Beached Ship in BF1942
More boat Parking in Battlefield:1942.

=(RED)=Packer2005-11-01 08:06:26
Has any one seen my boat its big with grey on top and red on the bottem (last seen on the Beach)
Badspot2005-11-02 11:06:18
woot, posted from the torque engine. hmm interesting bug where the links from the comment activity page don't work.
Miga/Da Banana2005-11-07 07:09:01
You posted from the Torque Game engine? If so send me the program lol
[email protected]
Jordan Rockins2006-12-10 23:48:54
Knaz2008-08-23 01:22:55
"Well theres your problem"
Zezima2008-09-29 23:43:12
Cool! I play ALL your games. Remember that.
Adragon 2009-01-11 23:49:01
funny i use the link and the page is all white
Badspot2009-01-12 12:56:51
The game is 7 years old and has had a half dozen sequels. I guess they took the site down.
Qwepir2009-09-26 20:58:50
Whenever I play, the big boats will instantly beach themselves and get stuck the second you even drift into shallow water. How did you get it all the way on land?
Badspot2009-09-26 22:33:38
Use another boat to push them
Alex2010-02-18 20:47:43
and i thought my boat parking was REALLY bad
Conan2010-06-26 02:49:55
Merlin ^^2010-08-08 21:53:51
This game is awesome I still play it too this very day!

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