The Game
Perennial is a platforming game.

There's lot's of running and jumping and collecting coins with a bit of a combo mechanic to keep up the pace.

The levels are fairly linear with a bit of interwoven backtracking, usually on some new path through the level - an opportunity to find a secret area perhaps.

The intention here is to have smooth technical operation combined with a pure aesthetic that isn't gummed up by standard things like words. The story, such as it is, is revealed silently. This may mean some people won't know what's going on.


Q: Will there be an OSX/Linux port?
A: If there is sufficient demand, yes. The engine is made using SDL so it should be easy enough to port.

Q: How much will this cost?
A: Not a lot.

Q: How long will the game be?
A: As long as it needs to be to explore the systems of the game. I dunno.

Q: What game engine does this use?
A: It uses a custom engine I made myself using C++ and SDL.

Q: Why is this taking so long?
A: Blah.

Trogtor2012-12-01 17:43:26
I think you messed up the FAQ, question answer 3 where it says "How Long did it take you to complete the prototype?"
Trogtor2012-12-01 17:45:16
Anyways, This looks like a great game. I will definitively buy it when it is finished. You have my word.
Clix2012-12-01 18:03:37
Just downloaded, I have been waiting for this for a while now.
Blazer2322012-12-01 18:20:28
@ Trogtor

I think he means how long it takes to beat the game.
Blazer2322012-12-01 18:20:50
Oh, wait, nevermind. I see what you mean.
Saxophone2012-12-01 18:44:32
This game is awesome!
Guy2012-12-01 21:18:18
I can't download it and I've tried more than once, its really getting on my nerves and no one is helping me with it.
Brian Smith2012-12-01 21:21:31
are you going to make a mac version :c
NASAboy30002012-12-01 21:41:14
Could you put the soundtrack up for download/sale eventually?
Boink!2012-12-01 21:52:45
Would buy
Clix2012-12-01 22:30:52
@Guy, it's not working for me either, I have no idea why
MegaScience2012-12-01 23:15:51
Can you confirm that none of the content is under some special copyrights? I was thinking of recommending this game to some video makers, get it some notice. But to make videos, the content can't be copyrighted. Furthermore, giving your direct permission to make videos would be helpful.
Plasmu2012-12-02 02:04:53
Yeah something's wrong with the download... like it just starts and then a few seconds later just stops without completing.
Trogtor2012-12-02 02:49:48
Guys, don't extract the game, just play it.
moriarty2012-12-02 03:30:55
he means the length is relative to how long is took to complete the prototype
Badspot2012-12-02 03:33:08
I moved the download to AWS, so hopefully it works for you now.
dargereldren2012-12-02 05:51:00
I finished the game, and I must say, I actually like it.
I'd probably buy it when it's done.
drda2012-12-02 06:06:39
osx port, please.
Mr. Asf-Dag2012-12-02 06:16:17
The game shuts down instantly with the esc key. I... I am very sad as I have to restart after accidentally pressing it.
Trogtor2012-12-02 06:57:35
I've notices some glitches playing.

If you jump and ground pound multiple times somehow you will keep flying up until you ground pound again.

You can go through sand by going to the side of it (not sure if this is glitch or made like that)
eabarth2012-12-02 21:19:47
@Trog & @Blazer: There's nothing wrong with the FAQ. He's asking us a question in his answer so that he can gauge how long the final game will be.
Pecon72012-12-03 04:21:27
After extracting Perennial, I saw that the .exe itself was 404kb. Could this have been by design?

On a more serious note, I really hope this gets greenlit.
jph2012-12-03 12:59:48
I get a graphic artifact on the 'curved' outdoor sections,. a less than full pixel bleeds over the edges. I think you can fix this by adding some padding around your sprites/tiles, just leave an extra pixel or two of empty space around them and this should go away. The game reminded me of Seiklus, I thought it was made by Chris till I checked the credits. Good luck with it, Perennial is a very nice game.

Mr. Asf-Dag - just start the game again and continue, it auto saves.
Trogtor2012-12-03 23:43:45
@jph I'm getting this too.
hodototman2012-12-04 18:31:55
can you make it possible to change the keybinds

my shift keys really don't want to cooperate with me
dz2012-12-04 20:04:29
ivanho2012-12-05 02:49:00
BUG: After I climb up the ladder out of the long first cave, my dude gets stuck in a crawl position on the ladder on the above screen and won't move.
Badspot2012-12-05 06:19:40
@jph What sort of video hardware do you have? Are you forcing on anisotropic filtering or FSAA by any chance?

@hodototman You can edit playerA.cfg, not exactly convenient but it's there.

@ivanho Blargh. I had that bug written down, then when I went to fix it I couldn't get it to happen.
Brian Smith2012-12-05 22:09:31
just ran it on Wine, it works great! Pretty fun even though I fucked up a lot, because i'm not good at games lol. Though really good job and I can't wait to see where this is going.
I may just make a wine bottle port for this if your OK with it.
Brian Smith2012-12-05 23:45:10
For the record, I got this running perfectly on CXZ Ebony.
Badspot, if you'd like the file I'll gladly send it to you, on Windows Computers it will be displayed as a folder.
ivanho2012-12-06 00:44:15
@Badspot Oh no! I hate it when that happens! Let me know if there's any info you'd like, because it's infinitely repeatable for me.
donhilo2012-12-09 00:30:37
it's a really nice game, love the blend of classic nintendo stuff
Buub2012-12-09 03:59:39
nice sprites
Bill2012-12-09 19:20:58
Kiss me.
Jayare2012-12-10 23:27:56
Where is the kickstarter?? I want to emty my wallet on this!
Ok, joking aside, I really loved the game!
But, will the nintendo sounds be present in the final version?
I know it's just a prototype, but it really would be a lot better without any sounds off of other games. Is the music original for the game? I have heard the Mario Land chiptune before, but I hope the other music is original!
Zach2012-12-17 02:58:06
Pretty nice game. But I just want to find out how to get my hands on the songs used in the video and the prototype. XD
Gummy2013-01-12 22:01:11
I have blockland and i hope this game is good.
Gummy2013-01-12 22:01:12
I have blockland and i hope this game is good.
Gummy2013-01-13 19:40:05
I don't overall like this, im stuck at the sewer level and im really pissed already, please fix all glitches and the sliding, its really hard to slide.
Badspot2013-01-14 08:23:07
Please describe the glitches you are experiencing.

To slide, run and then press "down". What difficulty are you having with sliding?
TeeJay2013-01-31 00:32:51
Its coming along nicely, I love it.

Although, running it through wine ruins the sound most times. Could we please have a linux port as well?
JakTheFifth2013-02-06 22:43:40
Looks nice, maybe I'll download it after I get my computer fixed.
Bishpo2013-02-13 08:47:33
So why are you making this? You go from Blockland to a game that looks like it should be on rofl
Epicduke2013-02-16 18:16:54
The ending is...strange.
gula2013-03-09 14:34:32
down button seems a bit too sensitivity on the nose dive block breaker move. I'm busting blocks more by accident than on purpose. (using xbox 360 usb controller)
Badspot2013-03-09 23:28:55
>down button seems a bit too sensitive

The default dead zone is 40%, you can adjust it by editing the decimal values in the JOYAXIS lines in playerA.cfg. I suppose it's a tradeoff between responsiveness and accidental input. Might also be worse on worn controllers (mine is fairly new).
Mustang2013-03-26 06:41:57
Hmm. A very nicely designed game. I will buy it when it comes out, all so you can make a double profit and make a Perrenial II!
Mustang2013-03-26 08:16:17
Took me an hour to beat it, plus modify a couple .map and .tmx files to make the game look 'classier.'

The moment I saw 'End of Current Build' at the end, I knew it was all lies.
And what I got?

Super Mario Land!
Mustang2013-03-26 08:18:36
Also, very small glitch (I don't know if it's intended).
The sand blocks found on the beach, which can be moved with the shovel, would occasionally not disappear when I used the shovel. Also, using the shovel on some parts of the sand can cause the player to phase into the blocks. I don't know if this was meant, or anything else. Just observing.
Mustang2013-03-26 16:01:42
Funny. All your .tmx files are written in an XML format. Coordinates for the tiles, I presume? Well, It's fairly easy to mod, which is a good thing. Maybe I could add my own custom level sometime in the future when the Completed Version comes out.
Mustang2013-03-26 16:07:11
(Excuse the excess posting...)

@Zach - inside your 'data' folder, you can find a series of .ogg files used in the Perrenial game, as well as sound effects, etc. You could listen to these files using a program such as Audacity. Also, you could replace the music in the folder or add your own. If you want to play your own music in the game, just modify the .map files of the map you want to play the music, and replace the first line with 'MUSIC [your music in the same directory].ogg'

Hope that helps.
Flubbman2013-05-05 10:20:49
In case anyone's wondering, the song in the video is Wings over Dunwyn by Arachno.
Pod2013-07-07 09:28:09
theres a bug inwhich Sl.dl is missing from my computer can anyone please help?
Badspot2013-07-07 13:21:18
>Sl.dl is missing from my computer

What is the exact text of the error message?
Pod2013-07-08 15:40:33
It says SDL.dl(i ment) is missing from my computer when i extract the file on WinZip

2013-07-08 15:41:28
l on the dll* i ment (why do i keep forgetting this?)
Pod2013-07-08 15:42:10
Badspot2013-07-08 16:52:47
Well SDL.dll is included in the download so you didn't unzip the file properly.
Gytyyhgfffff2013-07-14 21:53:40
This is a fantastically great game. Keep up the good work
Ladikan2013-10-19 22:11:46
Still a great game. I was wondering if development is still in progress?
Richard2013-12-05 01:08:40
Nice! Downloading now! :D My username on blockland is xXPhotonXx
What2014-01-14 03:17:50
How do i dwonload the press kit no worx
dargereldren2014-02-23 01:31:03
Nice to see Perennial got greenlit three days ago.
Dino2014-02-25 00:06:33
I downloaded the file, all it is just art, no prototype coming with the download
please help.
dargereldren2014-02-28 01:14:23
"@PunktKommaNull I took it down a while ago. I'm not sure there's a benefit to having it up at this point."
Gummy2014-03-08 05:18:23
So, when can we actually download it?
AJC0MICS2014-03-22 15:20:07
@Dino: The old prototype is still online:
Gummy2014-04-14 01:43:48
Thanks you! i havent played this game scince my last computer!
Gummy2014-04-14 01:44:19
Thank you* darn spelling mistakes
Peter2014-06-05 13:58:58
where do i download the game? i dont see it anywhere!
RarwMuffinz2014-06-17 05:14:35
May I ask if you intend on releasing the engine? if its released where can I check it out?
dargereldren2014-07-02 21:25:50
">have you released this engine of yours? if not, do you plan on doing so?
"I have not and don't really plan to. I've put a lot of effort into it so I sort of need to make some money with it. It's all c++, there's no scripting, so it doesn't really have the main stream appeal necessary for a commercial release."
anon2014-08-08 22:59:49
Did you code it using SDl 1.2 or SDl 2.0? Just wondering.
Badspot2014-08-09 01:15:55
1.2 - SDL2.0 did not exist at the time I started working on the engine.
Goldstein2014-08-17 14:40:00
Woo, I'm happy it's been Greenlit. Glad to see Badspot moving to making new games.
-Dave2015-07-01 21:39:12
I'm looking forward to this one.
2015-08-16 00:30:01
Seems Cool
Ahmad2015-11-07 14:18:33
Is this going to be for consoles too? Like Xbox indie games?
AtlasFrost2016-04-25 00:09:26
I saw your game at Pax East, and I played the demo with a friend which was both fun and fantastic! I am very much looking forward to picking it up when it's released.
Mesa2016-09-21 16:21:44
How come you removed the download link?
Isaksme2017-07-13 23:00:07
Blockland lol
Super Steve's Bro2018-01-13 18:27:30
Was the download removed? I cant find a download for it on this page as well as the ModDB page.
Microwave2018-02-23 21:21:56
This is actually better than using an outdated Torque engine
Mutti il pomodoro nero2018-07-06 12:13:22
when this game exit this is like 6 years!
PGgamer2019-08-14 15:43:08
Can you share the engine? Pls mario land fun is epic
TheBlokoMan2020-02-26 19:55:18
Is this still a thing?
Badspot2020-02-27 09:25:58
Believe it or not, yes. I have abandoned it at times but I am actually making a push to get it done now. The scope has somewhat spiraled out of control with level and avatar mods, unlockable hats, and all sorts of gizmos. Way too many levels.
Blake2020-12-11 02:07:38
Is there a demo of the game I could try out and download? I would like to give this game a shot and I'm willing to give feedback on this project if you can.
sdrg2020-12-16 16:56:26
Download game?
BASSV2021-01-25 16:33:23
where's download ?
-Dave2021-02-21 07:35:16
Ayy, Badspot. The last time I read an update on your game's website was 2016. Game developing, especially as a one-man-show(or close to one) takes a lot of time. But I'm curious, will we see this game officially release? Or is this project kind of shoved aside for a while?

niggurath2022-03-23 23:22:40
Hello, everyone. For those asking where to download. I was wondering the same and it came to mind to look for link from comments ( on Wayback Machine. And I was able to download it. In case it will be lost again I uploaded it on Dropbox -
re:niggurath2022-05-25 04:33:10
kind of you
-Dave2022-05-30 04:36:56
Finally got to play the demo... The game is awesome! It feels so strange that I first heard of this game 8 years ago, cool to finally have a go at it! :)
starfyrox1032022-08-14 11:54:37
just wanted to say every now and then i remember this site exists and check up just to see how stuff like this is going. super nice to finally be able to try the demo out, hopefully dev is still going decently well
Balls2024-01-21 23:16:50
So this game was announced over 11 years ago lol.

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