alex2013-09-05 21:21:44
hello i like blockland
Alex2012-08-14 23:29:08
Too bad you can't copy code from HL2.
Alex2012-06-23 13:57:34
Is this available for source?
Alex2012-06-20 13:10:30
I set this as my desktop. It was hard to explain to my father.
Alex2012-06-20 13:09:06
Lol, Apollo I joke.
Alex2012-06-20 13:07:17
Mass Effect 3 is savage.
Alex2012-06-20 13:05:17
I've never seen an anime RPG that doesn't have girls with tits out like that.
Alex2012-04-04 13:16:38
All Badspot bought this game for is to exploit glitches.
Alex2012-04-04 13:12:25
Where'd you buy this. I MUST KNOW.
Alex2012-04-04 13:11:59
Alex2012-04-04 13:10:58
This is why I used AVG.
Alex2011-06-11 16:04:06
Anyone else think this is actually Badspot in real life?
Alex2011-06-11 16:02:43
>Anyone else notice the ebola virus guy on the right's head falls off?
I did. Not because I read that. Really.
Alex2011-06-11 16:00:00
How you doin'?
Alex2011-06-11 15:56:08
Actually, OpenGL is the renderer most games use. Torque uses OpenGL quite a lot because Direct3D fucks up texture colouring and stuff.
Alex2011-04-09 06:25:09
What difference would 41 cents make? They ask us for 2 a month here. Not that I'd donate to cancer research. So you all get cancer. Buahahaha
Alex2011-04-09 06:15:32
She looked like pure evil in that last panel. It would've had more effect if she laughed evilly at the end.
Alex2011-03-05 09:50:55
My girlfriend is above average. It appears all her blonde friends are at theoretical zero point. Fucking retarded bitches.
Alex2011-03-05 09:38:32
I don't get it, what you're telling me in my mind is to configure Romshelf to run off zSnes or whatever I use to play games.
Alex2011-02-24 06:14:49
How about you send out a release for the roms available; none of the games actually work.
Alex2011-02-24 06:01:14
There are different characters in L4D and L4D2?
Alex2011-02-24 05:58:38
Though my SNES emulator is fine, this is pretty sick. I might give it a try.
Alex2011-02-20 17:00:46
I don't get it.
Alex2011-02-20 16:57:43
Alex2011-02-19 17:12:23
Ahahahaha, fantastic.
Alex2011-01-29 05:00:15
Alex2010-12-28 16:13:53
This is the first one where I had a proper laugh.
Alex2010-12-28 16:12:18
Was she wearing anything under that apron?
Alex2010-12-20 16:08:53
The game looks pretty cool. Are you going to release it?
Alex2010-12-20 16:07:56
That looked so fun. We should have more days like that.
Alex2010-11-25 13:25:57
@Robo Noob
Dude, it's just a drawing that Badspot made. Why are you playing with yourself over that when you can play with yourself over a real girl?
Alex2010-10-16 09:04:53
Why don't we have 3D studs in retail? It kinda sucks really.
Alex2010-10-16 08:59:20
Have a nice day, Badspot... Unless you get cancer...
Alex2010-10-16 08:54:59
Oooooh! A load of spam and scam since I last commented here! I'm going to come here more often to see Badspot own some arses!
Alex2010-10-16 08:43:13
@??? Badspot only makes $20 from Blockland. He's sold about 25000 keys by now, so he's only made $500,000, which isn't enough to buy a mansion. I saw a house for sale for 1 million.
Alex2010-07-31 13:39:14
Can we still download the beta versions?
Alex2010-07-26 13:59:51
lol'd epicly at that
Alex2010-07-26 13:39:51
This looks like the base of the AoT character.
Alex2010-07-26 13:28:46
Nice, you're actually working on this game, I thought this was just a little demo of what the game would have been like if you actually made it.
Alex2010-03-07 11:26:25
should put some of these in AOT and make them do different damage amounts
Alex2010-03-07 11:24:38
you are ALL wrong! doom 3 is the BEST 3D gaming engine EVAR!!!!
Alex2010-03-07 11:08:27
why dont we just beat the crap out of eachother with the bats? that would be awesome
Alex2010-03-07 11:06:56
sounds like gaming communism O_o
Alex2010-03-07 11:06:08
Alex2010-03-07 11:01:27
lego flasher do you seriously want a male character when this game has nudity in it? seriously do you want to go in an inn room to see a naked mans cock? only gay men and girls would want to see that
Alex2010-03-07 10:59:39
i saw that video and HoLy CrAp! i just thought it was the ambassador cos i have it in blockland and it has that flash vortex effect
Alex2010-03-07 10:57:07
yeah i got that one and its brilliant and it came out in 2006 (i think) and tr1 came out in 1996 (i think)
Alex2010-02-18 16:20:38
what the hell is zzt even about?
Alex2010-02-18 16:18:05
this is in blockland? i never saw it and that poster from world war 1 is in blockland as well
Alex2010-02-18 16:12:32
it looks like human teenage mutant ninja turtles with black ninja clothes in a summer design
Alex2010-02-18 16:10:02
hmm lets see about 9001
Alex2010-02-18 16:08:57
hes gonna be pissed when he finds you did that too
Alex2010-02-18 16:08:24
and i thought catching a nazis gun being thrown down a flight of stairs on rtcw was cool
Alex2010-02-18 16:05:56
max is gonna be pissed when he gets home to find that :D
Alex2010-02-18 15:49:24
hes probably thinkin OH SH- *splat*
Alex2010-02-18 15:48:30
that must be THEE most annoying thing to happen EVAR
Alex2010-02-18 15:47:43
and i thought my boat parking was REALLY bad
Alex2010-02-18 15:47:11
wow and i thought my boat parking was bad
Alex2010-02-18 15:44:49
how did you port the torque engine to tribes?
Alex2010-02-18 15:43:14
@shadowtrooper you had to bring that up didnt you
Alex2010-02-16 11:49:27
I cant download AoT because there is no download link on the games list D: !
Alex2010-01-31 13:31:15
why not add stuff to attack because this game is just boring when you just run around doing nothing
Alex2010-01-31 13:29:54
its official - you got owned
Alex2010-01-31 13:29:15
i wunt dis gaim!
Alex2010-01-31 13:28:43
on the ambassador what is that yellow cylinder?
Alex2010-01-31 13:28:15
how did you get that particle effect D: !
Alex2010-01-31 13:24:35
this would be funny if there were a guys face in the sky going AHAAHAHAHAHA and people were running out of the building screaming LOL
Alex2010-01-31 13:23:16
@Pnk its red not blue
Alex2010-01-31 13:20:18
one word to describe that guy's situation: pwnt
Alex2010-01-31 13:18:58
lol darren you had to bring that up xD
Alex2010-01-31 13:18:16
uuuuhh what the hell
Alex2010-01-31 13:17:31
this is what happens when my brain explodes? i thought when my brain exploded brain juices squirted out of my ears lol
Alex2010-01-31 13:14:05
it looks like something from battlefield 1942 :D
Alex2010-01-31 12:33:08
Alex2010-01-31 12:31:46
i lol'd at ball and cookie
Alex2010-01-31 12:30:25
didnt you make this into a quake 2 skin or was that something else?
Alex2010-01-31 12:29:31
Alex2010-01-31 12:28:55
what the hell did he have for lunch rotten blue cheese sandwich with rotten bread? lol
Alex2010-01-31 12:27:47
whoever did this must have stuck a knife in a giant atom and ate a bean burrito LOL
Alex2010-01-31 12:26:46
Alex2010-01-31 12:25:28
when i first saw this i was like THE POSITION YOU ARE IN YOUNG MAN IS: OwNeD
Alex2010-01-31 12:24:10
i lol'd at the retarded one
Alex2010-01-31 12:23:20
who is she saluting LOL
Alex2010-01-31 12:21:34
she would slap you for taking that photo LOL
Alex2010-01-31 12:19:58
i took a look at another quote from the fag i shall no longer name: "IM NOT LIFELESS LIKE ALL OF YOU TO VIEW THAT SHIT! WHO EVER WATCHES PORN, READS PORN, LOOKS AT PORN, IS AN ABSOLOUTE LIFELESS WHORE WHO OBVIOUSLY DOESNT HAVE A DICK AND HAS A MANGINA INSTEAD!!!!!!" what the fuck is a mangina and watching porn doesnt make you gay or remove your penis - it only makes you gay if you watch gay porn which only you and your male side of the family watch and now i shall describe the situation you are in: OwNeD pWnEd OwNt PwNt and YOU ARE AN EPIC FAILURE AT INSULTING EVERYONE ON THE INTERNET
Alex2010-01-31 12:16:59
hmm i took a look at this quote from lewnaja: "AND I HATE PORN, IM NOT EVEN OLD ENOUGH TO SEE IT!" and i just looked at it and LAUGHED!!! who gives a crap about age ratings we live in a free country so why bother with them cos nearly everyone in my class (who is 13) watches porn
Alex2010-01-31 12:13:38
Badspot dont listen to lewnaja cos he is a fag with no penis and it would be illegal NOT to ban him and technically because you made the forums they are your forums and omfg this page is spammed with that cockhead
Alex2010-01-31 12:09:56
we are now officially gay in japan wtf lol
Alex2010-01-31 12:01:00
TR1 is a much better game than TR3 because it has a sense of difficulty and you can actually see what the hell your doing and this is also why they based tomb raider anniversary because not only was the game revolutionary, it was so good that they decided to make a complete cover with better graphics, more movements, enemies etc 10 years later after they developed it
Alex2005-11-06 10:03:44
Thats pretty. It's somewhere I would like to live when im older