P-51 Mustang in-game
Part of my little war game project in the Torque engine- it's a P-51 Mustang! It features rudder, elevator and throttle animations and is fully coded for getting in and out, taking off and landing, shooting, getting shot down and being repaired. Getting shot down is actually pretty cool. Instead of just exploding as usual, the plane catches on fire, free falls towards the ground, bounces around and skids to a stop. Hmm maybe I'll put up some screenshots of that.

DARK2005-10-10 13:46:27
I suggest working on only one or two projects.
Badspot2005-10-11 06:01:16
Dude, this shot is like 3 years old.
Miga2005-11-26 21:29:56
Does it explode after it skids to a stop?
yuki2006-11-27 02:16:17
can i have it?
Kaphix2006-12-22 02:12:56
ONeill2007-05-22 00:51:31
Badspot2007-05-22 03:36:21
No you don't . It sucks because it uses Torque 1.1 and crashes like every 5 minutes.
Skylord2008-01-25 02:58:07
Lol, You can update it to use better engines :)
Sankuro2008-10-13 23:06:01
"Lol, You can update it to use better engines :)"
Torque is one of the best engines alongside Java.
Jetz2008-11-07 22:36:35
He means a newer version of the Torque engine. Also, Java is not a good engine for a 3D game, and furthermore, Torque is not one of the best. Have a look at the Havok and Unreal engines.
2009-01-01 18:18:36
What? Java is not the best for a 3D games?
I have seen it go pretty good with 3D games.
Tails2009-03-14 02:02:14
Java is terrible with 3D.
IceBlue2009-08-07 10:50:32
Hells no. We all know that Source is the best...

... Well, not the best but it is quite modifiable.
lil d2010-01-28 05:25:26
well actually, torque has been used for several games, and from what i know, unreal engine has only been used in unreal, unreal tournament, and gears of war games, which all had good graphics, but i would stick to torque.
Badspot2010-01-28 09:09:29
You are severely misinformed.

Alex2010-01-31 18:14:05
it looks like something from battlefield 1942 :D
Alex2010-03-07 16:24:38
you are ALL wrong! doom 3 is the BEST 3D gaming engine EVAR!!!!
sam2011-11-15 23:02:34
i love battle field 1942 who evar u r
daniel 2013-09-13 20:47:07
how do you download it!!!!!!!
Bricks2016-07-11 11:40:27
Java Is Terrible With 3D!
2016-07-11 11:44:14
>Java Engine Is Supported On 3D Games?
Nope! Java Is Bad.

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