Two Guns Prototype

This game is an early prototype and only represents a few weeks of work.

It's a 3D side scrolling shooter.
The perspective is similar to the old arcade brawlers except that you can aim 360 degrees.


dude2006-02-01 01:17:45
post a link to that at!
rapperkid042006-02-01 01:18:51
send me a pm at rapperkid04 on i'd love to beta test that
DrNo2006-04-02 16:47:59
i thought it was good
yuki2006-09-19 22:51:07
nice i want to beta it :D
Otis Da HousKat2006-09-24 16:55:00
Why is he shooting up airport security =l
Miga2007-03-19 07:04:17
Because they wouldn't let him bring his chocolate bar on board.
Miga2007-05-18 17:27:04
Can you send me this game? Looks fun...
Badspot2007-05-18 21:31:40
Miga2007-05-19 04:58:01
Ty :cookie:
Miga2007-05-19 17:05:36
Are you supposed to get a new gun when you run out of ammo?
Badspot2007-05-20 17:04:00
Yes. There is no reloading.
Otis2007-05-21 21:06:23
Will you ever let us play in the airport?
Badspot2007-05-22 03:35:17
You are seeing the entirety of the "Airport" in this video
Miga2007-05-23 06:01:55
Is this multiplayer? Never joined a server because there's just an empty demo server on the list.
Badspot2007-05-23 19:16:14
Yes, it is multiplayer. It's a blast on a LAN. But I never changed the game type so you'll see other torque demo apps in the the server list.
Miga2007-05-25 02:51:00
Man..this game is hard lol
Seriously, you spawn and get killed at the same time...
Goodplace2007-07-22 15:58:36
You should honestly think about making this a full game add some levels clean it up a bit, it would be awesome.
Maljam2007-07-26 17:39:35
The game looks very awsome. kinda reminds me of blockland
Maljam2007-07-26 17:47:05
I tried it, and i gotta say, its hard. Fun, but darn hard
omg2007-09-14 20:49:05
omg what game is that?
ChexGuy3312007-10-01 02:19:37
Aw man, there's only one level.


Where's the airport?
ChexGuy3312007-10-01 02:21:12
And no Vertical aiming.

Badspot2007-10-01 11:47:50
You can enable vertical aiming by messing with config.cs. It's disabled by default because a lot of people have trouble with it.
ChexGuy3312007-10-01 20:42:14
Oh, ok.

Are you still working on this? It's fun, but hard.

With config.cs, can you also enable First Person mode? Or is the file that's in dso'd?
Badspot2007-10-01 21:56:55
I can't remember but I may have disabled first person mode in c++. The controls would be all weird in first person anyway.
ChexGuy3312007-10-02 21:52:36
I hate it when I have too many questions...

I can't get past the bar, what do I do?
Badspot2007-10-02 23:35:43
Shoot everyone inside.
Maljam2008-01-16 18:56:30
STORECLERK LOL2008-02-07 04:10:05
Every time I see the red flash, I think about Age of Time and the stunning screen. Oh the horror.
ChexGuy3312008-02-18 02:06:17
Hey, Badspot, release the airport. =D
Pocket2008-03-15 08:40:13
Cool This game is Pretty Fun
Badspot2008-04-10 13:31:23
Badspot2008-04-10 13:32:10
God what do these spam bots want? They're seriously just posting drug names with no links or anything. What purpose could that possibly serve?
Metario2008-06-16 23:29:12
;b Lol
Nakamura2008-08-07 22:31:43
need to post a addons/maps archivez
.:Panda:.2008-09-27 17:16:30
Let me have this, PLEASE! I love it!
lu1g12008-10-06 22:06:08
that guy kicking the crap out of that airport i want this btw
Lu1g12008-10-06 22:07:43
where do you get that map
Sankuro2008-12-07 23:20:06
Ummm you don't..I don't think.
Thenamelessone2009-03-15 23:13:19
Badspot should keep working on this, its fun =D
ChexGuy3312009-03-16 19:40:00
Anyone notice that the guy's hats are red and not green?
Solid2009-03-21 16:05:53
Could you make that for the Mac please? ;D
Badspot2009-03-21 22:03:31
B: Use Bootcamp and install Windows
C: Buy a decent Windows machine for 1/2 the price of a decent MAC
iron cookie2009-03-26 02:59:14
Hm doesnt seem to be Any players on for mutiplayer :(
Mazeribot2009-06-29 08:53:27
is this a demo? and if it is do we have to pay for it for get the real one?
Mazeribot2009-06-29 11:11:07
And 1 more thing... how do i shoot upp? i just cant shoot upp! and i have tryd all things...
Mazeribot2009-06-29 11:19:08
maby 2.... but is it just me or do you like shooting games?
Mr.Red2009-07-10 17:16:23
unbun me
Left4Life2009-07-18 06:20:11
Looks like little Simpson guys
Brandon2009-07-22 23:52:40
Yea it does.
[Vital Suit]GTF-11 Drio2009-10-05 23:52:47
Alexander2010-06-16 13:19:25
Very nice! I might try this sometime
God2010-06-16 19:40:43
As shitty as this prototype is, it would make a really good game if it was polished up and had great graphics and was online.
Alex2010-07-26 17:28:46
Nice, you're actually working on this game, I thought this was just a little demo of what the game would have been like if you actually made it.
Kivi2010-09-15 20:29:24
Dude, this looks fun, you have to make a little improvements like survival stages and stuff, and make this a online game! :D
IANN2010-11-09 00:47:12
Stick Man2011-01-29 00:00:24
Please make this a full game.
Swat2011-05-21 08:04:13
Rotondo is a Veteran but hes is a kill a AI Enemies
Tyler2011-05-29 02:46:19
Your a great game designer, keep it up. I'd actualy like to beta test/help design and fix up some glitches. You can contact me on blacklan (ING:boba fett) or try my email:[email protected] I would really like to help in any way :D
Nobot2012-02-20 03:35:43
WhiteStorm2012-05-02 03:26:34
lol Spawnkill :3
Microwave2013-07-06 22:30:10
There is only one map, if you don't include the mission editor map. And you can't switch to 1st person
Hello2015-07-25 19:00:20
XX_LOL_XX2015-07-25 19:00:48
i love this!
AssKicked2020-03-26 09:29:44
I'm going to port all of these assets to Blockland.
2020-03-28 00:16:41
Is the character's hat supposed to be red? I just noticed that it's red here, but green in game.
2020-10-19 17:14:06
Amdexo62020-10-19 17:14:24
i wanna play
Amdexo62020-10-20 16:02:27
badspot what do change in config.cs to turn on vertical aiming
Amdexo62020-10-20 16:09:45
you have to sue the orange block that copied the death animations
Amdexo62020-10-20 16:10:04
that game
Im_memesssfff2022-05-19 17:26:37
the person on top of me is goofy ahh

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