Meatboy Lives Forever
I cleverly dodged a rocket in Super Meatboy. FOREVER.

2011-01-25 14:20:03
thats awesome, i did the same thing with a revenant in DooM 2.
Bloody Mary2011-01-25 16:38:01
Well, was it actually forever?
The animation is only a couple of frames.
halo 42011-02-19 00:22:03
it sucks
Alex2011-02-20 16:57:43
Ground controll2011-02-24 01:47:50
"Kchhh we have reached orbital velocity... but cant approach target further without loss of control. Over Kchhh*"
Jack2011-05-01 22:22:41
That SAME thing happened to me.
Swat2011-05-20 08:19:25
Kind that Rounding Rounding the Rocket
Mikey5552011-07-27 16:11:26
That looks impossible.
Klocko2012-10-21 16:50:08
It actually is coming closer... very very slowly
Block1zilla2012-11-09 18:46:28
Well "halo4", Stop being a fucking baby and leave
starfy2018-05-06 20:36:39
smbf looks great

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