Gambling Comic
Haha the holocaust. Oh wait, also haha cancer.

More Gambling Hazards

Panel 1
Ms.Bet: So that's the bet then, loser has to shave their head!
Ms.Victim: What?!
Ms.Victim: I can't shave my head!

Panel 2
Ms.Victim: I'll look like a cancer patient - or a neo-nazi! Especially because I'm all white and aryan

Panel 3
Ms.Snipe: ... and you have that giant swastika tattoo
Ms.Victim: I already told you, it's the Buddhist symbol for eternity

Draco2010-09-27 23:36:56
I would never have gotten that swastika tattoo if it was a symbol for the pussy buddhists. Great work.
Kevin2010-09-27 23:37:20
Holocaust indeed.
LordCutlerBeckett2010-09-27 23:39:14
Beautiful work.
Shadowed9992010-09-28 01:25:38
Arc2010-09-28 01:46:13
Ms.Snipe is my waifu
Spock2010-09-28 01:55:25
Swastika tattoo? That's hard core!
Oasis2010-09-28 03:44:20
Haha, that's great.
W2010-09-28 21:51:47
I don't believe the Cancer Holocaust ever happened - propaganda.
W2010-09-28 21:52:40
And that's a cute dress for a neonazi.
Acid's Plain2010-09-29 02:06:15
Buddhism <3 Always an excuse for a swastika drawn on you.
anonymous2010-09-29 02:59:33
More like LOLocaust.
MegaScience2010-09-29 04:45:24
Yep, that's right, the Swastika was originally a peace symbol used all around. Hitler ruined it. D:
Bum-Head2010-09-29 13:59:37
General Nick2010-10-01 03:14:20
that is my fetish
Serj2010-10-09 22:28:08
Hey badspot i heard about blockland v18 you said there where going to be keys and checkpoint events i know this is offtopic
Anonymous2011-01-17 00:03:47
I don't think Badspot reads comments.
Nero2011-06-09 21:51:37
yes he does...sometimes
Anonymous Penguin2013-06-08 14:52:59
Actually, swastika is a hindu symbol. Buddhists inherited it from the hindus.

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