Max Payne 2 Angel
A screenshot from Max Payne 2. �Kind of looks like an angel, no? �Its actually just a dead guy, hooray!

2005-10-04 20:53:19
An angel from Hell!
Did his body land on u and kill u?
Black2005-10-06 19:24:17
wow he does look kinda angelic...
Eddy2005-10-07 13:34:27
Bri Guy2005-10-09 21:18:25
isn't it kinda hard to catch something like that in a screenshot =\?
Badspot2005-10-11 13:47:15
MP2 has super slow bullet time so its a little easier.
Neozuki2007-03-01 23:47:36
Max Payne was the first game with bullettime after all =D
cfive2008-05-08 22:11:05
Looks like the opening of realMyst
Knaz2008-08-22 21:16:17
I guess he did fulfill his lifetime wish of flying...
fred2009-01-22 23:46:01
Someretard2009-03-22 16:19:48
"The angels sang out, in an immaculate... Down from the heavens descended Chuck Norris"
Shadowtrooper2009-06-14 19:21:22
He will kill you and give you a hellangel curse!
Chaos Chao2009-07-16 16:48:17
No he will not! ):< he will look how it is to fly! xD Man:"YEY im a angel...! O.o ... wait now...! Were is my wings!!! ill stop by the Super Mall and check if they have.. (landing...) OUTCH! X_X dead...
Mazeribot2009-07-16 16:52:03
HAHAHA! wery funny!! that was a good one chao!... wait now... Chao... Now i know that name is after a cute little thing from sonic!
Alex2010-02-18 15:49:24
hes probably thinkin OH SH- *splat*
Alex Man!2010-06-10 14:51:16
Look, its Jesus! *falls* Oh wait, its a dead guy.

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