardship because of a prolonged life. Am I saying that because I hate/discriminate against homeless people? No. The best thing to do is encourage them to join some kind of a promotional program.
Nick123q232011-05-25 15:55:17
She spent her change on cancer, so she dossent have any for the homeless man.
Makes perfect sence but i dont get what your trying to say here
MegaScience2011-05-25 17:25:44
Donating money in such a way is indirect, drawn out, and might not even make a difference to the cause as a whole. In comparison, if you give change to the single homeless person, it can be enough to keep him alive at least another night.
the1truesushiboy2011-10-27 05:43:37
I think that if she genuinely cared, she'd have given him some of her groceries, even if she did have the change. I did like the comic though. Well done.

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