Hilarious and Original: Cat on TV

Hello fellow boomers! Did you ever notice that cats like to sit on televisions because they are warm but now they can't because televisions are thinner than they used to be? This is a hilarious and original joke that I like to share a lot on facebook and reddit and pinterest and ifunny and 9gag and twitter.

Oldest dates I could find with basic image search. I'm certain there are print versions of this comic that date back to the dawn of flat panels.

Many reposted versions of this one exist. Given how crusty the jpeg is, this is several generations from the original.

The same as above with edited dates. Interesting that they felt the need to bump the 'then' date up by 6 years while increasing the 'now' date by one.

Nice work on that black font on black background. Really pops.

This cat is 36 years old.

This one can be reposted endlessly without editing the dates. The 'author' really planned ahead. Bonus points for including a pun which is nearly the pinacle of humor, second only to sarcasm.

Who has time for 2 panels? Just explain the joke in the caption.

2020-02-09 17:21:39
Cool but when are you updating blockland
gman2020-02-10 09:14:22
LeetZero2020-02-16 11:19:13
2020-02-18 07:29:51
Cool but when are you updating blockland
velvet2020-02-18 16:04:15
the boomers are coming
Antares2020-02-25 17:03:13
Poor cats..
Cat2020-03-04 19:33:03
Hey Badspot why you gotta shit talk me i'm just doin my job.
man2020-03-12 18:58:21
Cat2020-04-15 04:58:27
Watch your back, man.
2021-11-04 06:05:46
Badspot is a 40-year-old boomer?

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