Tribes RPG Ninjas

Ricky2005-10-29 14:03:46
Waht is that? its so dark :P
Badspot2005-10-29 19:29:15
I guess you'll never know so long as your monitor's brightness settings elude you.
Spaceomega2006-04-02 18:21:17
It's like LotR :D
Anti-Cop2006-09-21 00:31:42
Anti-Cop2006-09-21 00:32:05
whoop nvm
2006-10-22 18:40:11
RPG mod for Tribes?
:/2006-12-27 00:29:10
Dark for me too, but from looking, I see feet and hands. looks like they are about to beat in your ass with crack sticks
Neozuki2007-03-01 23:53:46
I see four (black) guys with casts maybe on their left hands and swords in their right.
Knorz2007-03-05 09:06:31
First the picture is called ninjas, so theyre obviously ninjas. second, change the brightness in photoshop or else to see it better...
Arturcan2007-08-24 08:47:39
2008-12-12 04:29:48
Anarchy Online
2008-12-12 04:30:47
I lied, Asheron's Call
Badspot2008-12-12 12:27:33
It's tribes rpg
Digmaster2009-01-04 03:07:35
Oh, kitchen picture :D

Now to go google tribes RPG :D
The Russian2009-06-04 00:28:32
Singular raising the bar?
Alex2010-02-18 16:12:32
it looks like human teenage mutant ninja turtles with black ninja clothes in a summer design
Conan2010-06-25 22:51:32
Cult Ninjas.

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