Bob2018-07-07 19:43:53
Update the game please
bob2018-07-05 20:09:44
/ This is bob. Copy and paste him so he can take over Badspot's Website.
Bob2017-05-15 23:16:15
Clearly FemShep got the platinum from mining asteroids, considering the very easy space access and all. ;)
Bob2014-05-12 09:08:30
Wow its only beta guys!! thats why it is bad gamepad
Bob2012-03-24 02:09:16
To find out, buy the new DLC from EA!
bob2011-01-16 02:23:39
its a fury
Bob2010-12-05 00:25:37
Best comic evar. ^_^
bob2005-10-10 17:17:18
I like pie
BOB2009-02-15 04:04:24
isnt that in the kitchen map in Blocland?
bob2009-03-25 23:14:41
whats with all the chicks