A typical day in Skyrim.

Rusty2011-11-27 20:06:05
Heh, Bethesda. You still need to become rocket man.
Mike2011-11-29 21:06:51
Can u make more mass effect comics?
please and thank u
James2011-11-30 06:23:17
Boomerangdog2011-12-01 00:08:16
I lol'd at when you picked up the cow.
Avi2011-12-01 01:56:02
I lol'd at it all!
Asinc2011-12-01 14:59:20
Too many active quests. How do you manage it all?
Katarezi2011-12-01 21:19:54
Ecuria? That's a neat name
Brian Smith2011-12-07 02:25:31
Good job lol.
WHITE KNIGHTS2011-12-12 08:16:19
White knights everywhere O.O
eussorus2012-03-24 23:39:44
Alex2012-04-04 17:16:38
All Badspot bought this game for is to exploit glitches.
bigballer232012-08-01 07:21:39
Seriously Bethesda, fix your game.

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