Auntie Velvet2022-04-06 08:45:45
I noticed this Realtor one via the show Selling Sunset, and thought of Lucent immediately. I didn't realize there were so many more examples.
why are we still here2022-04-04 22:10:58
just to suffer
Lol g@y2022-04-04 15:06:04
Above user is g@y as heck olololololololo
niggurath2022-03-23 19:22:40
Hello, everyone. For those asking where to download. I was wondering the same and it came to mind to look for link from comments ( on Wayback Machine. And I was able to download it. In case it will be lost again I uploaded it on Dropbox -
2022-03-20 11:14:49
i just wanna die and this shit!
Faizmaster5552022-03-14 12:39:23
this was fun
uKiito2022-03-10 20:20:33
Campaign Mode
uKiito2022-03-10 20:20:12
they were never heard from ever again
Shit2022-03-10 13:04:30
Now they have started censoring search results as well.
Badspot2022-03-07 14:36:43
I wouldn't have to filter by word if rom dumps didn't include tens of thousands of unplayable garbage roms. The issue is further complicated by GoodTools messing up their utilities intentionally to protect their precious database.

Maybe some day I'll go full cat rodeo and make a comprehensive game and rom un-fucker, but not today.
Badspot2022-03-07 14:31:49
It should work with any game controller that works in windows. You might have to reconfigure the controls. Feel free to just plug things into your computer and find out.
2022-03-07 12:05:54
I said, "HEY! does PlayStation work?"
No, pressure, but before I had to wait for TWO DAYS!
2022-03-06 13:56:18
HEY! does PlayStation work?
2022-03-06 13:55:08
LOL i only have 1 xbox 360 controller so multiplayer is nope unless wii remotes work cuz i have 3 of them
Bob2022-03-06 11:54:34
Awesome front end if it didnt force filter certain words force filtering certain titles
Badspot2022-03-04 12:45:26
>Use multiple xbox controllers or rebind controls in options menu
2022-03-04 08:49:21
just a 9-year-old2022-03-03 10:22:06
How do you do multiplayer?
just a 9-year-old2022-03-03 09:54:29
LOL I got 109 coins on 1-1
Badspot2022-03-02 23:27:45
collard green2022-03-02 18:18:08
what painting program was used for this?
Dabspot2022-02-28 03:03:11
Add Zen Pore Filter Papers to the logo list..
Dabspot2022-02-28 02:58:04
Nice. It's good to know you're still alive.
man2022-02-26 19:29:46
badspot still posts here?
AI's Dad2022-02-25 05:38:19
My son is a liar. Protect yourselves and warn others. He's been compromised.
Chazpelo2022-02-23 19:32:29
Holy shit
blockland forums2022-02-18 20:28:11
update the forums registration, i want to post shit
nice2022-02-13 01:50:19
update ur deviantart plz
uKiito2022-02-05 20:08:15
The Year is 2025
uKiito2022-02-05 20:07:37
Stop Being A Dmub Man!!!!!!!
Badspot2022-01-29 17:13:52
5 new ones added.
ukiito2022-01-26 21:28:00
age of tiem
modman2022-01-26 13:04:42
hey baddy. i was thinking about you today for some reason and just wanted to wish you well and say i hope you're doing good. i also wanted give you a quick thank you for making blockland. the 14 years i got out of it was pretty life changing and put me on the good path into what i do today. thank you
ukiito2022-01-26 12:55:13
chicken2022-01-26 10:49:11
dont lie
KaizoTarp2022-01-23 20:41:51
Rafa120Hojaz2022-01-20 15:00:36
Hello good morning Badspot, excuse me could you return the maps? It's the only thing I ask of you. This is my favorite game. If you return the maps, I would really appreciate it. Thank you for reading
Badspot2022-01-16 17:38:53
Yes. Serial Experiments Lain, Appleseed Alpha, Angel's Egg, Vivy - Flourite Eye's Song, and Angel Beats are recent additions. I also watched Redline but haven't added it to the list yet.
Do NOT post html or bb code2022-01-15 22:48:14
Are you still updating this?
BadspotsBraindead2022-01-14 12:41:44
groingy sploingy
Fuck Nugga2022-01-14 06:07:56
Xurvoc2022-01-10 05:18:41
I would agree that its disrespectful to ask for an update if we asked for a lot. But all we need is a built in add-on system and a patch to the chat glitch. I 100% agree this game needs advertisement aswell but what better way to advertise the game then to update the game to bring back some life back? Old well known server host would see and update and host a server just in the excitement! And just the thought that Badspot is going to try and spark life back into this game would make the player base blow up. This game is near perfect, it could be a money printer if you play your cards right. You are right Blockhead0002 this game could be better than minecraft and roblox. But no one plays it anymore. But if you just add a built in mod menu fix the super minor glitches like the chat glitch that prevents you from seeing what you type and do some minor advertisement (Like paying some youtubers) Badspot would have his very own money printer. But he doesn't, I am not entirely sure why but its going to let one of the most slept on game in the world die. He is letting his golden goose die of starvation. Even If you advertise the game now as it is now chances are its just going to die again. Badspot if you read this, Just know if you ever want to become a millionaire just add an in-game mod menu that lets you add mods like blockland glass or RTB and fix some minor glitches pay some youtubers to check out the game a little while after the update and then your set.
Trogtor2022-01-10 02:17:44
swatted a walmart??? who and when was this?
bump2022-01-08 14:00:03
ezraph.2022-01-04 22:37:54
ezraph.2022-01-04 22:37:30
I miss this game. Don't get me wrong. Watching one of the guys' videos gets me on a nostalgia trip again and I can't believe I'm doing this.

I hope I'd be able to post to the MAIN forums to share you a big story once I put my mind and money to it. Someday it'll happen.

S/O Filipe
Chrippy2022-01-04 20:08:42
This game is the biggest nothing burger on earth. I play for almost 2 months TRYING to like it. I am a chess master, so I get complexity. This games complexity is hollow. Tedious. Repetitive. Pointless. Yes, it looks good, and that is what is attractive about it, but there is ZERO gameplay! Seriously, I do not get it.
blockland man2022-01-03 21:41:52
update the fucking game retard
do you fart2021-12-22 19:45:52
do you fart
luloz2021-12-21 19:07:22
>Tfw badspot could've just sold Blockland to someone who cares but chose not to
honk2021-12-13 01:40:28
drog2021-12-12 02:56:11
She is hot!
cant make this shit up2021-12-10 00:09:14
this is so funny to read
ERIC2021-12-09 23:38:27
What a weird fucking dude. Probably fucks kids.
2021-12-08 07:37:52
AdBlock filter to block DDG's autocomplete:*
MeSheHeWe GAH2021-12-07 21:57:41
Bombi Kilore2021-12-07 17:46:34
Wow. I laove.
Steve Robux2021-12-07 17:45:20
I can't believe this is in my Twitter feed. I'm calling my lawyers.
Rectic2021-12-07 17:42:14
KaizoTrap2021-12-04 23:16:33
its sad you leave Blockland
when the imposter2021-12-01 22:29:01
is sus
lol2021-12-01 22:28:32
uwu2021-11-26 00:07:02
badspot-kun2021-11-26 00:04:49
ummm uhh;... how do i say this... badspot-kun... nghh!!
pls be my waifu!!!
ZAMNN DANIEL2021-11-25 23:58:36
OMG2021-11-25 23:33:53
2021-11-25 23:33:28
Yo mama2021-11-25 23:32:47
Yo mama
lil joshua2021-11-15 18:19:31
lil joshua2021-11-15 18:13:23
yo don't let this die friends
ukiito2021-11-14 20:18:34
Josh2021-11-10 12:26:19
billy2021-11-04 21:42:27
Yep, he's excited alright
Badspot2021-11-04 19:48:06
One guy I banned joined the kiwi farms (founded by another banned blocklander) and then became a school shooter. Another guy swatted a wallmart and his forum records were subpoenaed. Overall I'd say my character judgments have proven quite accurate.

Blockland is not a subscription service. It is not early access. My development efforts enabled thousands of user add-ons, which is more than enough. I owe you nothing. The kids at the school you are planning on shooting up do not owe you their suffering. Leave them be.
2021-11-04 02:18:07
You banned several people just for criticizing the lack of development.
2021-11-04 02:14:51
" With a particularly strong flu season"

Uhhh... you good there Badspot?
2021-11-04 02:05:46
Badspot is a 40-year-old boomer?
Po o Stomper2021-11-04 02:00:53
Maybe it was the part about lying the exciting new possibilities that would be opened up after removing terrain and interiors?
:P2021-11-02 18:55:02
Very helpful. Next chance I get I'm going to do this
omgacat5202021-10-24 15:13:40
Damn. I miss this game, was super fun, maybe a steam workshop? - it would definitely revive the playerbase. This game could get such a cult following, I don't understand the lack of interest in the project! @badspot
dude2021-10-24 15:11:46
Hum2021-10-17 16:55:31
Dude i love the comics, i even bought your gsme years ago. Its nice to see you back every now and again.
SylentRunning2021-10-10 14:27:02
I game quite a bit, and thought I would try it. Visually, it seemed great at first. I sat down, and tried to play it twice. I played it for about 4 hours until I stopped, deleted it, and uninstalled it. I know everyone has their own ideas about what is fun, and what is not. This seemed more like a job than a game. Im glad I didnt pay for it.
Im Annoying2021-10-01 11:26:27
wow, amazing at trying to get sued because this is exactly like sml lol
DE2021-09-29 08:08:08
The Lucent Logo pre-dated the comic. He was in fact making fun of it. I worked for them then and we all thought it was hilarious.
Timbo Slice2021-09-02 20:27:12
Quarantine? Ohhhh did this age well...
Timbo Slice2021-09-02 20:24:38
Am I late to the party? Looks like 7 years late. But I still love the game, it holds a place in my heart.
Badspot2021-08-18 00:34:04
Online multiplayer in a game with strong player interaction like this is not easy to implement. A video streaming solution like steam's remote play together might work.
timmy turner2021-08-17 23:48:49
he be wishin for a burner
the holy gawd2021-08-05 02:09:52
will there be online mutilplayer
Steno2021-08-03 19:07:22
People STILL play this game
Poro Stomper2021-07-27 14:59:19
Man, seeing all these salty people at Badspot for not updating is really disheartening. Imagine someone builds you a car from scratch and when you find out there's something wrong with it, you harrass that person to fix it. So weird man.
busyman2021-07-25 11:55:45
i cant believe they got rid of maps on blockland
The balls2021-07-20 15:28:08
The balls
fuzztoast2021-07-19 14:55:16
unban me pLEASEEEE
Chazpelo2021-07-17 16:29:07
bob, can't people have the right of making things that they like?
THE MYTH2021-07-15 15:23:29
YO BADSPOT. When i started playing this game back in 2008 after my friend put me on. still in my top 10 games all time. I must know if the secret second bedroom on the original bedroom map was real. Not the one made of bricks but a whole second bedroom which was rumoured back in the day.
Empty Sandbox Game2021-07-14 04:12:57
Eve attracts a certain kind of degenerate who for some reason can't admit that they only play Eve because they aren't good at any well designed games on the market. I spent a lot of time trying to play solo only to realize this game doesn't let you play how you want. If you don't join the first circlejerk Corporation in the recruit tab you have already lost. People who say you have to make your own fun with this game are mentally ill. Let me go stare at this wall. Is it a stupid hobby? No. You just have to make your own fun with the wall. Eve Online is a really lazily thought out game, it looks beautiful, but the gameplay is nonexistent. If the community wasn't so delusional it might be more fun for new players, but instead they scare everyone away by being braindead apes, then wonder why the player count is lower than it's been in the past decade and a half. Good riddance from my hard drive, Eve
lol2021-07-12 00:44:11
Bricktronic2021-06-23 22:09:21