Anime Rankings

I have watched several animes.

Here I will rank them in order from best to worst, unfairly comparing across a wide range of genres, budgets, and run times.

This list isn't completely finished because it turns out this is a lot of work.
Summaries - I've tried to include summary of each show in text like this. Part of the fun of making this page is doing this from memory without researching anything. Sometimes I'm thinking back more than 20 years so it could be wildly inaccurate or incomplete.

First Dose Phenomeon - If you were le 90's kid sitting there watching a Doug re-run or whatever and your weird uncle comes in and is like "eeehhh I'll show you a real cartoon.." and pops in his bootleg VHS of Akira, your fucking brain is going to explode because you've never seen anything like it. The same thing if you go from Disney movies to Princess Mononoke. The change is startling and memorable, but that doesn't mean that these are good movies. Consider this phenomenon when you see a "classic" with a low ranking.

Plan to Watch - Every media queue - be it of books, movies, games, or anime - eventually becomes a list of things you're not interested in by the process of evaporative cooling. Things that you actually want to watch get watched and removed from the list. The only shows that remain in the list are shows you don't actually want to watch. You should not let a large backlog stop you from adding new items to your plan-to-watch list.

Isekai - "Different world". A genre of anime where someone is transported into a different world. Usually from the normal world into a video game fantasy setting. It has become very popular recently.

Hentai - Anime pornography. If you don't understand why that's a thing, I'll let Genshiken explain it.

Weeb - Someone who is overly infatuated with Japanese culture and anime. White people who adopted african american mannerisms were sometimes called 'wiggers', a portmanteu of 'white' and another word. A similar term 'wapanese' developed for westerners who were obsessed with Japanese culture and anime. The popular image board 4chan has a subsection for discussing anime, /a/. At one point the mods of /a/ thought the term wapanese was being overused or perhaps disliked the association with the more offensive term, wigger. So they added a filter to replace 'wapanese' with 'weeaboo', which comes from this Perry Bible Fellowship comic. Weeaboo was eventually shortened to weeb, and lost most of the negative connotation. Although it still refers to someone who has a surface level understanding of japanese culture mainly informed by popular media, it's not really hurled as a genuine insult very much.

In a strange twist, a controversy arose around weebs paddling each other at anime conventions, turning the PBF comic, which had nothing to do with anime, into some kind of unholy prophecy.

Waifu - "Wife" pronounced with a japanese accent. Popularized by a scene from Azumanga Daioh. Refers to a weeb's exclusive favorite female character. In an ideal world, a weeb would only have one waifu, or at least only one at a time, but the term is also used to refer to appealing female characters that elicit a particlar emotional+lewd response. The analog for female weebs is 'husbando'. There is also the offshoot 'daughteru' for characters that a weeb would want to protect but not lewd.

Girl Infestation - Weebs want girlfriends, right? So as an anime studio you figure you'll make some waifu animes for them to watch and fantasize about. The problem is, the weeb's self esteem is so low that they can't imagine themselves in a normal GF relationship. The fantasy is rejected, whole crops of waifus are lost. Enter the girl infestation scenario. The protagonist is forced to associate with the waifu, and she won't leave no matter how many times he spergs out, almost as if she has been prescribed to him for medical reasons. This is much more relatable to the average weeb, and is the prefered method of waifu deployment today.

Graphs is a popular site for organizing and reviewing anime.
There is a slight correlation between the public score on MAL and my personal ratings:

There's no apparent correlation between total runtime and my rating, the clustering is interesting though.

These are the essential elements of anime.

Studio Ghibli - An animation studio known for high quality animated feature films. Themes often include working hard, taking on responsibility, returning to nature - sort of a japanese Norman Rockwell aesthetic. All of their films are worth watching.
Makoto Shinkai - A filmmaker known for Your Name and Weathering with You. Features include detailed background artwork and themes of star crossed relationships and missed connections.
Angels - Lot of angel related shows out there.
Club - In japanese high school, you are expected to belong to an after-school club. Common themes involve clubs where kids do nothing, clubs where kids do awesome stuff like fight demons with robot suits, or strange clubs that don't have enough members to be officially recognized so the wacky-yet-lovable members conscript the protagonist. Sometimes it's all 3.
Lewd 1 - Notable fan service. Might get weird if you're watching with your mom.
Lewd 2 - You will have a hard time convincing people that this is not a hentai.
Lewd 3 - It basically is a hentai.
Severe Arm Trauma - Girls getting their arms chopped off. I don't know how these shows keep finding me.
Nukes - We wouldn't have anime without Oppenheimer.
Pedoshit - Everyone in Japan wants to fuck kids and they're trying to infect America. Probably as revenge for the nukes. I try to avoid even downloading shows like this but it's so pervasive that you're going to run into it anyway from time to time.
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5 Star Anime
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4 Star Anime

3 Star Anime

2 Star Anime
I threw everything in here by default, so things that I have no memory of will probably stay in here.

1 Star Anime

Plan to Watch
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Taiku2019-11-27 10:46:57
Some of the gif links don't work. They just send me back to the top of the page.
Badspot2019-11-27 18:29:50
I haven't made all the gifs yet. I needed a breather, there's a lot of text on this page.
meedlet2020-01-19 11:59:53
wow badspot has good taste
Goyam2020-01-28 04:25:01
Ever watched Ginga Nagareboshi Gin or Ginga Densetsu Weed? Both interesting.. based off of the manga and was featured in Shonen Jump or something. Oh yeah, it's also completely based around dogs. They're dog animes.
Gothboy2020-02-05 20:35:04
if you haven't already, I recommend checking out attack on titan, hajime no ippo, devil may cry, and yu yu hakusho. If you've watched any of those I am interested in what you thought of them
velvet2020-02-18 10:59:22
Mr. Manager2020-02-25 12:24:04
Eric, you can't just say an anime is good because "it's like FLCL". I like FLCL as much as the next guy but you need to come up with a better reason.
2020-03-02 20:44:14
horrible list
BuilderMan2020-04-10 03:03:41
Dang you have seen pretty much every anime I have seen lol. Also you have good taste in anime.
Aggressive Blockland User2020-05-05 10:45:33
You know what, it makes sense that Violent Evergarden is on the 3 star tier. You wanna know why? When I saw her running it was ALL over. First, I loved it so far but when I saw that ONE episode her running it was ALL OVER for me and I couldnt take it so seriously anymore it was all forgetting over.
REALLY2020-09-17 17:47:07
you are really a troll
REALLY2020-09-17 17:49:06
Im kidding
PixelCrunch2020-09-21 18:08:52
Where the fuck is Fist of The North Star or JoJo's Bizarre Adventure?
I like2021-02-08 02:05:34
You've got some hot takes, and I love the way you casually dismiss overrated anime despite their respective rabid fanbases. Neon Genesis Evangelion being a good example.

Also to the above commenter: Nobody actually cares about Jojo. It's just a stupid meme.
just some guy2021-03-16 07:22:01
blease read berserk, the '97 anime is also very good. do not watch the new movies or the shitty cgi anime, it takes everything that was good about the manga and takes a big fat shit all over it.
badspot-kun2021-11-26 00:04:49
ummm uhh;... how do i say this... badspot-kun... nghh!!
pls be my waifu!!!
Do NOT post html or bb code2022-01-15 22:48:14
Are you still updating this?
Badspot2022-01-16 17:38:53
Yes. Serial Experiments Lain, Appleseed Alpha, Angel's Egg, Vivy - Flourite Eye's Song, and Angel Beats are recent additions. I also watched Redline but haven't added it to the list yet.
mrmanager2022-04-08 01:35:47
Idk if you care, but recently an american company put out new blu-rays for project a-ko, appleseed, and angel cop, with more on the way. they're brand new transfers that look so much better than the old dvds. might be worth donwloading at some point

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