Mass Effect Comic Medical Supplies
Deleted dialog:

Shepard: That's like all the platinum in the world!
Dr.Chakwas: Eleven worlds by my estimates. You have 30 hours.

Mass Effect Comic 'Medical Supplies'

Panel 1
Dr.Chakwas: Of course I can heal your scars, Shepard. I just need you to get some more "supplies" for me.
Shepard: Haha, ok doc. What is it this time?

Panel 2
Shepard: Another bottle of brandy or -

Panel 3
Shepard: Fifty thousand tons of platinum?
Dr.Chakwas: [Evil]

Jetz2011-02-15 22:15:18
Why isn't Shepard wearing shoes?
Dude2011-02-15 22:26:32
Her ship, her rules
Dude2011-02-15 22:26:32
Her ship, her rules
Perv2011-02-15 22:48:26
Better question why isn't she naked? :O
Badspot2011-02-16 00:27:46
Continuity. It has been established that shepard does not wear shoes:
Eli2011-02-16 00:28:55
YES more mass effects comics i love these!
Mr. Larry2011-02-16 00:44:57
"Better question why isn't she naked? :O"

So true. :3
Errata2011-02-16 01:25:22
Your RSS feed link for this comic is fucked, by the way.
Mike2011-02-16 06:42:04
good thing ParagonShep doesn't have to worry about any of this then :D
Bloody Mary2011-02-16 19:51:51
What's with the lines on her face? Am I missing something, or what?
Horny2011-02-16 23:22:13
She's been eating...
hurr hurr hurr
Bloody Mary2011-02-17 21:26:34
No, I mean the lines on her right cheek.
SpreadsPlague2011-02-17 22:41:14
read the very first line of the comic bro
Bloody Mary2011-02-17 22:58:51
How on earth could I have overlooked that?
Shadowed9992011-02-18 04:11:10
Wha-oh oh I get it lol badspot.
Guilty Bystander2011-02-18 07:31:15
"Continuity. It has been established that shepard does not wear shoes:"

That's hot, I'll just admit it and get it over with.

"Better question why isn't she naked? :O"

Haha, so true.

Glad to see you're doing these again Badspot.
These comics have a weird facial style. Feminine faces tend to have larger eyes, and almost non-existent noses with just two small lines for nostrils and MAYBE a hint for the nose line, though I'd recommend against that.
Alex2011-02-20 17:00:46
I don't get it.
Tom Gunn/ TeslaCoil2011-02-20 19:19:02
@ リムサマビ

Really? Ha, I hope you are joking. True for the Manga stuff but not for the style he's going for.
Ashley2011-02-22 17:17:12
LOVE these :P glad I found it, and glad I'm a paragon :P
Jacob 123452011-02-24 01:03:22

Yet another great work from baddy
2011-03-07 11:15:36
@Ashley But, but... but platinum wasn't too hard to find, and double-crosses are just SO much FUN!
Mady022011-07-18 19:10:55
Gamergirl0522011-07-22 02:36:51
Geez, fifty thousand tons? Commencing operation ''the galaxy will now be robbed of platinum.''
Gamergirl0522011-07-22 02:40:44
Why do i have the strangest feeling that i'm the only one on here everyday?
SickBritKid2011-08-11 05:05:09
Wait a second. Shepard's only barefoot in that one comic! For all we know, it could've been a coloring error!
ODST-bag2015-01-15 23:16:55
If her feet were an error here, then could her clothes be another?

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