Castlevania Astarte
Astarte from Castlevania: Portrait of Ruin (and possibly other games)

"A woman of irresistible beauty. No man can defy her will."

At least that's how she describes herself.

Partizan2008-06-22 12:52:50
Her right leg and left hand are somewhat messed up, other then that I like it. :D
Badspot2008-06-22 15:22:48
What do you see with her leg exactly? It usually takes me a while to see all the problems. All I can see right now is her calf is a bit large.

Her right foot does stick out a bit but it's not completely unrealistic as high heels can enforce an extreme leg posture. The effect is visible in this image
garney2008-07-02 14:45:51
sieg heil! what did you use as reference for the design?
Badspot2008-07-02 18:40:42
I just looked at her sprite from the enemy catalog on the ds, which I cannot find an online version of. She strikes a pose similar to this in the game, but the sieg heil look came about when I changed her from sultry to bitchy.
Onyx2008-07-16 16:52:29
I love Bad's art :D
Yuki2008-08-07 23:18:53
Looks like...

HEIL. No, Seriously, bend her arm or something.
MegaScience2008-08-10 19:02:48
Ya, I'm half Jewish D:
Digmaster2009-04-16 13:15:43
She doesn't seem to have a hold of the cloth in her right hand. it's just sticking there.
Alex2010-01-31 12:23:20
who is she saluting LOL
jeff2010-02-21 06:00:07

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