Fighting meat cubes and other monsters in Age of Time

Insanerperson2006-02-17 01:39:59
WOO THAT ROCKED! and badspot please delete The account insanerperson i fucked it up and made it so i forgot its pass............... i will tell you what it used to be but not in ths in AOT
penguin miked2006-02-17 10:37:19
i like that one bouncing on top of the cage hehe
MW Warrior2006-02-22 23:39:00
Man I sucked then, getting killed by a orc!! It was cool though.
TMC2006-02-25 17:45:56
hahahahahahaha, thats great. i still ahve to wonder about the person ontop of the cages though
Night2006-02-27 18:22:45
He was using the hook. He is Ritardo
Leo2006-02-27 18:56:28
His name is Rititundo...
tay2006-04-02 20:52:14
RITTY TITTY TUNDO.......that was funny ^_^ lol
Oxcorp2006-11-02 20:45:38
I loved the huge TNT and the fake Chests the most.
Jay Ray2006-12-22 02:18:22
Attack of the weird things....
swede2007-08-03 00:53:15
what game is that and whats the website
Badspot 2007-08-03 03:31:14
Age of Time [url][/url]
STORECLERK LOL2008-02-07 04:20:46
What's the second quickkey? Party something..
Badspot2008-02-07 10:48:21
I believe it says "Rusty Sword"
.:Panda:.2008-09-27 17:17:47
OMFG ROFL. Walking meats... HAHA. This looks fun.
Dvpainter2009-01-18 13:25:36
Wtf, is that.................MEAT!?!?!?!?
Tojehusiza2009-06-05 15:49:29
Erm, meat..?
2009-08-18 11:35:40
do the meat eat PPL?
Chaos Chao2009-08-18 11:36:02
srry i forgot to put my name xD
[Vital Suit]GTF-11 Drio2009-10-05 23:53:54
"srry i forgot to put my name xD"
tangle2009-11-12 02:24:54
I was there when it happened, well sorta, i was at red fields
Penguin/Person2010-02-26 01:26:37
What game is this?
Where can I get it?
How much?
Chaos Soal2010-04-27 18:05:43
Age of Time.
Ask Badspot.
peanutz are tasy though.
olool2010-07-08 13:19:07
Aot Is Old2010-08-08 22:46:23
Yeah, its old, this is prob the last video of Age of Time that we will see. Blockland is much better. But it's still fun to get on and look at stuff :)
Alex2010-12-20 21:07:56
That looked so fun. We should have more days like that.
Antares2011-12-21 19:27:14
Age Of Time should get her last version. Where you can host and join servers again. That would be awesome.
Aot2020-03-16 20:08:00
Still weird how there's no male characters, and the player has the option to strip female avatar's clothes down to their bare nipples... Badspot, explain...

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