Two Guns 3
Firing a desert eagle handgun in the Torque Engine game 'Two Guns'

Alex2010-01-31 13:28:43
on the ambassador what is that yellow cylinder?
Badspot2010-02-01 00:53:44
1. It iss a Desert Eagle. A real gun. The ambassador is a fictional gun from Team Fortress 2.
2. It is a flash vortex, a phenomenon that actually occurs. It is visible in many videos.
Alex2010-03-07 10:59:39
i saw that video and HoLy CrAp! i just thought it was the ambassador cos i have it in blockland and it has that flash vortex effect
TheQuestion2010-03-16 23:23:22
How do you download this?
Edson2010-04-03 16:50:01
Hey i think your projects are great in what program did you created your projects?

i will buy blockland but i hav some problems
Edson2010-04-03 17:25:22
o and hey what carrer did you studied in university?
connor2010-10-10 07:40:22
waaaa i cant find no severs
Blooker2011-10-10 16:20:49
@connor Same problem here, I asked about trying to host with hamachi but no reply yet :P
Badspot2011-10-10 17:45:06
I did not make hamachi.

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