Epic jeep maneuvers in the Blockland beta server. Yeah, we couldn't believe it worked either.

FlyGuy452007-01-28 15:57:47
FlyGuy452007-01-28 15:58:04
Those are 5 Stars.
Spation2007-01-28 16:04:06
Wow, it worked.
Wedge2007-01-28 16:07:42
You've won Charlie, you've won!
Sumohz2007-01-28 16:09:11
Really cool.
Mario71212007-01-28 16:22:38
whoa... sweet that rocks ***** <--five stars
Ladios2007-01-28 16:22:39
wow... i sence racetrack servers coming....
nice camera angle btw
Anti-Cop2007-01-28 16:46:20
Yay, physics.
Kaphix2007-01-28 19:10:01
Packer2007-01-28 20:33:55
Awesome, Jake told me about this. Its cool to see it working on Blockland with Bricks :D
Wiz2007-01-29 03:16:11
Koden2007-01-29 03:30:59
Very good work. I didn't think Torque and physics made a beautiful baby together.
Jervan2007-01-29 18:08:12
I love it :D
Sampapa2007-01-30 17:07:32
cool! what song is that?
2007-01-30 20:57:22
needs moar cowbell
Badspot2007-01-30 23:32:38
Nightwish - Ghost Love Score
Squeaky2007-01-31 05:35:50
man cant wait to se the other vehicles
Loz2007-02-01 01:03:36
Cool this helps my chances of getting Retail.
Rushing Zephyr2007-02-01 01:23:48
Ahh, I see Badspot listens to power metal much like myself >:D

I MUST buy this btw.
Nige1112007-02-02 13:39:08
OH SHIT, IT'S THE EPIC SONG! Just the perfect music to match an epic movie. ^_^
2007-02-02 16:59:52
I hate the way the chat is.
1529op2007-02-02 19:17:53
LOLZ! Nice job!
yuki2007-02-02 22:57:06
Badspot2007-02-03 01:58:03 (DarkKnight) -
The chat is like 10x better than anything I've seen in torque. There is no ugly box. You can change the font size. You can have it auto-hide or stay on the screen. You can set the number of lines you want displayed. You can set the time delay for auto hide. It can display arbitrary colors and images. If omeone types a url, it becomes a link that you can actually click on by pressing m. It rules.
DarkKnight2007-02-05 18:36:33
Kheyre2007-02-06 07:50:10
D: i want bl retail but i know my parents wont pay for it D:
MasterCE2007-02-28 02:43:01
THen why do I see you ingame all the time?
yuki2007-03-13 20:38:12
The only good part of "ghost love score" is AWESOME :D
Miga2007-05-19 19:27:27
Five stars for Pload doing the first loop perfectly.
Sexbot2007-07-17 10:01:12
kellan2007-08-22 18:43:08
thats on blockland .us
Jam2007-09-12 01:57:17
Epic video, epic song :D
er....hi?2007-09-14 12:47:46
i loled so hard that i pooted on lozes new rug. ;)
Caffeineboy2007-11-24 00:33:41
song=epic2007-12-02 00:31:33
nuff sed
Feynman2008-02-07 04:22:16
Zmobie2008-06-24 18:06:05
IsjiX2008-06-26 08:22:48
Awesome. The game Is already out. Buy It now! or I will steal your cookies that you earned.
er.....hi?2008-08-23 17:31:47
Yo can you tell me what game that is
Badspot2008-08-23 21:20:23
Blockland [url]http://www.blockland.us[/url]
JOE2009-04-26 15:46:34
WEWT2009-04-26 15:59:10
Mr.blue2009-07-18 12:33:58
Um hi Badspot im a real fan of blockland but how do you host a sever to awnser email Http://[email protected] Thnx Real fan p.s can I have trust?
[Vital Suit]GTF-11 Drio2009-10-05 23:51:31
I'd like to have trust from all the Blockland Creators
and to be in a serve w/ them
jimbob2010-02-21 07:31:55
Awesome!! what song was that?
The Scout2010-04-27 04:02:46
I remember that. Good times... Good times. Oh and I was boom when this was filmed.
The Scout2010-04-27 04:02:56
I remember that. Good times... Good times. Oh and I was boom when this was filmed.
Alex Man!2010-05-13 00:35:47
BBOY2010-06-23 01:19:36
LOL GUYS isjix deleted my first build i ever made on his server XD BADSPOT WHEN YOU SEE ME YOU LEAVE THE SERVER
Conan2010-06-26 19:05:00
I've always wanted to do this but it never worked.
Lfoo2010-07-26 09:04:54
Badspot talked :O he said "sweet", oh well, he's another human being, so he can talk, and he shouldn't have to be silent all the time on his server.

They used timescale edit, Facechild said "timescale ftw".
Bso2010-09-18 09:27:37
Facechild Pload Ephialtes Mocheeze Rontondo Astro umm those are all of the beta testers i can think of I LUV EPHIALTES
man4442011-03-06 18:32:39
i really hoped vehicle damage wasnt on
King-Julian2012-01-24 22:38:33
(Can you add more vehicles? :B)
Pineapple2012-05-31 10:33:19
I'm gonna make jeep ramps now.
DraftDinosaur56782012-07-04 20:16:25
I wish i had this save, its so awesome... I LIKE THIS VIDEO!
Gummy2012-08-03 20:38:33
Thats when blockland was only V2 xD
2012-08-15 05:58:22
put block land on the xbox plz!
AwesomeKat [Caile] (BOY)2012-12-23 22:36:56
Blocklander9992015-02-21 14:51:37
This is an amazing job
That Probaly took an ton of time to make
Meta_KnightX2016-07-05 04:47:04
Great job from the past!
omgacat5202018-10-25 07:25:00
Damn. I miss this game, was super fun, maybe a steam workshop? - it would definitely revive the playerbase. This game could get such a cult following, I don't understand the lack of interest in the project! @badspot

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