Mass Effect Comic Mass Media
In Mass Effect 3, the standard melee attack has been replaced with the omni-blade.

Surely this applies to dialog scenes.

Mass Effect Comic 'Mass Media'

Panel 1
Mass Effect
[Shepard punches the reporter]

Panel 2
Mass Effect 2
[Shepard punches the reporter]

Panel 3
Mass Effect 3?
[Shepard stabs the reporter to death]

Bon2011-12-24 03:28:48
She deserves it for wearing the same dress for three plus years. ;)
MP67672011-12-24 07:39:57
Oh the wonders of domestic abuse.
HOhoho2011-12-24 07:50:06
Finally xD
Madnews2011-12-24 08:58:21
Mass Effect4 - shot from "M-920 Cain" ;)
PowerDag2011-12-24 14:25:59
First panel - Reporter is a man with fake boobs.
Second panel - Dat ass.
Third panel - Shepard's derp face.
Guilty Bystander2011-12-25 03:00:58
Optional caption: "I'm tired of your obfuscatory circumlocutions/blasphemous prevarications/didactic intimations."

And thank God you're back to doing these. I was browsing DA and recognized the purple armor to my happy surprise. Is that just what Shepard wears while working for Cerberus?
Frozngecko2011-12-25 04:24:13

Might as well wear a hood and call herself an Assassin. XD
Badspot2011-12-25 06:52:44
>Is that just what Shepard wears while working for Cerberus?

In ME1 you can't customize your armor, so I drew one of the standard models. The ME2 armor is what I've been drawing Shepard in, based on my own armor from the game. The ME3 panel is based on promotional on the promotional artwork
2011-12-27 00:19:24
Is that reporter even in Mass Effect 2? I remember her from the first one, but I can't recall seeing her in the second.
Guilty_Bystander2011-12-28 02:16:25
Yep, she's on the Citadel. She asks you snide and insinuating (or disingenuously assertive) questions about sacrificing human lives to save the Council (or if you killed them, she has equally slimy comments on that, too). And you can once again knock her on her keester. If you didn't do it in ME1, Shepard will add: "I wish I'd done that the first time we met."

If you have Lair of the Shadow Broker, be sure to look for her in his video archives as well ;)
MASS effectt2011-12-28 23:51:48
i have been waiting too long for a mass effect comic
please dont stop!!!!!
Strelok2012-01-03 12:42:35
I was wondering if she would appear in the third mass effect. The prophet fortells it.
Nobody2012-01-11 20:08:51
I hope Bioware puts that reporter to good use in the final game. With Shepard on trial, she could be in the "anti" camp, get captured and indoctrinated by the reapers, then you finally get to kill her.
Anon2012-01-14 08:19:37
I'd laugh my rear off if she turned out to be a Cerberus spy or something. And I'd laugh even more if Shepard gets to insinuate that she's in league with the Reapers and she gets locked up because of it :P

Or I'd get James or Ash to shoot her. You know, whatever my options are at the time.
MsAnthrope2012-01-24 13:35:52
But the Brunette-one was the evil chick...
Barbehenn2012-03-09 02:59:09
The best part is that in ME3, you can headbutt her!
Nobody2012-03-11 19:35:21
Okay, so she's back, but this time you can actually win her over with a pat on the shoulder. Huh.
RandomPhail2012-03-18 05:59:29
Where the hell'd she get that sword?
Guess What!2012-05-29 20:31:28
In Mass Effect three, if you punched her in the last two games, she dodges your punch, then trys to beat you
Alex2012-06-20 17:07:17
Mass Effect 3 is savage.
TolkienGirl0522013-07-24 03:52:19
Awesome comic. And so true...
mrtt2013-08-03 01:25:22
You gotta admire her courage and dedication to her job.
I would have stopped asking.
iamnuff2014-07-22 20:24:45
Funny story, in mass effect 3, she actually hits back if you fail the quicktime event.
ODST-bag2015-03-30 03:07:16
This is ME3 not Halo Reach.

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