Comic Of Dogs And Men
Ah the Holocaust. Always good for a laugh.

Anyway, story time is over girls, back to pillow fighting.

Of Dogs and Men

Panel 1
[Image of 'The Far Side' comic where a woman is posting a 'lost puppy' poster while the puppy is lodged in her buttocks]
Ms.ExplainItAll: See? And the poster says 'lost puppy'
Ms.DoesntGetIt: I don't get it. She killed her dog.

Panel 2
Ms.ExplainItAll: Well, yeah. But killing things is funny if you do it accidentally with your own fat
Ms.DoesntGetIt: Really?

Panel 3
Ms.ExplainItAll: Sure. Imagine if Hitler was just a fat guy who accidentally rolled over 6 million jews.
[Image of this]

Wynd Fox2010-06-27 19:48:27
Did he also run over one clown?
Captain Kickass/Sebster 1052010-06-27 20:01:37
Good one.
Captain Crazy2010-06-27 20:39:23
I feel bad for laughing at the last panel. Good comic.
Flamecannon2010-06-27 20:40:23
When he's doing his "arm out" gesture he's trying to grab ahold of the ground and stop.
Vv456892010-06-28 01:30:32
HA! I knew the holocaust was a lie.
W2010-06-28 09:51:30
I am having trouble deciding which of the last two panels is better. In one we have Hitler looking like a Weeble Wobble rolling over stick people, on the other hand we have two hot women lounging around in their underwear ... oh, decisions, decisions ....
MackTheHunter2010-06-28 14:59:52
Only thing I've noticed is that the way the bikini girl in frame 2 is holding her waist makes her look like she's as thin as a piece of paper.

Other than that, baaahahahahahaha
Niven2010-06-29 10:02:15
No2mad22010-06-29 14:38:27
Loving Badspot's comment.
blergh2010-07-16 17:34:56
Alex2010-07-26 17:59:51
lol'd epicly at that
Longor2010-07-28 18:03:31
Metal2010-08-25 08:28:58
Oh the Lolocaust you mean?
Areous2010-09-08 04:25:20
This is pure evil.
Wulf2010-10-10 09:18:38
This is probably wrong on many levels, but its hilarious xD
Shamoo the fail whale2010-12-01 23:12:01
Lol on the last panel
Alex2010-12-28 21:13:53
This is the first one where I had a proper laugh.
Yo2011-01-24 02:51:27
I actually laughed out loud.
2011-04-06 19:58:15
6 million dead for some laughs?that isn't funny
Toast2011-08-19 20:50:45
Why is it every time these 2 chicks are in a comic they are in their underwear? Don't they have clothes?
Dragon2011-09-12 10:40:28
Lol great ending. I agree it funny when people die from accedents.
xam2012-02-29 23:47:08
My sides..
Morningstar2012-04-19 15:05:01
Maybe I shouldn't laugh at he lat one...
But who cares?
Devo2012-08-24 18:22:14
I laughed pretty hard at this. I don't know if that's bad or not.
Director Bones2013-04-27 19:40:28
lol, thats funny, even my Jewish friend laughed at it.
NT1217842013-06-02 17:58:55
Ever since having watched Archer, I now read this in Cheryl and Lana's voices.
mrtt2013-08-03 01:21:34
I find it hilarious and I am a jew.
Worth noting though is that 11 million people were killed in the death camps, 6 million jews + 5 million assorted other undesirables.
(this is only death camps, not soldiers or collateral damage from bombing, etc)
2015-11-13 11:07:50
fat jokes. top notch humor there. stop the presses, we got the next gary larson.
A2015-11-13 15:06:51
Found the whale. Do you need help getting back to the ocean?

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