Buildable Fort
Buildable forts in my "Future War" test project made in the Torque game engine.

<%response.end%>2005-10-12 14:12:46
it filters the name field too. (i hope)
2005-10-12 17:24:46
2005-10-12 17:26:25
That's good. This at least means no one can screw around with the blockland posts. I just wanted to test this to make sure since I haven't seen anyone try this here yet.
2005-10-12 21:12:36
lol, I didn't think to check that.
hi?2006-02-15 04:30:02
<a href=""><img src="" border="0" width="64" alt="Image Hosted by" /></a>
me2006-02-15 04:30:46
Badspot2006-02-15 07:05:06
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Nige1112006-02-22 13:00:36
Is there any chance you still have this game?
if yes, Is there any chance we can try it out? :P
Tsai2006-06-04 13:45:41
f2007-02-19 04:17:58
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2007-05-28 17:42:20
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james2007-07-18 16:24:55
:cookieMonster: :CookieMonster:
2007-12-31 17:37:30
brandon2008-10-03 23:45:06
Where did you get this game?
brandon2008-10-03 23:45:29
PLZ tell me!!!!
Badspot2008-10-04 06:19:46
I made it.
2009-01-01 18:12:23
2009-01-01 18:12:37
: cookieMonster :
fred2009-01-23 01:56:12
Looks awsome
=D2009-02-25 12:47:51
AnONYMOOSE2009-03-29 19:36:04
Badspot2009-03-30 03:05:07
This game has serious crashing issues because it uses TGE 1.1

It's not really even a full game, it's just some random features I made in my first experimental Torque project.
Mazeribot2009-06-29 07:33:48
So.... why did you make it? was it fun? i know im (typing wrong sometimes -_-)
Mazeribot2009-06-29 07:35:20
and :CookieMonster: :cookie: im jues tying it out xD
Mazeribot2009-07-01 09:29:04
hello om just checking it out... [url][/url]
2009-07-01 09:29:36
dont click it dont work...
dingedangebam!2009-08-18 11:43:46
Alex2010-12-20 21:08:53
The game looks pretty cool. Are you going to release it?
2011-01-01 05:34:18
if only we could have a game like this. nice, simple, and looks fun!
I guess you should just keep up on blockland, since you've been doing phenomonal on that.

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