RPG Party
Party in Tribes RPG.

ClavaTon2005-10-08 19:46:51
Whats this game
Badspot2005-10-11 02:00:33
This is a shot from Tribes RPG, a mod I worked on. I made the player skins in this shot.
2006-10-22 18:42:46
You worked on the RPG mod? =O
Badspot2006-10-23 04:16:22
Yeah, I made the skins and some of the early buildings. I also hosted a server for a long time and made some leet quests and stuff. And although I don't remember doing it, I'm pretty sure I made the bed in this picture because it looks just like the aot/blockland bed.
Neozuki2007-03-01 23:57:12
Modeling in your sleep? Lol
Knorz2007-03-05 09:01:42
Where do i find this game?
Knorz2007-03-05 09:02:32
And btw i think i saw a pic of this game in the blockland retail demo, map kitchen.
2007-04-13 22:15:56
badsppot the orijanl2008-03-02 10:19:50
is this a realy online game or not lol =}
Badspot2008-03-02 14:12:22
Page stretching doesn't work here in firefox btw.
Knaz2008-08-22 21:21:54
"Pass the skooma"
vv456892008-12-05 16:25:39
that picture is in blockland kitchen!
=þ2009-03-27 19:23:25
Lol, when i get home, i am playing that frikin pwnsome game
The Russian2009-06-04 00:29:49
oh this pic is in the kitchen map in Blockland
swollow2009-08-30 11:13:06
"oh this pic is in the kitchen map in Blockland"so thats where that pics from...
wOt?2010-01-06 23:32:18
Alex2010-02-18 16:18:05
this is in blockland? i never saw it and that poster from world war 1 is in blockland as well
rawrihazeatzu!!2010-02-18 22:41:54
i used to think this was a really crappy picture of runescape XD
Eksi2010-04-26 00:54:56
Oh hey!

I always wondered what that was, in the kitchen.

I like how you used your own old screenshots for the map.
Conan2010-06-25 22:44:37
Same as rawrihazeatzu.

The only issue i had was that you can't stand on beds in Runescape.
TheQuestion2010-09-01 10:25:19
Wow. Say, this is in the kitchen map's painting!
JackAMoore2010-09-30 18:44:05
Skooma, skooma....... wonder were its form! Guess i will go play Oblivion the Elder Schrolls IV Oblivion!
PvtStash2011-01-21 19:09:00
I've played TRPG but I have never heard of this "blockland" you people seem to have frequented. I am stumped.. Where is it in rpgmap5? OR was it a seperate map entirely?
Noblaum2011-03-31 01:54:20
@TheQuestion The posts above you all say that. You must be slow.
Lozenge2012-07-15 14:37:42
THAT question is answered.

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