Comic Stealth 100
It was all a social experiment to see how people respond to a guy eating shit. Everyone I have banned from the forum is a literal coprophage - this is an empirical fact and not an ad-hominem.


Panel 1
Admin: Yeuggghh... Are you that guy who eats shit? You are aren't you. Fuck.

Panel 2
Shit Eater: Uh... no.

Panel 3
Shit Eater: [eheheheh fooled him]

TableSalt2017-07-16 22:40:58
absolutely undetectable.
crazy2017-07-17 07:35:21
i dont think he eats shit
shit_eater_22017-07-17 11:57:59
yeah that's not me
bloo kirby2017-07-18 13:44:40
i'm very saddened by your words mr spot
orange2017-07-19 20:40:24
aka tony
Baldspot2017-07-20 00:48:55
Lord Tony did nothing wrong
Rednakin2017-07-20 13:49:21
Some punctuation in the first bubble is missing or wrong, but it's not misleading.
"you are, aren't you?"

also the post button is off screen on mobile portrait mode and can't be scrolled to.
Badspot2017-07-21 00:12:04
A comma, sure - but no question mark. That can lead to an entirely different reading.
Sebi2017-07-21 05:30:44
wait you do art
AsteroidsRepackaged2017-07-22 06:02:11
Relatable on many levels.
Padsbot2017-07-26 02:01:20
rip blockland development
Plinko2017-07-26 18:26:21
lmao rip blockland 2004-2005-2006-2017
Lord Tony2017-08-05 04:50:19
im fuckin dumb lol
Some little shit2017-08-10 16:58:19
I don't think he eats shit either.

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