Max Payne 2 balancing gun
I shot some guy, he dropped his rifle and it landed like this, balanced on the end of the barrel.

2005-10-05 00:52:40
NIce if that happened in real life that would be sweet!
Well if u just dropped it like that and it did it......
Black2005-10-06 23:24:56
this is the most impressive feat yet :D
:)2006-12-27 05:25:10
*takes off socks* what about this feet?
gdg2008-04-11 02:06:57
wut game
Badspot2008-04-11 13:01:26
Max Payne 2
Knaz2008-08-23 01:03:50
Woot, thats a epic screenshot of pure epicness amarite?
Zmobie2008-09-09 22:20:18
2009-01-02 22:14:28
I need a link. I searched on google and I got results; but none of them had anything to do with this game. Nope, couldn't even find the game website.
Badspot2009-01-04 10:23:31
You can get it on steam for $9.99 [url][/url]
Reelshiny2009-02-16 17:32:26
Good sir, That floor is magnetized!
InsertNameHere2009-07-03 17:50:46
Lol. Laws of physics.
amberking2009-07-28 00:50:00
i like the picture on the floor
Brickster2009-08-28 00:30:45
2009-08-30 01:43:15
does that game have an actual physics engine?
Alex2010-02-18 21:08:24
and i thought catching a nazis gun being thrown down a flight of stairs on rtcw was cool
AdamX211982010-05-27 15:54:59
Thats good luck to see it land like that!
It is also funny!
Good Job!
AdamX211982010-05-27 15:54:59
Sorry for the Double Post, but...
OnTopic:The game looks cool... I wonder if my father has played this during my early childhood...
Super Chao2010-06-20 14:21:18
Max Payne 2 is a awesome game, i had it on my old computer, and i almoast finished it, but the PC crashed and wouldnt start again, so i have to Install it on my new PC :S

P.S, the game wasnt even mine :P
Conan2010-06-26 02:43:24
Wish it could happen IRL.

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