Comic Take Off Ebola Chan
Kawaii deathu.

Shikata ga nai

Comic 'Take Off, Ebola-chan!'

Panel 1
Ebola-chan: Hahaha! I'm going on a real live airplane!

Panel 2
Kaichou-san: Of course, Ebola-chan cannot go on an airplane. There is a quarantine.

Panel 3
[Kaichou-san bleeds profusely from his eyes]
Kaichou-san: It cannot be helped.

Trogtor2014-10-07 16:01:24
cret2014-10-07 16:30:35
L's & D's2014-10-07 20:12:34
My sides have become ingrown.
Boboclown892014-10-07 20:14:03
Poor Ebola Chan, she just wants to go on an airplane
Exiton2014-10-10 08:12:19
Shouldn't she be looking less healthy?
Badspot2014-10-10 09:06:57
>Shouldn't she be looking less healthy?

Perhaps you haven't kept up with the news. Ebola-chan is doing quite well.
Navar0nius2014-10-10 14:13:42
you guys need jesus
JohnEdwa2014-10-11 14:11:24
Soon she might be able to fly on her own though.
teletuby2014-10-13 21:42:41
its ok i have allah in my life
no room for jesus sorry
Ikares2014-10-22 17:23:06
The Real Doaler4sBack2014-10-26 08:40:02
Nixil2014-12-02 14:31:27
my sides have taken off and is now orbiting space
ytsq2015-01-21 20:33:59
i can see why her hair is like that. EBOLA.
Majorth2016-01-03 14:42:15
Seems like nagasaki wasn't enough...
Bwopper2016-01-13 21:12:24
Poor ebola chan
Blueness2016-04-13 17:10:13
Magent2016-10-06 21:05:13
cure-chan when? or zmapp-chan?
Badspot2016-10-08 11:16:40
>cure-chan when?

I'm sorry, this meme has expired. Unless ebola makes headlines again there probably won't be a sequel. You know what to do.
PixelCrunch2016-12-12 16:40:46
Oh god, now I'm TWICE as scared of Ebola now...
Sven2020-03-17 20:52:14
Time for Corona-chan?
Timbo Slice2021-09-02 20:27:12
Quarantine? Ohhhh did this age well...

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