Comic Do You Guys Have Gas
Maybe there's some you haven't taken out of the boxes yet.


Panel 1
Customer: Hey, the pumps all say 'no gas'. Do you guys have any gas?

Panel 2
Clerk: No, we do not have any gas.

Panel 3
Customer: Can you check in the back?

Patchwork2021-05-19 15:24:29
Love how some places that were doing fine on gas, ran out solely because people started panic buying from stations. Humanity, ladies and gentlemen. Good to see you still drawing, Badspot.
The balls2021-07-20 15:28:08
The balls
Yo mama2021-11-25 23:32:47
Yo mama
do you fart2021-12-22 19:45:52
do you fart
blockland man2022-01-03 21:41:52
update the fucking game retard
blockland forums2022-02-18 20:28:11
update the forums registration, i want to post shit
collard green2022-03-02 18:18:08
what painting program was used for this?
Badspot2022-03-02 23:27:45
Bobby jr2022-05-23 03:44:26
Iban2022-06-11 20:16:28
Shitty comic
QWERTY2022-06-14 15:03:01
When's the next comic bad-boy
busy2022-07-26 12:04:32
2022-08-13 11:17:42
mfs out here asking for updates instead of making it themselves
dude2022-10-28 23:26:00
Nice comic, I like it
2022-11-19 19:45:40
badspot imma keep it real: you are a god damn faggot. seriously. FUCK you badspot. you jewed out hard back in the day and now you been paying the price.
Badspot2023-02-22 19:10:20
topsdaB2023-03-28 19:54:32
thats actually pretty funny
Bum ass nigga2023-05-23 02:49:40
Have you ever been successful at anything you actually cared about? You got close with your game once, but fucked that all up (and still make excuses about it to this day). Certainly aren't a particularly talented artist and far from a comedian. Must suck.
Anonymous2023-05-26 07:51:55
youre bothering this nigga about a game he was done with developing over ten years ago
this nigga started to make the game almost 20 years ago
yet you act surprised he doesnt want to work on it anymore
lmfao2023-06-05 01:23:15
fr y'all blockland is dead af.............
2023-07-20 21:55:20
I dont get it explain please
2023-07-29 21:57:17

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