Age of Time

Age of Time is a persistent world fantasy action game. It is not an mmo. There are no level-ups or dice rolls.


2015-05-06 21:52:43
This game is totally dead:
- No shop.
- No arena.
- No Blacksmith.
- Nothing to do.
- Lost of Time and no Age of Time.
2015-10-24 17:25:47
This game is totally alive:
- Yes shop.
- Yes arena.
- Yes Blacksmith
- Millions of things to do
- Lost of Time and yes to Age of Time
GermanMushroom2015-12-01 18:23:53
Thanks for still running the server. Love me some good ol' nostalgia
Some Guy From Tennessee2016-03-05 16:35:09
This game is pretty good. Just wish it would have more things to do and better servers.
2016 Here2016-05-11 21:18:39
Pretty sure the servers are completely down now. Wasn't able to get on today for some nostalgia. Showed ?/30 players.
Mesa2016-09-21 16:23:08
This game could have had a lot of potential. Too bad its dead.
Badspot2016-09-21 18:47:53
Indeed, it could have had potential. It had potential potential.
Mr. Motion2016-12-07 21:37:23
I know I'm kinda late to this, but is there a way to fix the problem with the blacksmith?
Kulom2017-02-19 03:58:02
You have to fixx this game badspot.!
Mr. Maladroit2017-03-18 02:28:57
Have you ever thought about releasing the code for Age of Time? The game had so much potential I think if you passed the reins someone could pick it up and really take off with it. I would love to see a revival of this game.
Antares2017-06-27 12:59:01
> Have you ever thought about releasing the code for Age of Time? The game had so much potential I think if you passed the reins someone could pick it up and really take off with it. I would love to see a revival of this game.

Badspot can't release the source code of Age Of Time. This is against the rules of GarageGames since Torque Game Engine is not a free open source platform, if I'm correct.

What Badspot should do is bring back the Host and Join Servers back in Age Of Time. Imagine all the custom maps and add-ons that can be made for the game.
sethseth62017-08-26 18:03:37
Torque IS open source, and he CAN release the source.
Rodrick2017-10-03 15:52:11
If he releases or gives it to someone else i would love to see it be revived.
Antares2017-12-02 01:26:51
> Torque IS open source, and he CAN release the source.

No. Torque 3D is open source, Torque Game Engine not.
NogganGames2018-01-06 08:42:12
guys try v3 AoT its cool
Mr. Motion2018-04-05 00:58:58
Boi, where.
hushpuppi32018-06-02 22:44:01
age-of-time (dot) wikia (dotcom)/wiki/Blacksmith_Error_Fix

for the crafting fix. Keep playing guys!
Badspot2018-06-10 06:13:17

You can post urls, you just can't post html tags because that's what spam bots do.
NogganGames2018-07-04 17:44:33
i don't remember Mr. Potion
Squiddy?2018-10-22 17:24:44
Heh Hes Liar. I POEPPD
Squiddy?2018-10-22 17:33:10
rex2018-12-09 01:05:53
anyone still playing this?
rex2018-12-09 01:05:54
anyone still playing this?
Calem2018-12-10 17:16:39
Antares has a revival of AoT, Rex. However, the master server is currently down.
Antares2020-01-26 13:20:17
I have setup a playlist on YouTube with four tutorials to get into Age of Time. You can find it here:

We also had a party with 10+ people three days ago. See the video back here:
zoppotrop2020-01-31 23:00:09

badspot help my horse is stuck and every time i try to ride it i go to jail
please log on and do /fetch Zoppotrops Horse
Zoppotrop's Horse2020-03-27 09:18:27
Guys fucking help they trapped me!
Antares2020-04-14 16:21:26
@Badspot - Do you have any plans to recreate Age of Time on Torque 3D once the newest 4.0 release is out?
@Antares2020-05-10 04:51:08
Badspot probqbly has no intention of making any games whatsoever.
hot2020-05-25 22:01:36
peebs2020-05-26 15:52:30
i came
Dorso2020-09-23 15:23:23
@Antares - if you return to these comments, shoot me a message. Lets talk AoT.
Dorso2020-10-18 03:19:30
Also @Badspot, would you ever consider selling AoT?
GMO2020-11-14 10:29:48
It's an oddly comfy feeling walking around this game's world as the only one online, playing through it just as players would have fourteen years ago. Even more interesting is reading through old forum posts from 2006-2008 as what's become the game's lore, visiting forgotten locations and learning about old groups of players. I wish I could have been a part of this game's community in its creation, but instead I get to enjoy it as something completely different- a virtual fossil lost to time, somehow still clinging to existence. Is there a reason you still keep its ghost server running over a decade since last updating it?
Badspot2020-11-15 17:20:23
The server runs on a VPS instance that I need for other purposes, so putting AoT on it as well doesn't really cost anything. A few years ago I set it up to automatically restart once a week and I haven't checked on it since.
No idea2021-02-08 06:11:26
No idea why I started playing this back in 2006/7/8/whenever it was, but I remember completing that grappling hook challenge tower and getting in trouble with the law for being naked for 0.4 seconds. I'm stunned it's still here (sort of).
ukiito2022-01-27 02:28:00
age of tiem
Landon2023-03-16 21:20:16
I played Age of Time a good deal when I was 10-11 in 2005, my friend had the username Halofreak and cause you to wipe the server due to using a gold duping exploit. I miss this game and consider it a part of my childhood, and still hop in once in a while. Any thoughts of releasing the source code, or even better, reviving this hidden gem of an mmorpg?
BIGANTON2023-07-20 04:56:54
Login and character creation seems to be broken. It always says "Invalid name"

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