Max Payne 2 Gun Pile
Many many many people died to make this screenshot.

Eddy2005-10-07 17:36:28
napalm2005-11-08 02:58:36
I got to 75
Packer2006-01-22 16:26:46
"Guy: Crap I seached Every Gun and Found no AMMO!"
Chilli the Hitman2007-01-13 09:02:06
how many people did he have to kill to get that many guns...
Pielikey2007-10-13 11:05:05
"No animals were harmed in the making of this picture."
No ANIMALS maybe...
LegoBuilder!2008-07-28 23:45:21
Is this that game Blood for the PC? Where you start out in an elevator with a knife ane 1 handgun with 20-30 shots left?
Badspot2008-07-29 08:02:54
It's Max Payne 2
Knaz2008-08-23 01:27:07
If only guns shoot when you shoot them like in FEAR... I would so love to throw a grenade in there >:D
2009-01-02 22:20:24
fred02392009-01-23 04:29:46
I wish that would just pop up in my yard.
Someretard2009-03-22 20:25:17
Alex2010-02-18 21:10:02
hmm lets see about 9001
Captain Asswipe2010-02-18 21:10:53
ITS OVER NINE THOUSAAAAAAAAAAAAAAND btw im alexs cousin so that explains the same ip LOL so fk u lollolol im retarde:D
Conan2010-06-26 02:45:44
Why the grenade launcher BEHIND Max?
superdude2010-07-19 00:22:26
Heavy weapons guy form tf2: SO MUCH BLOOD
PenguinPerson2010-08-16 07:00:07
(No animals or Penguins were harmed in this picture)

That's all that matters lol
Alex Man!2011-05-15 04:44:23
So that's how they get that many guns.
Swat2011-05-20 12:12:37
Too much AK47!

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