Anti-Cop2007-01-28 16:47:44
Now THIS is what I like to see.

*begins to cackle maniacally while thinking about DMs*
Jubei2007-01-28 16:56:20
This is how the Titanic REALLY went down... by Lego guys with jetpacks and Lego guns that shoot rockets...
HiDefAmp2007-01-28 17:03:09
This arouses me
Djy19912007-01-28 18:18:19
Boner4 got pwned :D
Sumohz2007-01-28 19:32:08
Packer2007-01-28 20:41:59
11/10 Simply Awesome. Some thing like that in the game would be awesome... Build a DM Factory and blast each other away.
Ladios2007-01-28 21:03:07
Wedge2007-01-28 21:55:48
:O I didn't know blockland could do this, I'm logging on now >:D
Sumohz2007-01-28 22:22:32
So much better than Bleh's stupid rubble.
The Pro2007-01-29 01:47:56
That is amazing, It's like the best thing ever.

It will take fortwars and stuff to another level :D
Jervan2007-01-29 18:10:35
>=) You've got me bought.. Can we see some medievil weapons and their effects on the player model >=D
Sampapa2007-01-30 13:28:41
Woah! Titanic got owned!
Mario71212007-01-30 22:46:34
sweet!! so we can find titanic in a bedroom? lol
Squeaky-2007-01-31 05:33:04
screw iceburgs, THIS is the way to sink something
?2007-02-01 03:41:34
Please do one in slowmo, that'd be awesome.
2007-02-02 17:01:31
Build a power plant, blow it up, Profit?
Spation2007-02-02 19:24:57
Can you fire at the funnel? I think that would be cool.
Yuki2007-02-02 22:57:50
dUMBELLS2007-07-27 21:37:52
lol thats before it had a model
Robohuman2007-07-29 20:16:59
Nice badspot
er...hi?2007-09-14 12:51:55
I got such a frite cause i was on that ship so i pooted on yuki that was standing at the dock : (
yuki2007-09-14 12:52:45
i pooted back
er....hi?2007-09-14 12:53:05
but missed
Yuki2007-09-14 12:53:30
er....hi?2007-09-14 12:54:20
Yuki shouted so load that i pooted on him
Yuki2007-09-14 12:55:06
*throws er...hi? onto train track*
er...hi?2007-09-14 12:55:56
*throws knife at yuki*
2007-09-14 17:08:55
Are you seriously fucking retarded..?
2007-11-24 00:39:25
Yuki, we can see your IP...
ChexGuy3312009-06-04 17:45:14
You should redo the vid with physics. :D
Mazeribot2009-06-30 07:41:03
are you doing that in v11?
Mr.blue2009-07-02 04:20:20
Y are you making these thing imean look at the rocket l in v1 and v12 which oes better?!

no efences
Badspot2009-07-02 17:44:35, this video is more than 2 years old. Please make an effort to be less retarded. Thanks.
Chaos Chao2009-07-16 20:10:11
LoL! Badspot You Are funny!! O.o
BlackMail2009-09-30 03:31:01
Wow I love Blockland so much nowadays that theres NUKES! HAHA!
[Vital Suit]GTF-11 Drio2009-10-05 23:55:02
Badspot plz un-ban me from your server and the Blcokland forums
Alex2010-01-31 18:24:35
this would be funny if there were a guys face in the sky going AHAAHAHAHAHA and people were running out of the building screaming LOL
joekirk2010-04-03 21:05:30
Whats, your youtube channel?
joekirk2010-04-04 15:40:02
never mind i found it
Conan2010-06-26 19:10:19
I never knew that V2 had physics D:
2010-06-26 19:46:19
This isn't v2 and there are no physics.
2010-07-14 03:42:54
how do i download lego blockland
Antares2010-07-17 17:07:45
@ (IP:
Download and purchase it on
antares's friend chris2010-10-31 16:30:41
goes down
mario12011-03-31 00:42:18
finally something that destroys the titanic besides the iceberg
FuckBass2012-06-06 23:39:28
Filipe10202013-07-31 21:04:55
Video2019-11-26 23:55:13
How come these videos are all just a pink screen? Did something happen to the root files?
Badspot2019-11-27 23:28:26
The files are still there, they're just .flv format and flash player is pretty dead now. I have the original .avi files for some things, I just have to re-encode them.
Badspot2019-11-29 19:04:12
There, I converted it. It's getting grainier and grainier because I don't know where the original file is, if it still exists anywhere.
Hank2019-12-07 20:33:38
top tier video quality, make a new podcast nerd

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