Blockland Forums 3

Badspot2018-07-05 18:41:58
The login system on the SMF 1.1.20 forum is compromised in some way that allows an attacker to log in to seemingly any account. I received reports that this is from a vulnerability in the email password recovery feature, but some compromised accounts did not have the email recovery triggered and did not have their password changed. Perhaps there is more than one vulnerability.

I am going to setup SMF 2.0.15 at least as a temporary measure.
khorde2018-07-05 18:43:36
keep the forum down please too much open trolling thanks
copy kirby2018-07-05 18:44:41
shup khorde
Kenko2018-07-05 18:45:04
Uh oh!!!!!!!
OfficerKenny2018-07-05 18:45:07
SMF 2.0.15 Pog
chappers2018-07-05 18:45:17
thank you baddy for being there for us we love u
ellis man2018-07-05 18:45:39
yeah khorde stop being a Troll.
Conan2018-07-05 18:46:02
please strip out the signatures showing on every post before going live, thanks
jumbomuffin2018-07-05 18:46:54
im actually getting work done now please keep it down
Visolator2018-07-05 18:47:03
Sounds like the best way to upgrade. Hopefully it is easier for you to add custom mods into the forum.
Dglider2018-07-05 18:47:10
Cool. Good luck w/SMF 2.0.15
hillkill2018-07-05 18:47:28
thanks for the update
ellis man2018-07-05 18:47:35
so what now
Visolator2018-07-05 18:48:10
We wait
T-Walrus2018-07-05 18:48:10
What are the main differences between the old smf and smf 2.0.15?
FelipeO_O2018-07-05 18:48:22
at least we can point fingers here
FelipeO_O2018-07-05 18:48:52
T-Walrus, probably improved security
stellarnaut2018-07-05 18:49:52
the survivors have been overwhelmed
goodguy0982018-07-05 18:50:08
"badspot and rotondo don't care about the forums" drama is now invalid
Unova2018-07-05 18:51:06
PogChamp why did you not just xenforo
Anon2018-07-05 18:51:47
borrowed time IV coming soon
ellis man2018-07-05 18:52:23
is it weird that
"hey blockland forums you just got BREADED!"
was posted at the same date the attack happened?
it was posted on march the 3rd
and the attack happened on july 3rd

maybe the attack was planned to happen or something
and the video was a warning shot

idk maybe im just overanalysing the date
also bl forums didnt survive to see the 4th of july Sad!
chappers2018-07-05 18:53:03
no because 3/3 is quite clearly a different date from 7/3
end it2018-07-05 18:53:23
let it die badspot
Visolator2018-07-05 18:53:58

Remember that the old version was around 2007. There are going to be tons of new features such as additons/security/themes/etc., this is a 11 year gap.
Mr Queeba2018-07-05 18:55:02
oh boy here we go
Corderlain2018-07-05 18:55:19
Think it has to do with Pie crust being banned?
GOD2018-07-05 18:55:24
Does anyone have a list of people hacked?
Bedpost2018-07-05 18:55:26
the dog you ate in kuta2018-07-05 18:55:39
ellis man2018-07-05 18:56:03
why dont we make a blockland forums bunker
like the one we did when bloxcity hacked us
chappers2018-07-05 18:56:25
the dog you ate in kuta2018-07-05 18:56:39
please play despacito
ellis man2018-07-05 18:56:43
YouKnowWhoAgain2018-07-05 18:57:14
save us bedpot
Sebi2018-07-05 18:57:30
goodbye blf
nul2018-07-05 18:57:45
ellis man2018-07-05 18:57:57
bye random kid
AnastasiaOccult2018-07-05 18:58:01
Yo, so what does this mean as a whole for the forums? Will it change graphically, any fundamental changes in functionality, what should we expect?
sebi2018-07-05 18:58:16
yeah that
egg2018-07-05 18:58:42
i hope this shit wont change the godly forum ui that we've all gotten used to.
ellis man2018-07-05 18:58:48
hasnt something similar to this happened
but it was executed via private message exploits or something
OfficerKenny2018-07-05 18:58:53
@ellis man uh oh
ellis man2018-07-05 19:00:19
dont worry i think it was patched by badspot himself
OfficerKenny2018-07-05 19:00:36
@Failsafe I concur, I also don't think it has to do with that BREADED video
Snaffle J. Bean2018-07-05 19:00:43
If the new version of SMF doesn't support the classic original forum theme, I'm going to be so fucking god damn angry in the most mild and reasonable way imaginable.
ellis man2018-07-05 19:01:13
well it was posted on the 3rd and it happened on the 3rd!
Big Guy2018-07-05 19:01:16
^^^ this tbh
UNIX2018-07-05 19:02:41
on january 19 2038, all 32-bit systems will reset to 1/1/1901 due to the binary timestamp resetting to 0(overflowing the binary limit of 32 bit systems).
the unix time of 32 bit systems will be set to 1/1/1901 even though the unix timestamp started on 1/1/1970 because the timestamp will be negative and be 69 years before instead of after, thus making it 1/1/1901 instead of 1/1/1970
ellis man2018-07-05 19:03:31
nice arg!!
OfficerKenny2018-07-05 19:03:44
@ellis man shhhhh
Shock2018-07-05 19:04:01
can we like not go back to 1.* at all.
ellis man2018-07-05 19:04:10

20002018-07-05 19:04:11
The Year 2000 problem, also known as the Y2K problem, the Millennium bug, the Y2K bug, or Y2K, is a class of computer bugs related to the formatting and storage of calendar data for dates beginning in the year 2000. Problems were anticipated, and arose, because many programs represented four-digit years with only the final two digits making the year 2000 indistinguishable from 1900. The assumption of a twentieth-century date in such programs could cause various errors, such as the incorrect display of dates and the inaccurate ordering of automated dated records or real-time events.
Redconer2018-07-05 19:04:37
sherif2018-07-05 19:05:12
Blockland Forums will be cancelled on January 28th, 2014

To save Blockland Forums, retweet #saveblf
ellis man2018-07-05 19:05:22
pretty Uncool time to be alive
baboo2018-07-05 19:05:54
take a whiff of this... UH OH, POO POO! hnnn... nnnnggggh... nnnnNNNGGGGGHHH--- PLOP! TTTHRRRPRPRPPHPHPRRRRRBRBRRRRRRRRRRRFFFFFFTTTT!! FFFRRRFRFRPPFHFHFFHFFRRRburrblrburbrlebuburbrrrburrbuebelerburble BRFTTTTT PHHRHTTT- PFFPFFFF BUBRBURLBURBLEBURBLRBLLBUBRRRUUBRBRRrbrburblrbfffbffrffff ppfftt... brrghhgrrFFFBBHHBFHRRRRTTTT FFFFF- GURGLGRUURbuburubruburblebubrbur- PLOP-PLOP-PLOP-PLOP... PLOP... nngghhhhh... ngAAahh!!!... nnhhHNNGGGHH- THTHHRRPRPTPHHHFFTTTgurgurburubrburburblebublburbububr- plip- plip drip... drip.. huh... Yaagh! jesus... nggggh... NGGUUUHH!! FRRFRRRRPPPHHTTTTT... hngh... PLOP! SPLASH! hhh.... hhh.... hhhuuuhhh... fuck.... ugh... *flush*
ellis man2018-07-05 19:06:11
u ok
Stinkmeaner2018-07-05 19:06:15
Gumba Jonny2018-07-05 19:06:36
man that's fuckin gay
Verification2018-07-05 19:06:39
hi im a furry
ellis man2018-07-05 19:06:50
ellis man2018-07-05 19:06:50
Verification2018-07-05 19:06:57
wanna join my furry rp discord server
ellis man2018-07-05 19:07:21
TableSalt2018-07-05 19:07:24
holy crap its my birtghday
Verification2018-07-05 19:07:30
Verification2018-07-05 19:07:50
GavinThjeZalvin!!! LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
ellis man2018-07-05 19:08:11
happy birthday of party
i hope you get crystalized salt
OfficerKenny2018-07-05 19:08:31
@Ellis man it's the feds, run!!
Unova2018-07-05 19:08:36
this is unfunny impersonation. you cant even get the name right
ellis man2018-07-05 19:08:47
oh no!!!!!!!
i run
Daniel.S2018-07-05 19:09:04
Hello I'm back
ellis man2018-07-05 19:09:04
chappers2018-07-05 19:10:22
hey daniel what's going on man
ellis man2018-07-05 19:10:37
btw crone clan still exists
HardDrive2018-07-05 19:11:05
Can we have this layout as the new forum layout?
TableSalt2018-07-05 19:11:25
wtf i just got a new subscriber on youtube i dont even have any listed videos
ellis man2018-07-05 19:11:35
no thank you
ellis man2018-07-05 19:12:07
thats your birthday gift
now scram!!
TableSalt2018-07-05 19:12:24
shut up ellis you ugly
Unova2018-07-05 19:12:34
Im a fucking retard
ellis man2018-07-05 19:13:06
ok no moer subscribers for you!!
xxxtentacles2018-07-05 19:13:07
press like if u think pie crust did it
TableSalt2018-07-05 19:14:06
i literally dont care ellis
i dont need any DUmb subscriebrs
ellis man2018-07-05 19:14:23
go aHead and SMASHHHHH
that like button
someone2018-07-05 19:14:38
hate to tell y'all, but bedpost bought another alt
aide332018-07-05 19:14:38
smf 2.0 POGCHAMP
ellis man2018-07-05 19:14:59
ok pogs
raulix is not here maybe2018-07-05 19:15:23
gay h
ellis man2018-07-05 19:16:44
ok post best ascii art here

heres mine

Medivh2018-07-05 19:16:57
I was told to advertise my BL discord here, so I am.
Kelp2018-07-05 19:16:58
hello god
ellis man2018-07-05 19:17:14
lol your discord is GAY!!
Kelp2018-07-05 19:18:16
2018-07-05 19:19:03
@Medivh this primitive chat message system is better than ur lame ass discord
ellis man2018-07-05 19:19:17
true invisible man
The Funktipus2018-07-05 19:20:07
let's get funky with it
ellis man2018-07-05 19:20:25
no thank you
rtbland2018-07-05 19:20:37
FINALLY an updated version of smf
now we arent gonna be cavemen anymore
ellis man2018-07-05 19:21:09
ur mom is a cavewoman loL!!!
tenko2018-07-05 19:21:36
Lord Tony2018-07-05 19:21:38
Shut the fuck up TableSalt
Bedpost2018-07-05 19:21:46
tony Wtf
TheDoor2018-07-05 19:22:06
fuck all of you
Mommy Monika2018-07-05 19:22:56
Jesus fucking christ, finally.
Mommy Monika2018-07-05 19:22:58
Jesus fucking christ, finally.
ellis man2018-07-05 19:23:17
guys help me remove the hinges on TheDoor
so we can put him in the woodchipper
ellis man2018-07-05 19:24:19
there will be no more firewood
and we will become snowmen of die
maze242018-07-05 19:25:08
im going to post html or bb code just wait and see
ellis man2018-07-05 19:25:21
ellis man2018-07-05 19:26:01
but this tunell doesnt have trees
and were stuck inside it
GOD2018-07-05 19:26:07
I bet 20$ mommy monika is planr
ellis man2018-07-05 19:26:31
not even sticks
ellis man2018-07-05 19:26:51
its ahead
now give me the 20
Kelp2018-07-05 19:28:05
you in here edd
ellis man2018-07-05 19:28:58
unfortunatley no
exit2018-07-05 19:30:36
everyone here double gay
Ayebee1232018-07-05 19:30:43
yay SMF 2
ellis man2018-07-05 19:31:01
go to the exit now
cuz ur family is gay!!
Datiel122018-07-05 19:31:07
ellis man2018-07-05 19:31:30
ayy its datiel
Mutti il pomodoro nero2018-07-05 19:31:44
Hey im alive
datiel122018-07-05 19:31:53
go back to bed
ellis man2018-07-05 19:31:54
datiel122018-07-05 19:32:11
wut I say
ellis man2018-07-05 19:32:43
but its 8:00
you let me atleast stay up till 8:30
Big Boy2018-07-05 19:32:55
please keep the forums down, everyone posting on it is a major faggot and needs to have their hands chopped off so they can't type or something
exit2018-07-05 19:32:56
@ellis man
no u
Medivh2018-07-05 19:32:58
You only say my discord is lame because I banned you for being a shitter
datiel122018-07-05 19:33:00
nope, bed
ellis man2018-07-05 19:33:49
i bet you dont even know who invisible man is

@bigboy ur part of it lol!!!
br2018-07-05 19:33:59
ellis man2018-07-05 19:34:28
br!! is cold!!!!
ellis man2018-07-05 19:34:28
br!! is cold!!!!
zeubermedic2018-07-05 19:34:39
oya article 13 got rejected
ellis man2018-07-05 19:35:04
zeubermedic2018-07-05 19:35:14
Me2018-07-05 19:38:41
There's a time and place for anime. The time is now. The place is here.
ellis man2018-07-05 19:38:52
heres a heartwarming thing

if roblox detects you saying suicidal words/phrases
it sends you a helpful letter
ellis man2018-07-05 19:39:54
go play your anime in or dubtrack
not here
c2018-07-05 19:40:35
bab .
re2018-07-05 19:40:41
ellis man2018-07-05 19:40:55
you see bab?
Me2018-07-05 19:41:23
@ellis man
To keeping silence, I resigned
My friends would think I was a nut
ellis man2018-07-05 19:42:23
your a macadamian nut
Me2018-07-05 19:43:03
@ellis man
Turning water into wine
Open doors would soon be shut
Nicepoint2018-07-05 19:43:07
Oh damn
Kelp2018-07-05 19:46:41
datiel is a fat turd
joe4112018-07-05 19:47:20
I guess we're just gonna all die now.
:Was:2018-07-05 19:48:04
Sorry I'm late! What's going on?
Frank Pink2018-07-05 19:48:22
Chief! What a surprise seeing you here!
Frank Pink2018-07-05 19:48:33
Now hands up.
:Was:2018-07-05 19:48:50
Have you gone rogue, Frank? What is this?
Frank Pink2018-07-05 19:48:59
I did it for dollars, Chief.
ellis man2018-07-05 19:49:15
omg this is a very cool tv show
:Was:2018-07-05 19:49:21
So it was capitalism all along...
Frank Pink2018-07-05 19:49:40
Shut up and put your hands up, Chief. I don't want to repeat myself.
:Was:2018-07-05 19:49:53
Hasta la vista...
:Was:2018-07-05 19:50:02
Dollar Scholar.
Frank Pink2018-07-05 19:50:17
Frank Pink2018-07-05 19:50:55
The joke's on you, Chief! I brought this vanishing gun so that I could frame you!AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA
ellis man2018-07-05 19:51:06
ok im changing the channel
:Was:2018-07-05 19:51:07
No! I'm being framed!
Blockteen2018-07-05 19:51:20
Well at least we still have here to complain about what others said about one's post
Ben Shapiro2018-07-05 19:51:25
Ok, this is epic
Officer2018-07-05 19:51:25
Put your hands up, criminal!
ellis man2018-07-05 19:51:28
were did i leave the remote
:Was:2018-07-05 19:51:43
I'm innocent!
ellis man2018-07-05 19:51:50
datiel i swear if you took it again
Officer2018-07-05 19:52:03
Reserve your statements for your trial, criminal.
ellis man2018-07-05 19:52:18
cool i found it
Critawakets2018-07-05 19:52:22
Well, this sucks. But atleast we have something.
Judge Dredd2018-07-05 19:52:25
ellis man2018-07-05 19:52:51
ok im changing the channel to the "news" thing idk
anthony2018-07-05 19:53:13
at my house you idiot, come get it
Blockteen2018-07-05 19:53:14
"Stop! You violated the law! Pay the court a fine or serve your sentence. Your stolen goods are now forfeit."
TV Reporter2018-07-05 19:53:18
In other news, Oswald Cobblepot Jr. has discovered the secret to human cloning.
:Was:2018-07-05 19:53:32
To be continued...
2018-07-05 19:53:37 this irc
ellis man2018-07-05 19:53:45
ellis man2018-07-05 19:55:47
TV Reporter 22018-07-05 19:56:07
Dilbert2018-07-05 19:58:01
Frank? What happened here?
ellis man2018-07-05 19:58:09
ok this is weird
im gonna turn off the tv and play blockland on my Cool Epic Computer
Frank Pink2018-07-05 19:58:12
I've been shot, Dilbert.
EA2018-07-05 19:58:39
Dilbert2018-07-05 19:58:40
Why did you get shot, Frank?
Frank Pink2018-07-05 19:58:49
Dilbert. I did it for dollers
Dilbert2018-07-05 19:58:58
Frank! No
Daffytitanic2018-07-05 19:58:59
Just as when I got back into Blockland.
ellis man2018-07-05 19:59:06
oh no i lost the remote again
Researcher Simi2018-07-05 19:59:28
It is done, Master.
Researcher Simi2018-07-05 19:59:44
The secrets of cloning have been discovered.
Cobblepot Jr.2018-07-05 19:59:58
Finally. I have infinite power.
Steve Harvey2018-07-05 20:00:46
He was a traitor, Dilbert! He was a traitor!
ellis man2018-07-05 20:00:58
i hope anthony didnt take my remote
Verification2018-07-05 20:01:01
Hi yes this is furry faggot.
Dilbert2018-07-05 20:01:07
I could never have expected Frank to be a turncoat...
Steve Harvey2018-07-05 20:01:32
Capitalism got to him, Dilbert. But I am not a traitor.
gavinthezavin2018-07-05 20:01:39
ur mom gay memes are unfunny
big brain2018-07-05 20:01:46
despacito is not funny
Steve Harvey2018-07-05 20:01:50
It is time Dilbert. You have to teach me the ways of the ancients.
Dilbert2018-07-05 20:02:17
I suppose it is, Stephen.
Steve Harvey2018-07-05 20:02:32
I won't let you down, Dilbert.
ellis man2018-07-05 20:02:43
wher is my remote!!!!
Dilbert2018-07-05 20:02:54
Thank you Stephen.
ellis man2018-07-05 20:03:19
ok i found it
time to turn it off and play Blockland
Cobblepot Jr.2018-07-05 20:03:19
Citizens. I am now ruling of the dimension.
gavinthezavin2018-07-05 20:03:20
you're all unepic
Citizen2018-07-05 20:03:28
Cobblepot Jr.2018-07-05 20:03:47
Obey command and capitalize to live swerll
Citizen2018-07-05 20:04:01
I am dictatored
ellis man2018-07-05 20:04:05
the batteries died
now im stuck with sci fi show
:Was:2018-07-05 20:04:25
They're dying outside of this prison. They're suffering. I have to help them.
gavinthezavin2018-07-05 20:04:36
honestly pie crust is fucking retarded
ellis man2018-07-05 20:04:39
time to go to the s t o r e
and get batteries
:Was:2018-07-05 20:04:44
My only choice is to Prisonbreak!
:Riddler:2018-07-05 20:05:23
Was! I am inmated too and help you!
:Was:2018-07-05 20:05:36
Thank you kind stranger for helping the Prisonbreak!
c[_]2018-07-05 20:05:40
My weak hand hurts from scrolling down the page to post
ellis man2018-07-05 20:05:40
ok i got the batteries
:Was:2018-07-05 20:05:45
:Riddler:2018-07-05 20:05:51
ellis man2018-07-05 20:05:52
ok now time to turn it off
Dilbert2018-07-05 20:06:24
And so Broderick Stephen Harvey, I entrust all power to you.
Dilbert2018-07-05 20:06:50
I will vanish for a thousand years. Take care of my kingdom Stephen.
Steve Harvey2018-07-05 20:07:01
I will make you proud Dilbert.
Cobblepot Jr.2018-07-05 20:07:19
Obey command! I destroy this earth.
Steve Harvey2018-07-05 20:07:30
Oh no... He is destroying it
gavinthezavin2018-07-05 20:07:33
@c[_] press down the scroll like its a button then you can move the page by moving the mouse
Steve Harvey2018-07-05 20:07:40
Wario. The world is dying.
Wario2018-07-05 20:07:51
It was inevitable.
Parly2018-07-05 20:08:01
Okay, this is epic
Steve Harvey2018-07-05 20:08:06
Tell me you love me Wario--
gavinthezavin2018-07-05 20:08:20
so uhhh when will blf come back online
:Was:2018-07-05 20:08:30
He is killing them all. I have to stop him the only way I know how.
Simi2018-07-05 20:08:47
Broderick Stephen Harvey
Simi2018-07-05 20:09:10
If you obey my command, I will save you from this death.
Steve Harvey2018-07-05 20:09:31
Wario is dead! Nooooooo
Joe Ligotti2018-07-05 20:09:42
bob2018-07-05 20:09:44
/ This is bob. Copy and paste him so he can take over Badspot's Website.
Simi2018-07-05 20:09:56
He killed Wario. The Cobblepot. Stephen. I can make you powerful.
Steve Harvey2018-07-05 20:10:08
What do you mean?
Simi2018-07-05 20:10:29
I can give you the infinite power Stephen. A position of great status.
lardge goose2018-07-05 20:10:31
Simi2018-07-05 20:10:42
Stephen. They will all love you.
Steve Harvey2018-07-05 20:11:04
Will we rebel and strike down the evil Cobblepot?
Simi2018-07-05 20:11:19
We alone will rule this realm.
Cobblepot Jr.2018-07-05 20:11:36
Yes! Obey command!
Simi2018-07-05 20:11:54
Hello Commander. UNLIVE
Cobblepot Jr.2018-07-05 20:12:02
Simi2018-07-05 20:12:16
I rule this realm now.
Steve Harvey2018-07-05 20:12:31
Is Is this the capitalism... Simi?
Simi2018-07-05 20:12:52
We achieve it now Stephen.
Parly2018-07-05 20:13:05
:Was:2018-07-05 20:13:09
I am here to vanquish you Simi.
Simi2018-07-05 20:13:27
*Lightening polts!
:Was:2018-07-05 20:13:39
Argh! Thrunk
Simi2018-07-05 20:13:53
You cannot command over me, :Was:.
Oswald Cobblepot2018-07-05 20:14:35
They vanquish mylegacy...
Oswald Cobblepot2018-07-05 20:14:50
They will know death
The Observer2018-07-05 20:15:22
2018-07-05 20:15:32
rlcbm2018-07-05 20:19:22
gavinthezavin2018-07-05 20:20:39
Simi2018-07-05 20:21:24
I conquer.
News2018-07-05 20:23:21
2018-07-05 20:23:27
Mario2018-07-05 20:27:43
Wahnoo!!! super Maerio time
BNowser2018-07-05 20:27:56
fcuk You mario
lord tony2018-07-05 20:28:15
this is the start of the civil war alex jones warned you
Super2018-07-05 20:29:56
Mario In Real Life
Trogtor2018-07-05 20:31:05
will this new forum have ligma support?
big brain2018-07-05 20:32:33
when will you realize that common ass nuts joke will not work you fuck
MarioMar io2018-07-05 20:34:35
sup a ere mario in rea life SPAGHETI
tito2018-07-05 20:34:55
dead gam
Boomstick2018-07-05 20:35:26
Hey bros
Drydess2018-07-05 20:35:35
can't wait for the same thing to happen on the 13th
ellis man2018-07-05 20:36:12
that was a good nap
:Was:2018-07-05 20:39:44
I am enjure... ag
Grimlock2018-07-05 20:40:39
Question for badspot: Does the forum track IP on login? That way you could at least know who was behind this retardation
the pug of questioning2018-07-05 20:41:00
What's the deal with Pirate RPG?
It han't got roleplayers and it han't got gameplay.
Steve2018-07-05 20:41:08
@badspot is the key system going to be gone
mike hawk2018-07-05 20:41:24
i hope the forum is erased and we can start anew
the pug of questioning2018-07-05 20:41:36
What's the deal with Jailbreak? You don't
King Tony2018-07-05 20:42:46
[NEWS] Blockland forum shuts down.

You fucking liberal elite SJWs did this
Antares2018-07-05 20:43:07
You should use the new SMF version 2.x. Wonderful software and much better.
Achernar2018-07-05 20:46:29
is SMF 2.0.15 gluten free
boomstick2018-07-05 20:47:16
is a faggot who thinks the plague doctor is cool
stellarnaut2018-07-05 20:57:20
johnny johnny yes papa
despacito2018-07-05 20:57:22
Centerman123462018-07-05 20:59:23
Unban me from the forums it's been like 5 years I've grown up man
ellis man2018-07-05 21:00:04
:))))))2018-07-05 21:01:00
just joking
Centerman123462018-07-05 21:01:38
@grimlock it shows the ips on the post to admins so yes.
stellarnaut2018-07-05 21:01:54
lizard squad did it those fucking goofy ass bitches
:Was:2018-07-05 21:02:36
aghrghght my heag....but i have to save them
Simi2018-07-05 21:02:47
Obey command! Obey command!
Centerman123462018-07-05 21:03:06
What if on launch it allows anonymous posting?
Steve Harvey2018-07-05 21:03:08
(places rose on wario grave)
Unova2018-07-05 21:03:35
i am a furry
2018-07-05 21:05:18
gavinthezavin2018-07-05 21:06:46
@Centerman12346 you haven't grown up at all lol
Wario2018-07-05 21:06:58
Remember me Steve...
Ralphie2018-07-05 21:07:17
Why do I wear an r on my shirt like I had it gifted to me but what dos it mean
Rotondo2018-07-05 21:07:48
Hey guys Rotonda here, I've been talking with Badspot and he says he's decided to shut down the forums. Thanks, and have fun.
Centerman123462018-07-05 21:08:12
No it's Gavin
Rotondo2018-07-05 21:11:22
Hey guys Rotondo here, I've been talking with Badspot and we've decided to enter into a suicide pact. Anyone who wants to join is welcome. Thanks, and have fun.
ellis man2018-07-05 21:13:00
no its patrick
TableSalt2018-07-05 21:13:36
everybody below quadruple mega gay
fuck you2018-07-05 21:14:28
fuck you
Fuck me.2018-07-05 21:15:39
Fuck me.
2018-07-05 21:17:02
Everyone below the age of 10 Eeeeeeeeeeeeeffhehdnrfjg badge net
Child2018-07-05 21:20:09
Ok I will post em
snot2018-07-05 21:20:51
Badspot2018-07-05 21:22:31
Most of the posts were made from proxies, but several compromised accounts were logged into from the IP
Searching Blockland activity for this ip shows Blockland ID 214800, tied to the banned forum account "sock-o", email address [email protected]
Additionally, after kompressor's account was compromised, the email was changed to [email protected]
His steam account (NSWF) has a profile picture of a naked man with an erection with the name changed to "<-- Visolator", with the ascii arrow pointing to the picture.
Khris2018-07-05 21:23:07
pecon why did you steal my girl BITCH like jesus fucking christ.
Minecraft mike2018-07-05 21:24:57
Yes ok I'm posting videos on the matter bl wens
khris2018-07-05 21:25:10
P.S. also what about my account? I was logged in the same time as sock-o. Was the IP my IP or his?
Gamefandan2018-07-05 21:26:03
Damn, what a spastic
King Tony2018-07-05 21:27:05

Why does that sound familiar?

Oh now I remember one of the compromised accounts also had a steam link that went to someone named VEVO.
ketchupninja2018-07-05 21:27:30
megan did this
Minecraft mike2018-07-05 21:28:29
I'm sacraed
oof2018-07-05 21:29:17
Minecraft mike2018-07-05 21:32:34
Is blocklnad end like miitomo miiverse wii servers club pingun going to shut down badspot I'm scared HELP ITS BEEN DAYS SINCE SITE QUARINTINE HELP US THIS IS GONNA BE A LONG ONE HELP IM SCARED
Punish Fire Vine2018-07-05 21:34:00
blockland 3 sticky erection pee
Punished Fire Vine2018-07-05 21:34:31
fuck i just realised i butchered my name lmao
Would you like to2018-07-05 21:36:01
Submit forum again?
Punished Fire Vine2018-07-05 21:37:27
please shut up
chak2018-07-05 21:37:35
hey will the sign up feature be fixed because captcha v1 shutdown
Luigi2018-07-05 21:38:00
I'm going to fucking strangle you, Mario.
Maria2018-07-05 21:38:18
scalie overlord2018-07-05 21:38:54
mario please
Centerman123462018-07-05 21:39:48
I might be banned for shitposting but I sure as hell ain't as annoying as Mario over there
waluigi2018-07-05 21:39:57
shut the fuck up or you'll have to wahoo my boOT OUT OF YOUR ASS
pringles mascot2018-07-05 21:40:51
do not buy doritos. doritos are inferior and can cause brain damage and in some extreme cases, death
TableSalt2018-07-05 21:41:10
next person to say wahoo or anything similar is super mega triple-dog infinite :regional_indicator_g:ay 4.0 forever
skullface2018-07-05 21:41:19
2018-07-05 21:41:25

less spammy forum
The hacker2018-07-05 21:41:27
Is Mario. He is bottling posts here. Perma ban him pls
TableSalt2018-07-05 21:42:17
person above person below both infinite gay
yosher2018-07-05 21:42:19
even when the forums are down people just continue their spamming here, has autism truly reached its peak?
TableSalt2018-07-05 21:42:30
oh no yosher
Jotaro Kujo2018-07-05 21:42:54
Yare Yare Daze
100% rational user2018-07-05 21:42:59
I dunno should we really listen to a guy called THE HACKER with everything thats been goin' on lately,,,,,,,,,,,,,
TableSalt2018-07-05 21:44:00
if your name starting with Mar and ends with io you are the gayest of the gay
yosher2018-07-05 21:44:19
i miss when problem users were actually funny like glass purchasing like 39 keys
Bradspot2018-07-05 21:44:30
Badspot that IP is Canadian. Ontario specifically. Now what forumers are from Ontario?
Marth Yabio2018-07-05 21:44:36
mario apologist2018-07-05 21:45:34
I'm from ontario but I'm not doin it
Grimlock2018-07-05 21:45:51
Mario wants to be betelgeuse really bad
the hacker 22018-07-05 21:46:35
i actually did it but on accident, sorry fellas, my hands slipped
skullface2018-07-05 21:47:15
such a lust for revenge
muppet2018-07-05 21:48:04
this aint it chief
the hacker 22018-07-05 21:48:09
mario is collecting coins
2018-07-05 21:48:40
*blip blip* 1 up *ding ding* wahoo yhip ee
Mario 22018-07-05 21:49:16
gavinthezavin2018-07-05 21:50:13
shut the fuck up
SPRITE2018-07-05 21:51:33
watch this guy be socko
TableSalt2018-07-05 21:53:01
i cant believ e mario is fucking dead
TableSalt2018-07-05 21:53:01
i cant believ e mario is fucking dead
eth2018-07-05 21:53:30
the end times have come
Gamefandan2018-07-05 21:53:48
thank you Badspot for this delicious summer forum update
TheDoor2018-07-05 21:54:34
Is this the real life?
INH2018-07-05 21:54:53
lol dumbass didn't even use a VPN during the entire thing

yosher2018-07-05 21:54:55
is this why mario got killed on screen in the ridley trailer
David Hasselhoff2018-07-05 21:57:27

yall better join

and before you ask, its for a "hub" for gamemodes that I host. My one forum account was perma'd since 2013 since i was really autistic back in the day so this is my moment
Drydess2018-07-05 21:57:50
html or bb code.
Drydess2018-07-05 21:58:29
wow look at that didnt get banned
pastor2018-07-05 21:58:42
1 Nintendo 1:3. Praise be to the God and Father of our Lord Mario! In his great mercy he has given us new birth into a living hope through the resurrection of Mario from the dead.
Syringe2018-07-05 21:59:05
fuck off who ever is doing the wahoo nonsense
mario apologist2018-07-05 22:00:10
y'all need to eat a snickers
Drydess2018-07-05 22:00:27
i think hes trying to communicate with us
TableSalt2018-07-05 22:00:40
not funny
Visolator2018-07-05 22:00:49
You need to eat a snickers
Syringe2018-07-05 22:01:03
2018-07-05 22:01:37
This happened last week while visiting my Mother with my wife and kids....I had spent all day working in her yard, and was tired, hot, smelly and exhausted. Our house only has a shower, so I decided it would really be nice to relax in the tub at Moms house.
There I was, in the water relaxing, not a care in the world. I glanced at a huge steel marble sitting on the floor. Don't know why, but I got curious about what it would feel like 'back there'. Without thinking, I grabbed the marble and got busy. Took a little work to get it in, but after getting it past those resistance muscles, I felt quite the sensation as the marble slid on up inside me. WOW. OK, that was fun, now to push it out.
I pushed. Nothing. I pushed again, nothing. OK, so this was going to take a bit of work too. I pushed really hard, and yes, I felt it move towards the exit....right up to where those resistance muscles were. I pushed and pushed until I grew tired, and swoosh, felt the marble go back up deeper inside me. Getting concerned now. I push and push again, marble works back up to those pesky resistance muscles, and I hold my breath and grab the sides of the tub and push REALLY REALLY HARD and oh man, the pain, but I just didn't have enough push in me, and had to relax and there goes that damned giant marble back up deep.
Got a little scared now, things are hurting deep inside me now, thinking of the horror of having to go to the Doctor for this, oh no God no...After several more attempts, I finally go with all I got. Pushing with everything I have, beginning to grunt, feeling the blood bursting vessels in my face and eyes, pelvis up, pushing, pushing, OH GOD THE PAIN, NO NO NO, YES YES, FEELING IT GO THROUGH THE MUSCLES OF RESISTANCE, DON'T STOP, OH ALL THAT IS HOLY AND NOT THE PAIN THE PAIN KEEP PUSHING.....AAARRRGGHHHH!!!!
I heard the most hideous unholy non human sound which I still can't believe came out of my mouth from the agony of that marble passing through and out. WHOOOSH!! KLUNK!!! It came out! OH MY GOD WHERE ARE THOSE MUSCLES OF RESISTANCE? There was a feeling of a hose pumping out pudding at a rate a fireman would admire. OH GOD NO PLEASE ANAL MUSCLES PLEASE CLOSE!!! Water turned brown as I began to pass out, I could not stop it, I was dilated like a woman giving birth. I spewed everything my innards had to offer out into the bathwater. My whole body was convulsing uncontrollably and then the door flew open with my Mother and my Wife flying in because of all the noise. Poop still spewing out like Mt. St. Helens, my eyes red from popping blood vessels, body shaking. They just stared as I whistled for a cab and when it came near
The license plate said fresh and it had dice in the mirror
If anything I could say that this cab was rare
But I thought 'Nah, forget it' - 'Yo, homes to Bel Air'
I pulled up to the house about 7 or 8
And I yelled to the cabbie 'Yo homes smell ya later'
I looked at my kingdom
I was finally there
To sit on my throne as the Prince of Bel Air
mario apologist2018-07-05 22:01:48
I only have half a snickers is that ok
Syringe2018-07-05 22:02:29
the only people who fuck around like that are most likely verification or sebi
it's probably both
Visolator2018-07-05 22:02:41
You need 3 snickers
guys... its funnt because tablesalts unfunny all the time
mario apologist2018-07-05 22:04:21
what if I cut up the half snickers does that count
Unova2018-07-05 22:05:04
Syringe you retard i've only posted here twice. You just tryna shift blame on me
khris2018-07-05 22:05:43
spam was never funny
the funny grub man2018-07-05 22:06:12
drydess is responsible he told me in a four page confession he gave me while i was shooting a school
TableSalt2018-07-05 22:06:33
nothing here was ever funny
Kelp2018-07-05 22:06:43
kill yourself
god2018-07-05 22:07:14
wah hah hooo
Dr. Phil2018-07-05 22:08:52
Shut the hell up bitch Go kill yourself go sit in the middle of the road and let a car run over you You're ugly you're disgusting I'm going to kill you You're an alcoholic
Mario2018-07-05 22:08:58
You laugh, you die
!ecaFtraF!2018-07-05 22:10:30
woah badspot still works on the game? oof
the inside joke2018-07-05 22:10:38
why my pp hard and it hurt
!ecaFtraF!2018-07-05 22:11:10
Gatekeeper2018-07-05 22:14:33
NO MEMES ALLOWED thanks goodbye
2018-07-05 22:14:54
Go watch jacksepticeye or someth
White2018-07-05 22:16:52
Help! socko is holding me for ransome bit he doesn't want any money he says "I just want Badspot to apologise for kicking my dog" he's making me listen to every post Lord Tony ever made played over a speaker using text-to-speach on repeat

please... Help me
2018-07-05 22:18:41
lemonsteve is a cuck
Black2018-07-05 22:19:16
That actually sounds pretty hilarious
yosher2018-07-05 22:19:26
badspot i want to take this time to remind you that this, this right here, is what you're working so hard to fix. this is your chance to nuke the whole thing
pelvis2018-07-05 22:21:32
break out the chloroform right now badspot
Black2018-07-05 22:22:06
Shut up yosher.
White2018-07-05 22:22:31
Quiet yosher
hello2018-07-05 22:27:20
i wish i had arabbit in a hat
Fonz2018-07-05 22:33:18
Someone please love me
Woof2018-07-05 22:42:12
Hey guys im back, woof!
failbros22018-07-05 22:44:51
do we have a date when the forums will be back?
Please, come to brazil2018-07-05 22:46:10
Please, come to brazil
Grimlock2018-07-05 22:47:07
Not for long pie crust lmfao
Kelp2018-07-05 22:47:10
cut the bullshit and cut the coord
trueblood11112018-07-05 22:47:22
How will I get my juicy drama now?!!
sherif2018-07-05 22:48:52
Once, I put my right Joycon in my mouth and my left Joycon in my ass and pretended I was the Nintendo Labo fishing rod. Immediately, I noticed the changes. My formidable belly began to shrink as an impressive six-pack began to grow. You wouldn't have imagined I had eaten three large Baconator meals the night before and hadn't peeked my head outside for a week. My muscle mass grew all around my body and it seemed all fat had disappeared. I felt clarity in my mind - it was almost a post-masturbatory feeling. My anxiety and depression that lurked on me throughout the day had seemingly disappeared, and I felt like I could do anything in the world. Zits disappeared from my face - my glasses fell off and I noticed I no longer needed them - my face shape became more defined and I can assure you that many other things grew. I can't even begin to describe how much better I looked and felt. It was the most immediate sense of euphoria I had ever experienced in my entire life. I took a walk outside and didn't break a sweat. I walked to the Bank of America and noticed an incredible amount of money there, hundreds of thousands more than I had owned. Seeing as this was late at night and I was taken aback by these events, I went to sleep. As I woke up hours before my usual 2:46 PM, I noticed a beautiful woman by my side in bed. The birds chirped outside and I walked out of my bedroom into my New York Penthouse the lords at Nintendo must have blessed me with. This was over a month ago and the effects haven't subsided at all. I am so glad to be a Nintendo gamer! Happy gaming!
duck q2018-07-05 22:50:30
do we really need a third bl forum
Fonz2018-07-05 22:53:09
please i need love no homo
Auzman2018-07-05 22:54:22
i'm glad to see you still want to keep the forums maintained.
Lucario2018-07-05 22:54:40
Hey guys subscribe to shinyodd on youtube
Redconer2018-07-05 22:56:12
You should finish off the BLF.
damm2018-07-05 23:02:31
Tuevon/SWAT One2018-07-05 23:03:21
Hi, what is the likelihood that tables and teletype will come back?
mike hawk2018-07-05 23:03:39
nothing of value was lost when we could no longer hear from the sewers known as thot patrol
a2018-07-05 23:05:45
dont even bother with a new forum, we're better off without it
Reinforcements2018-07-05 23:07:11
Thank you for not abandoning the forums Badspot.
Icosahedron2018-07-05 23:10:18
Well the fora are shit out of luck and Johnny well fucked
Oriony2018-07-05 23:11:15
I'm back niggas
Pie curust2018-07-05 23:12:53
Unngngng i fuck dogs hey guys look I fuck dogs
Oriony2018-07-05 23:16:21
you cant exterminate perfection
Pie curust2018-07-05 23:16:37
I;m pie crust
bongus2018-07-05 23:20:49
who're you
Ki2018-07-05 23:25:56
What if the forum's didn't get hacked,and this is a publicity stunt to get you to notice his other horrible content?
Oriony2018-07-05 23:26:28
I'm oriony, that one dude who got banned from the forums a while ago and also pie crust hows our relationship with your dog
NoZoner2018-07-05 23:26:33
Hey Badspot, thanks for not giving up on the forums.
Pie curust2018-07-05 23:27:34
Im still fuck my dog everyday
Oriony2018-07-05 23:29:09
ok, do you wear condoms?
pee crush2018-07-05 23:29:33
no lol
Oriony2018-07-05 23:30:15
Gatekeeper2018-07-05 23:30:24
This forum is worse then the first 2
Pie curust2018-07-05 23:30:37
Oriony2018-07-05 23:31:05
how long until soviet narwhal comes here and starts drama

jizz2018-07-05 23:32:13
about 2 seconds and a half
pie cuck2018-07-05 23:32:33
hello yes it is me
Gsterman2018-07-05 23:32:41
blockland forums 2 incoming with additional game feature included
Pie curust2018-07-05 23:32:43
Soviet narwhals is retarded pass it on
Woof2018-07-05 23:33:36
I'd join the discord but then again all of the blf members are there and it would be just a pile of garbage anyways lol!
Pie curust2018-07-05 23:33:39
Guys I found Minecraft dragon porn on pornhub he guys look at thIS HEY GUYS LOOK
costco2018-07-05 23:34:45
please jenny get the low fat ham from costco also
Pie curust2018-07-05 23:35:07
*dErails lord tony s harvest thread***
The Dude2018-07-05 23:35:16
Battle royal mode for blockland forums, when?
walmart2018-07-05 23:36:26
Look at them, they come to this place when they know they are not pure. Tenno use the keys, but they are mere trespassers. Only I, Vor, know the true power of the Void. I was cut in half, destroyed, but through its Janus Key, the Void called to me. It brought me here and here I was reborn. We cannot blame these creatures, they are being led by a false prophet, an impostor who knows not the secrets of the Void. Behold the Tenno, come to scavenge and desecrate this sacred realm. My brothers, did I not tell of this day? Did I not prophesize this moment? Now, I will stop them. Now I am changed, reborn through the energy of the Janus Key. Forever bound to the Void. Let it be known, if the Tenno want true salvation, they will lay down their arms, and wait for the baptism of my Janus key. It is time. I will teach these trespassers the redemptive power of my Janus key. They will learn its simple truth. The Tenno are lost, and they will resist. But I, Vor, will cleanse this place of their impurity.
Pie curust2018-07-05 23:37:59
lambdatorin2018-07-05 23:38:32
guys please all i want is to be spit roasted by multiple different black men until i get aids and spread it to other black men as they continue to spit roast me until i die......... please
Woof2018-07-05 23:38:35
Woof, can't wait for the forums to be back! uWu
Simi2018-07-05 23:43:02
Be slain
trueblood11112018-07-05 23:47:44
I cant believe the blockland forums is fucking dead
plexy2018-07-05 23:52:45
if your a gamer like this comment
plexy isnt funny2018-07-05 23:58:58
Oriony2018-07-05 23:59:44
Rip forums: Press F to pay respects.
respector2018-07-06 00:02:27
damp2018-07-06 00:02:33
Do NOT post html or bb code. You will be auto-banned.
Dix Miggie 32018-07-06 00:02:47
The day the ui changes is the day I actually die.
Icosahedron2018-07-06 00:04:45
Rip blockland 2004 - 2018
Punished Fire Vine2018-07-06 00:06:17
this place is a shithole
gavinthezavin2018-07-06 00:08:25
@Woof leave
sebi2018-07-06 00:09:27
so i was at the gamestop right and i was getting a game right so i picked up the game and went to the counter right and i said "i want this game" right and she said "thats a good game but i know a better game" right and she game me the eyes so my peepee got pretty big about uh 5 inches right and she led me to the storage room where they keep all the cool games like minecraft right and she gets me in a corner and starts to play with my peepee right so it feels pretty good and i was like "hey this is prety nice i rate 9/10" right so then she says "i bet i can make it ten" and i was like o h b a b y and she starts to put my peepee in her little squishy cave thing and i was like W OAH right and it gets really nice and then turns out my peepee has magic powers because it can make milk and it was pretty cool it like FLEW outta my peepee and then the gamepstop girl licked it up and she said "i can let you taste my milk" and i started to suc on her booby and i played with it and she made weird noises and it magically made my peepee biger and we had a lotta fun that day i come there every week now to play together
Oriony2018-07-06 00:11:10
this is advanced autism
Slimebrik2018-07-06 00:11:29
I am gay gay gay I like long big cocks I'm a super super gay I like long big cocks. Also I can't build a decent map to save my life unless it's for 100+ people because everything I build is larger than my xbox one.
Oriony2018-07-06 00:12:54
guys I found an autist
duff mcwhalen2018-07-06 00:13:20
what a good day
Oriony2018-07-06 00:15:26
above user is an autist
Punished Fire Vine2018-07-06 00:15:32
Hey guys I really like to get fucked by my brother
Simi2018-07-06 00:16:42
Obey command
gavinthezavin2018-07-06 00:21:03
this is chaos
2018-07-06 00:21:55
Nitro2018-07-06 00:25:09
Hey gavin, You're a fucking idiot. I will rape you with my furry cock.
gavinthezavin2018-07-06 00:27:42
Nitro2018-07-06 00:28:47
gavinthezavin2018-07-06 00:29:19
only fags use cat faces
King Tony2018-07-06 00:30:52
You guys know IPs are logged, right?
gavinthezavin2018-07-06 00:32:42
holy fuck
trueblood11112018-07-06 00:36:14
Hey guys mind if I link my lucario porn collection
Nitro2018-07-06 00:36:40
Post it please
Kane2018-07-06 00:36:55
Oh shit... What a shame...
Kane2018-07-06 00:38:16
trueblood1111, don't none of us want to see a 45 Year old child molester naked...
stellarnaut2018-07-06 00:39:14
i have free buttfors if anybody wants one
gavinthezavin2018-07-06 00:39:48
@trueblood1111 no thats retarded
WinRar2018-07-06 00:40:12
Nitro2018-07-06 00:40:30
i have discord invites to the diaper daycare if anyone cares

btw big rigs
Kidd2018-07-06 00:46:28
hows it goin bros its me pewdiepie
Icosahedron2018-07-06 00:47:18
The person below me masturbates to gay furry porn
gavinthezavin2018-07-06 00:47:38
@Nitro its pretty obvious you aren't the real nitro
Icosahedron2018-07-06 00:48:37
gavinthezavin is a serial furry porn masturbator confirmed
gavinthezavin2018-07-06 00:49:01
Icosahedron2018-07-06 00:50:16
Look at the record
2018-07-06 00:50:51
Yo any gamer girls on this thread?
Icosahedron2018-07-06 00:51:43
Stop fucking spamming you dickmunching incels
trueblood11112018-07-06 00:52:32
Icosahedron2018-07-06 00:54:04
Badspot logs IPs. Youre not getting anything out of impersonating others here. You are objectively immature. Stop.
INH2018-07-06 00:55:16
Stop fucking spamming you dickmunching incels
Blockhead2018-07-06 01:00:35
...what am i looking at
Sylvanor and Ant2018-07-06 01:03:24
oh hi!
sylv no
adrenaline2018-07-06 01:03:27
take a whiff of this... UH OH, POO POO! hnnn... nnnnggggh... nnnnNNNGGGGGHHH--- PLOP! TTTHRRRPRPRPPHPHPRRRRRBRBRRRRRRRRRRRFFFFFFTTTT!! FFFRRRFRFRPPFHFHFFHFFRRRburrblrburbrlebuburbrrrburrbuebelerburble BRFTTTTT PHHRHTTT- PFFPFFFF BUBRBURLBURBLEBURBLRBLLBUBRRRUUBRBRRrbrburblrbfffbffrffff ppfftt... brrghhgrrFFFBBHHBFHRRRRTTTT FFFFF- GURGLGRUURbuburubruburblebubrbur- PLOP-PLOP-PLOP-PLOP... PLOP... nngghhhhh... ngAAahh!!!... nnhhHNNGGGHH- THTHHRRPRPTPHHHFFTTTgurgurburubrburburblebublburbububr- plip- plip drip... drip.. huh... Yaagh! jesus... nggggh... NGGUUUHH!! FRRFRRRRPPPHHTTTTT... hngh... PLOP! SPLASH! hhh.... hhh.... hhhuuuhhh... fuck.... ugh... *flush*
Oriony2018-07-06 01:04:02
guys stop being biggest gays
trueblood11112018-07-06 01:04:14
Everyone is spamming
Oriony2018-07-06 01:04:40
is this loss?
Eon2018-07-06 01:08:39
sup boys
Oriony2018-07-06 01:10:53
oh shit the party just started
David Hasselhoff2018-07-06 01:11:06
join this you cucks or else you won't know if Im hosting something gud
David Hasselhoff2018-07-06 01:12:07
and its not html or bb code clearly otherwise i wouldnt advertise a T H I R D time
David Hasselhoff2018-07-06 01:12:20
join this you cucks or else you won't know if Im hosting something gud
Oriony2018-07-06 01:13:09
Mabel2018-07-06 01:16:50
I think the forums should change to Xenforo
Oriony2018-07-06 01:18:10
the forums should be a bl client
end it2018-07-06 01:22:52
can this game + forums just die for once thx
Stellarnaut2018-07-06 01:23:20
i pooped
trueblood11112018-07-06 01:23:31
this is a fucking disaster
Stellarnaut2018-07-06 01:25:19
i just pulled a loose tooth and it was bloody as fuck and still had the prongs so thats cool
Superstarxalien2018-07-06 01:27:27
this is absolutely terrible
Kelp2018-07-06 01:27:38
i love drinking coke while eating hot foods
Oriony2018-07-06 01:28:31
who else here loves drinking water while eating unbearably cold food
2018-07-06 01:28:54
spicy hot or??
Superstarxalien2018-07-06 01:29:07
but the upgrade to smf 2.0 is nice
gavinthezavin2018-07-06 01:31:31
what record
Grimlock2018-07-06 01:32:22
I know I use the phrase a lot but this actually is autism unleashed
gavinthezavin2018-07-06 01:32:55
Icosahedron2018-07-06 01:34:04
Autism overload
Grimlock2018-07-06 01:37:49
me me mega gae
trueblood11112018-07-06 01:39:05
*notices bulge* OwO whats this?
damp2018-07-06 01:39:53
american sniper rp starting now
woody2018-07-06 01:42:14
One day, while Andy was filing his taxes, Woody got welfare. He could no longer help himself! He watched as Andy crunched the numbers in his fancy, advanced calculator. He approached Andy which startled him and made him drop his receipts everywhere on the floor and on Woody too. Being covered in his taxes made Woody even more ambitious to file his taxes!

Woody: "Mister Andy! I'm alive and I want to LEARN TO BE CASH SOLVENT!"

Andy: "Oh Woody! I always knew you were alive! I want to show you the ways of financial stability!"

Woody grabbed a bunch of pencils and graph paper and started making his portfolio.

Woody: "Oh my! It's a #2 Ticonderoga pencil! #2 Ticonderoga pencils are my favorite!"

Woody then stuffed his graphs into Andy's accordion folder. The other toys around the room watched intently as Woody stuck folder after folder into Andy's filing cabinet. Continuously making a flipping noise. The other toys also became so ambitious that they all gathered around Woody and Andy and began taking out mortgage sheets and started to crunch numbers all over them, and then they started to calculate.

Andy: "Oh my goodness, Woody! You are filing your taxes so well! Your calculations are stimulating my cerebral cortex! OH YES!"

All the other toys became enthused by this, and could not help themselves anymore! They took their credit reports and pushed them into Andy's filing cabinet. All of them wanted to put their reports in Andy's nice, stylish filing cabinet.

Andy: "No wait guys! My filing cabinet cannot hold this much! It is getting so full!"

All the toys continued filling the filing cabinet, and pretty much, it was beyond full, and broke from having its insides completely crammed. The mother came in and found Andy, completely worn out, with a dead calculator, and a HUGE increase in his investments in his stock portfolio.
King Tony2018-07-06 01:45:52
This is the new harvest clan page.

No col burtons or piecrusts allowed.
Soviet Narwhal2018-07-06 01:46:47
You all are fucking cunts, so is the rest of the community
INH2018-07-06 01:52:54
spamming is for mega gays
e2018-07-06 01:53:29
gavinthezavin2018-07-06 01:53:49
Curse You2018-07-06 01:55:50
please don't bring it back
Gatekeeper2018-07-06 01:57:43
i want to die
ProTear2018-07-06 02:00:20
I don't really use the forums all that much but so it goes.
TableSalt2018-07-06 02:04:19
trueblood11112018-07-06 02:04:20
Same @Gatekeeper
Can i come back? New forum new chance amirite
Also told you you morons that it wasn't me
King Tony2018-07-06 02:05:52
i actually bait all of you and dont get banned haha
Totally NOT pie crust2018-07-06 02:06:36
fuck you lord brony
trueblood11112018-07-06 02:07:14
Totally original joke
trueblood11112018-07-06 02:07:41
Does anybody wanna buy a microwave? Only 23 dollar
totally not pie2018-07-06 02:09:46
duck that i could buy two alts and a coke with that money
2018-07-06 02:13:34
aand soviet narwhal came here. how long was that? can someone calculate
OrangeMan2018-07-06 02:15:28
when is blockland vr coming out
Simi2018-07-06 02:17:59
I rule all
Oriony2018-07-06 02:18:11
blockland vr hd
Oriony2018-07-06 02:18:26
blockland 2 when
Lord Tony2018-07-06 02:18:49
my dick is very tiny
OrangeMan2018-07-06 02:20:36
who wants to join my family rp
Soviet Narwhal2018-07-06 02:21:55
Lol oriony youre just the same attention whore you always are, just like that time you threatened to swat me. Remember that?
stellarnaut2018-07-06 02:35:45
buy west of loathing it will make you not mad
Nal2018-07-06 02:44:31
can you keep the forum down please my regrettable cringey past self thanks you
cheese2018-07-06 02:45:29
whats up gamers
Soviet Narwhal2018-07-06 02:49:27
furfags should burn in hell
cockguy2018-07-06 02:50:14
ive waited for this moment since 2012
Nal2018-07-06 02:50:15
if hell is supposed to be bad, then why are all the gay dudes there
Oriony2018-07-06 02:57:44
you sayin I can get succ in hell?

Soviet Narwhal2018-07-06 02:59:37
Ori just stop, nothing you say is funny
Oriony2018-07-06 03:02:03
soviet i'm just trying to be decent not toxic, don't target me, thanks
Oriony2018-07-06 03:02:13
Oriony2018-07-06 03:02:33
Captain crunchs dick is calling you
sonlinne2018-07-06 03:06:55
ban the blockland forums
Lord Tony2018-07-06 03:08:40
Wait what? No it's not
dead grapes2018-07-06 03:08:43
Triple six, five, forked tongue
Subatomic penetration rapid fire through your skull
How I shot it on one taking it back to the days of trying to lose control
Swerving in a blaze of fire, raging through my bones
Oh shit I'm feeling it - Takyon
Hell yeah, fuck yeah, I feel like killing it - Takyon
Alright that's tight, what its like to experience - Takyon

Out of the blue, in through the back
Door coming through like fuck what was that
Man I don't know, but it made me feel so heated
How we creep without showing you jack
Shit from below, give a shit if you know
Cuz even if you did, you'd keep coming back
Back for more, need it man you're addicted to the heat
We make beats catch
Beat it til it bleeds to death, each track
Like EPMD snappin necks as we tap energy from everything on and off the map
kongo2018-07-06 03:10:32
sonlinne2018-07-06 03:11:43
i like this more than the actual blockland forums
Black2018-07-06 03:14:11
I bet the beginning of SA and 4chan didn't even look like this... This is... Really something
And2018-07-06 03:15:22
I still don't think it's as bad as all that
White2018-07-06 03:16:50
I'm still being held for ransome don't worry I'm fine
Soviet Narwhal2018-07-06 03:20:02
Lmao ori playing the victim card again. What a surprise
PK Freeze2018-07-06 03:21:16
Oof, this makes my pp not very hard.
Punished Fire Vine2018-07-06 03:24:44
ok so i just want to make it clear that oriony was posting under me and my brothers name (soviet narwhal/punished fire vine) just want to make it clear it wasnt me or my brother posting those things it was presumably oriony doing it trying to get back at us for prior events

i can also get proof of soviet saying he didnt post that in the morning
Oriony2018-07-06 03:25:13
anyway any of you ever realize you exist
__bridge__2018-07-06 03:26:17
this is where the troll lived

But he was fed too much junk food and had a massive microanal infraction
Sweet roll2018-07-06 03:29:02
I'm watching all of you so you all best keep your hands to yourselves
Oriony2018-07-06 03:29:26
nu I'd rather pat seth
Senpi!2018-07-06 03:30:44
Notice me!
Oriony2018-07-06 03:31:35
nu seth senpai is better
Notice me2018-07-06 03:31:38
trueblood11112018-07-06 03:31:40
Oh hi pk <3
PK Freeze2018-07-06 03:32:01
hi bb
Oriony2018-07-06 03:32:31
Oriony2018-07-06 03:33:16
oh nice sov is posting under my name noice
Oriony2018-07-06 03:33:29
Punished Fire Vine2018-07-06 03:33:39
Im not gay but Id totally fuck my brother
Oriony2018-07-06 03:34:26
Oriony2018-07-06 03:35:11
hey anyways does anyone ever realize that tea is just leaf soup
Black2018-07-06 03:35:16
... yea that's totally straight
Oriony2018-07-06 03:36:20
...yeah that's totally (meme)
Lord Tony2018-07-06 03:36:52
help I'm being beaten by a black man
datiel122018-07-06 03:37:23
(Meme)2018-07-06 03:37:29
No it's not
PK Freeze2018-07-06 03:37:48
Did you guys know I have a nose. You have one too! You also have testicular torsion. It's very common though. Look it'll happen to me right now!
Oriony2018-07-06 03:38:39
Climbing up on Solsbury Hill
I could see the city light
Wind was blowing, time stood still
Eagle flew out of the night
He was something to observe
Came in close, I heard a voice
Standing, stretching every nerve
Had to listen, had no choice
I did not believe the information
Just had to trust imagination
My heart was going boom, boom, boom
"Son", he said, "grab your things, I've come to take you home"

To keeping silence, I resigned
My friends would think I was a nut
Turning water into wine
Open doors would soon be shut
So I went from day to day
Though my life was in a rut
'Til I thought of what I'd say
Which connection I should cut
I was feeling part of the scenery
I walked right out of the machinery
My heart was going boom, boom, boom
"Hey", he said, "grab your things, I've come to take you home"
(Way back home)

When illusion spin her net
I'm never where I want to be
And liberty she pirouette
When I think that I am free
Watched by empty silhouettes
Who close their eyes but still can see
No one taught them etiquette
I will show another me
Today I don't need a replacement
I'll tell them what the smile on my face meant
My heart was going boom, boom, boom
"Hey", I said, "you can keep my things, they've come to take me home"
Oriony2018-07-06 03:38:54
...yeah that's totally normal
(Meme)2018-07-06 03:39:32
*squinting profusely* yes I think I can see it
exit2018-07-06 03:39:52
first one to awnser what 2 + 1 is gets a dollar
PK Freeze2018-07-06 03:40:03
Man y'all are really petty.
PK Freeze2018-07-06 03:40:29
3 its 3!
2018-07-06 03:40:50
(Meme)2018-07-06 03:41:44
You're an idiot we aren't petty you stupid Kaiser
exit2018-07-06 03:42:16
PK Freeze2018-07-06 03:42:34
I'm talking about soviet, fire, and oriony.
PK Freeze2018-07-06 03:42:38
I'm talking about soviet, fire, and oriony.
Oriony2018-07-06 03:43:14
what did i do
Chainban2018-07-06 03:43:22
You're wrong about him being wrong
Oriony2018-07-06 03:44:17
whoever is posting under my name please cut it out
exit2018-07-06 03:44:46
if u add 2 to 1 u get 21 obviously
Oriony2018-07-06 03:45:09
trueblood11112018-07-06 03:45:13
What is even going on
(Meme)2018-07-06 03:45:33
I was trying to be petty and (ironically?) Prove you right

No hard feelings
Gr8DaySeth<32018-07-06 03:46:38
hewwo :3
Oriony2018-07-06 03:46:44
Someone is posting under my name to make me look bad
Soviet Narwhal2018-07-06 03:46:52
ori are you just gonna stir shit here
Oriony2018-07-06 03:48:08
I wasn't posting for the past few minutes, I was getting a Gatorade open and getting some food
Oriony2018-07-06 03:48:24
I plead the fiveith
Soviet Narwhal2018-07-06 03:48:55
Sure, use that excuse
Oriony2018-07-06 03:49:03
alright i'm done with bl, gonna let it die now
Oriony2018-07-06 03:49:21
That Gatorade was sure h a r d to open tho
Soviet Narwhal2018-07-06 03:51:09
Oriony... please sing the 1977 hit "Solsbury Hill" by Peter Gabriel with me.
Oriony2018-07-06 03:51:54
...yeah i uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Penis
Oriony2018-07-06 03:52:25
I can't sing
Oriony2018-07-06 03:52:48
ohhhh can't dance
Oriony2018-07-06 03:53:28
The only thing about me is -
gh2018-07-06 03:56:25
i legit near vomited my spam sandwich while reading that fuck you
Gatekeeper2018-07-06 03:57:40
Stop posting story spam bullshit

it makes me sad
Oriony2018-07-06 03:58:09
Some of you are sick
Badsp0t2018-07-06 03:58:48
Torin is gay sorry
trueblood11112018-07-06 04:04:24
God this is worse than torins sense of humor
gavinthezavin2018-07-06 04:10:19
why is this place full of fags that belong in mental hospitals
they're probably banned from the actual blf
Khris2018-07-06 04:21:30
When I save a build, it always makes a backup and I'm sick of it since it's taking up valuable space. I tried to look in my add-ons to see if there are any add-ons doing it, but I haven't found any that could be the perp. Any help would be appreciated.
h2018-07-06 04:22:03
lucario and pk freeze kill yourselves you fucking losers im so glad truebloods pc fucking shit itself
trueblood11112018-07-06 04:22:30
Just check the help section in the forums- oh wait
trueblood11112018-07-06 04:22:58
Gee who is this elusive h person
PK Freeze2018-07-06 04:29:12
hmmm2018-07-06 04:29:38
guess for yourself red rocket retard
trueblood11112018-07-06 04:34:59
Im guessing youre Soviet narwhal or Fire vine..? Idk
hacker man2018-07-06 04:38:21
i am h
hacker man 22018-07-06 04:38:31
no you are not
hacker man2018-07-06 04:38:38
fuck you
Lumen2018-07-06 04:39:40
can someone scientifically explain to me the behavioral phenomenon occurring in this thread
trueblood11112018-07-06 04:40:05
Nobody knows
no youre not retard2018-07-06 04:40:25
Im h
Armymangaming2018-07-06 04:40:26
Fucking hell I couldn't edit my American bias thread
lucario get on discord2018-07-06 04:41:28
h2018-07-06 04:42:44
ever just wish that truebloods computer would shit itself o wait it did lol
trueblood11112018-07-06 04:48:22
I really wanna know who h is in-game, hes funny as hell lol
Drydess2018-07-06 04:53:50
im going to shoot myself if i have to see the last thirty posts again
tristanbomb2018-07-06 05:00:22
I now see why the forums aren't anonymous
trueblood11112018-07-06 05:03:26
Oh hi drydress <3
i2018-07-06 05:04:17
it's not much better given how little moderation there's been moderating lately
h2018-07-06 05:05:56
stop sucking my dick
h2018-07-06 05:06:47
trueblood is an actual faggot
j2018-07-06 05:06:56
well I'm pretty sure it's not just one person using the name "h"
h2018-07-06 05:07:53
i posted twice theres no edit
j2018-07-06 05:09:47
that comment was not in relation to the double posting, i typed after seeing the first comment and only saw the second after the refresh
PK Freeze2018-07-06 05:10:17
Can whoever is H fuck off please. You aren't funny and are quite frankly, really immature.
h2018-07-06 05:12:26
sorry that you have to stick up for your furry buddy
PK Freeze2018-07-06 05:13:19
Im a massive furry faggot and I need the gun to my head
trueblood11112018-07-06 05:13:35
Nice trolling, can we get back to the actual discussion now
trueblood11112018-07-06 05:14:14
I need cum in my mouth now
PK Freeze2018-07-06 05:14:26
I feel like you are either: Torin, Soviet, or Fire.
2018-07-06 05:15:11
Youre retarded
h2018-07-06 05:15:17
waaaa waaa waaa scawy thot patrol towin
trueblood11112018-07-06 05:15:37
Forums are still fucked
h2018-07-06 05:16:24
fucked like your dog disgusting furry
nB2018-07-06 05:18:55
This is SO sad, can we ban dogfuckers?
trueblood11112018-07-06 05:19:34
Anybody got anymore news about the forums coming back online or nah
plasma2018-07-06 05:20:18
first post
Autism2018-07-06 05:20:37
The forums arent coming back
h2018-07-06 05:21:04
this is so sad can we get trueblood a new pc (no lol)
trueblood11112018-07-06 05:21:11
o h
html or bb code2018-07-06 05:21:12
bb code or html2018-07-06 05:22:04
trueblood11112018-07-06 05:24:27
PK Freeze2018-07-06 05:24:52
h niggas be like: *autistic ramblings*
h2018-07-06 05:28:23
PK Freeze niggas be like *
trueblood22222018-07-06 05:29:04
This is the kind of quality conversation I stay here for
Icosahedron2018-07-06 05:29:27
PK Freeze2018-07-06 05:30:37
I agree ico
2018-07-06 05:32:48
Youre all mentally challenged
h2018-07-06 05:34:36
rude ^
2018-07-06 05:35:43
hopefully the cancer doesn't return. so far the "chemo" is working fine.
:Was:2018-07-06 05:37:21
Hi Dad! I'm in JAIL. I like it here!
xenomorph fucker2018-07-06 05:40:44
i love how its just 700 comments of nothing
h2018-07-06 05:42:13
pk freeze has to stand up for his retarded son lucario
trueblood11112018-07-06 05:42:16
Is that badspots actual address Jesus Christ
stellarnaut2018-07-06 05:42:46
did truebloods computer shut down
trueblood11112018-07-06 05:44:55
Yeah it died a while back
stellarnaut2018-07-06 05:45:32
yeah because i launched 2 acid bombs at your house
trueblood11112018-07-06 05:45:48
So thats who did that >:(
h2018-07-06 05:46:36
trueblood shut your faggot mouth lol
stellarnaut2018-07-06 05:46:59
Cortana, launch nuclear bomb and direct towards trueblood1111's house
h2018-07-06 05:47:23
not funny
stellarnaut2018-07-06 05:47:57
whatever faggot
2018-07-06 05:48:42
stellar you're not going to get into thot patrol just because you steal all of their jokes
stellarnaut2018-07-06 05:49:55
honestly im past that and i dont know why i even did it
stale meme2018-07-06 05:50:27
no good
trueblood11112018-07-06 05:55:37
Can you stop
good lord2018-07-06 05:57:25
what is happening in here
312222018-07-06 05:57:50
nunc prohibere
2018-07-06 05:58:12
A brain aneurysm popped
PK Freeze2018-07-06 05:58:38
Holy fucking shit.
h2018-07-06 06:01:32
pk freeze is a faggot
Kalphitler2018-07-06 06:03:55
I'm Shutting down the master server.
2018-07-06 06:05:41
Youre mom gay
h2018-07-06 06:06:21
epic funny Hitler reference o-o sug heil! Subscribe to filthy frank
TlTO2018-07-06 06:33:30
thot patrol is disbanding because we are all cucks
2018-07-06 06:36:05
thought gang weeders?
h2018-07-06 06:39:24
hey Darth C3P0
gavinthezavin2018-07-06 06:49:37
PK Freeze2018-07-06 06:58:55
This has gone to hell.
Johnny Test2018-07-06 07:06:45
Yo you guys love Bling Bling? God he's so fucking hot.
h2018-07-06 07:19:49
pk freeze is a faggot
Zealot2018-07-06 07:23:34
Nintendo642018-07-06 07:39:11
TlTO2018-07-06 07:41:23
h wont post under his real name because he fears repercussions of being a total cuck for the rest of his life
2018-07-06 07:48:53
that's pretty bold to say darth considering all you've done is steal other people's names
TableSalt2018-07-06 08:04:18
wtf its not my birthday anymore
2018-07-06 08:07:32
should show the ip of the guy that posted
PK Freeze2018-07-06 08:10:29
h, be a man and reveal your blockland identity.
Snaked_Snake2018-07-06 08:28:50
So uhhh did I miss out on anything or should I just wait for the Blockland Forums 1 Remaster?
2018-07-06 08:45:48
I hope they bring back the tables in the remastered version.
jyvot2018-07-06 09:12:49
2018-07-06 09:17:00
StarWars banned
snot2018-07-06 09:23:43
this stuff probably wont happen if badspot would update the forum version
2018-07-06 09:41:20
[RomanFox2]2018-07-06 09:42:43
404's everywhere man.
2018-07-06 10:07:58
Justice for Tablesalt give him his birthday
2018-07-06 10:07:58
Justice for Tablesalt give him his birthday
Author2018-07-06 10:14:01
How is everyone this fine Friday?
Fine Friday2018-07-06 10:25:49
Na man dis fine Friday
Why you stealin ma name?
Blockbyte2018-07-06 10:59:24
hi everyone
h2018-07-06 11:47:41
pk freeze is a faggot
2018-07-06 12:26:14
sebi2018-07-06 12:45:24
i hate you all
no2018-07-06 12:56:57
hoot boy2018-07-06 13:27:58
good news tho EU isnt banning memes
2018-07-06 13:31:59
darth2018-07-06 13:33:20
"that's pretty bold to say darth considering all you've done is steal other people's names"
the fuck you on about lmao
5000 Fish2018-07-06 13:56:22
2018-07-06 13:57:08
Badspot, are you trying to implement key authentication & ads into SMF 2.0.15? That would explain why it's taking so long to "setup"
darth2018-07-06 14:06:50
you must not have been on the blf since before bl auth
its already set up if thats what your asking, hes trying to fix a login exploit
2018-07-06 14:10:26
he's setting up smf 2.0.15 bro, read the first post on this page lol
Cortunix2018-07-06 14:14:23
in the arms of an angle
Everyone2018-07-06 14:15:37
Hi Blockbyte!
Steve Harvey2018-07-06 14:16:48
USSC2018-07-06 14:22:05
Blockland forums receiving constant attacks sheds light that it's probably important in many aspects, idk just theory. Why the fuck does a hacker want to hack the forum? That's the one billion dollar question.
2018-07-06 14:37:47
it was an exploit, not someone taking the time to code and hack accounts
domino2018-07-06 14:38:19
yeah why do people hack the forum? its pointless
Mr Queeba2018-07-06 14:40:08
probably because they get a rush of dopamine from attacking an internet lego forum for some reason
bedpost2018-07-06 15:02:12
or maybe because someone has a grunge on Badspot
this isn't the first time badspot had to deal with this, remember the bloxcity crisis
hoot again2018-07-06 15:03:04
when i first joined the site was basically under constant ddos attack lol
Definitely Not Adam22018-07-06 15:21:06
It's all an elaborate setup by the folks at Brick Planet, I knew from day 1 they were just out for us. Seriously though, I hope the forums gets better and I hope the hacker gets what's coming for him.
Kidd2018-07-06 15:23:42
brick planet is big autism
Kidd2018-07-06 15:24:46
@domino because they get a temper tantrum when they get permabanned and they hack the site
Mario2018-07-06 15:52:25
Luigi2018-07-06 15:55:53
Spam this forum one more time, Mario, and I'm going to strangle you.
SirLancelot2018-07-06 15:56:14
Wow, I finally got the 7 removed from my forum name. What a time to be alive.

Also Badspot I really love you <3
Cormortone2018-07-06 16:04:17
The death of blf wont stop me !

You wake up in the middle of the dessert, what do you do ?
Waluigi2018-07-06 16:05:37
waluigi for smash brothers wahahahaha
SirLancelot2018-07-06 16:06:03
I search my immediate surroundings! How did I get here? Are there any things around me I can use as supplies?
2018-07-06 16:06:39

You find a bloody rock next to you.
Simi2018-07-06 16:09:44
Yes! Obey command
:Was:2018-07-06 16:09:51
2018-07-06 16:11:01
I check myself for wounds. Is it my blood? Is it the blood of someone else?
W A I S T L A N D II2018-07-06 16:13:50
There are no wounds on you currently
PK Freeze2018-07-06 16:17:07
I pick up the rock for possibly the use of a weapon.
W A I S T L A N D II2018-07-06 16:17:50
You pick up the rock. What do you do now ?
PK Freeze2018-07-06 16:18:39
I travel in search of water, towards the horizon.
SirLancelot2018-07-06 16:19:00
We use the sunlight to determine direction, and then we go EAST!
W A I S T L A N D II2018-07-06 16:22:38
You decide to travel eastwards, towards the horizon in search of water. After a while, you come across holes in the ground.
Hi Badspot2018-07-06 16:26:21
when will this be done i want to download some add ons and blockland glass has fucking nothing that i want
PK Freeze2018-07-06 16:32:32
I search the holes carefully, trying to avoid having any trouble with creatures that may see me as prey.
PK Freeze2018-07-06 16:32:33
I search the holes carefully, trying to avoid having any trouble with creatures that may see me as prey.
A2018-07-06 16:41:08
FlavouredGames2018-07-06 16:51:53
I was here.
soviet narswhale2018-07-06 17:22:32
amazing discussion
Badspot2018-07-06 17:23:08
>Badspot, are you trying to implement key authentication & ads into SMF 2.0.15? That would explain why it's taking so long to "setup"

There are almost 10 million posts, just restoring a backup takes a few hours. Then there's the upgrade script which takes another few hours, then you gotta copy over 6GB+ of attachments, etc. I've got it set up now but it requires a bunch of hacks just to make it usable and not retarded.

Just now, I accidentally took down the official SMF forum by clicking the topic sorting links too fast a couple of times. It's complete clown shoes.
2018-07-06 17:30:04
"I accidentally took down the official SMF forum by clicking the topic sorting links too fast a couple of times"
cockguy2018-07-06 17:31:01
yeah its gonna be a while
2018-07-06 17:32:39
smf is such a piece of shit, would you ever consider changing forum software?
Kore2018-07-06 17:32:58
thanks for working to fix the forums and stuff baddy<3

I don't understand why someone would bother hacking this game anyways lol.
Kenko2018-07-06 17:39:16
@badspot - how much storage space do the posts alone take up??
Drydess2018-07-06 17:43:50
@badspot - how many fucks do you seriously give about the forums to do this bullshit lmao
TheArmyGuy2018-07-06 17:51:36
I can imagine staying with SMF would at least make restoring the backups and stuff easier instead of migrating everything to a new forum.
Mommy Monika2018-07-06 17:52:00
Trogtor2018-07-06 18:02:27
this shit is actually fucking down bro
W A I S T L A N D II2018-07-06 18:08:26
You descend into the hole. You can hear something scuttle inside of the hole.
Badspot2018-07-06 18:11:27
>would you ever consider changing forum software?

I think I'm going to end up writing my own.
Master Matthew2018-07-06 18:13:42
Simple Forums are on Borrowed Time
Cool Blockhead2018-07-06 18:15:17
Does anyone know when the new Bengs update is coming out? Thanks.

Hail Canada.
2018-07-06 18:15:35
FlavouredGames2018-07-06 18:16:46
Cool, do you know when you're hosting again?
KouchKushion2018-07-06 18:22:14
skin tone chicken bone leave me alone
epic2018-07-06 18:23:50
This is so epic.
some nerd2018-07-06 18:25:32
David Hasselhoff2018-07-06 18:27:54
join this you cucks or else you won't know if Im hosting something gud like some original TDM or build to survive or somethin
2018-07-06 18:30:26
yo badspot what type of person do you think is the most likely to buy so many blockland keys it keeps the forums up for 2 months
Kelp2018-07-06 18:30:28
it's actually fucking down

it's been down for like 10 minutes
Simple Machines2018-07-06 18:32:04
Hey can you guys fucking not.
2018-07-06 18:32:56
:arrow_down: heh
2018-07-06 18:33:05
funny am i right
kidalex2018-07-06 18:43:32

Bristem2018-07-06 18:53:17
i bet $1 that the forums will be scrambled and messed up when restored
2018-07-06 19:02:03
>I think I'm going to end up writing my own

Is it even worth it at this point?
Badspot2018-07-06 19:09:39
Twitter also sucks. I did a rant
Simple Machines Forum2018-07-06 19:09:45
Badspot? I don't feel so good...
cockguy2018-07-06 19:12:20
close the thread ^
Enraged Jim2018-07-06 19:19:42
I cannot comprehend why chrome removed the volume slider for webms.
Gatekeeper2018-07-06 19:21:48
Everything id falling apart now. It seems the the whole worlds borrowed time is running out.
h2018-07-06 19:22:07
sebi isnt funny
sebi2018-07-06 19:44:25
hsut th fugk up BITHC im insegure : (
Ariel2018-07-06 19:52:01
the forum is ded or busy?

(am saying dis bcz i dont know what is goneing on).
Duff McWhalen2018-07-06 19:53:15
kidalex is a big stinky
easy button2018-07-06 19:54:59
That was easy
kidalex2018-07-06 20:00:18
i can confirm im big stinky
Simon Henriksson2018-07-06 20:01:36
that is one creepy fucking painting
exit2018-07-06 20:02:54
below gay
rrr2018-07-06 20:13:00
yes ver gay indeed
entrance2018-07-06 20:13:10
above gayer
Khris2018-07-06 20:16:27
Twitter is a liberal echo chamber... Amiright?
Penthoplayer2018-07-06 20:16:48
Forums down v3: Revenge of the son of Forums down v2.
Ariel2018-07-06 20:18:05
Badspot the forums is ded or busy?
xxxtentacles2018-07-06 20:22:42
tentacle difficults
Outland Predator2018-07-06 20:28:01
Shhh, it's for the best...
2018-07-06 20:29:36
khaz was mean to me in 2014
h2018-07-06 20:33:17
sebi isnt funny
some loser posted this2018-07-06 20:39:01
thees2018-07-06 20:41:47
Just letting you guys know that the CEO of Simple Machines is a member of Anonymous
2018-07-06 20:53:37
Has he realised that this isnt 2006 and anonymous isn't cool anymore?
stellarnaut2018-07-06 20:59:15
when you're so delusional you think your forum software has the best security record but by simply clicking something too fast you can basically ddos it
2018-07-06 21:00:12
welp, seems like the SMF devs are quite a bit upset.
pie crust2018-07-06 21:01:11
hey @badspot can i come back?
2018-07-06 21:02:53
when you're so delusional you justify attacking someone's website
pie crust2018-07-06 21:03:22
fuck you anon
Jesse2018-07-06 21:09:22
Guys where the blockland forums
Jesse2018-07-06 21:11:04
Where are the forums
stellarnaut2018-07-06 21:12:10
who is this blank person
trueblood11112018-07-06 21:12:26
Forums are still fuckd lol
h2018-07-06 21:17:54
trueblood is a faggot
Querty672018-07-06 21:21:04
Forums still fucked? Hot damn
trueblood11112018-07-06 21:25:30
I wonder when theyll get f i x e d
h2018-07-06 21:26:14
trueblood is a faggot
Taciturn2018-07-06 21:26:25
I hope the forums recover. :^(
Get well soon.
trueblood11112018-07-06 21:28:59
Cant wait to see the drama board again
2018-07-06 21:29:24
It's funny how they think SMF is super secure when their underlying language (PHP) is known to be one of the most flaming garbage piles of security issues in of itself with the developers actively refusing to fix known security exploits.
h2018-07-06 21:32:47

truebloods discord
Simi2018-07-06 21:34:01
Fear me.
bongus2018-07-06 21:53:37
what a wild comment section. it's huuge
trueblood11112018-07-06 22:16:39
H*ck you
h2018-07-06 22:19:50
no swearing
mocheeze2018-07-06 22:20:30
Heard my account was broken into. :(
2018-07-06 22:21:14
shut up sebi
sebuyi2018-07-06 22:22:07
nno thanks
fuck smf2018-07-06 22:22:13
Moved the post to chit chat and made it members only and post approval
Make an account on the SMF today to see fanboyism at its best
Tord Lony2018-07-06 22:23:02
sebi2018-07-06 22:23:03
wait who the fuck pretend to be me up there
sebi2018-07-06 22:27:14
some dork
DurkaDude2018-07-06 22:35:44
trueblood11112018-07-06 22:36:49
Would you rather fuck pie crust or fuck his dog
trueblood11112018-07-06 22:37:04
Vote now on your phones
David Hasselhoff2018-07-06 22:50:11
ctrl f "David" for something cool
xxxtentacles2018-07-06 22:57:32
no one cares about ur
2018-07-06 22:58:59
nice autocorrect
trueblood33332018-07-06 23:05:50
I have 13 alts
Icosahedron2018-07-06 23:13:27
How many layers of incel are you on ^
h2018-07-06 23:17:18
sebis a faggot
Captin Crunch Cereal2018-07-06 23:18:30
trueblood11112018-07-06 23:21:31
Do NOT post html or bb code. You will be auto-banned.
brycat90012018-07-06 23:30:41
waaa i miss forums
dove2018-07-06 23:33:10
@Captin Crunch Cereal

no virus links please
Icosahedron2018-07-06 23:34:07
Stop posting gay furry porn
Boxxed2018-07-06 23:42:10
Not like I'm gonna be using the forums anyways
Kane2018-07-06 23:45:47
So theres going to be a new Forum???
2018-07-06 23:55:18
Captain Zee2018-07-06 23:58:47
the revolution is here
2018-07-07 00:10:49
Captin Crunch Cereal what is that link
ultimamax2018-07-07 00:24:34
yall ugly
lancedancevance2018-07-07 00:29:07
where's rotondo when you need him?
damp2018-07-07 00:55:24
yooo anyone listen to clairo hmu
Falco2018-07-07 01:02:20
Hello. It's Vienna
mumgay2018-07-07 01:03:32
badsoit2018-07-07 01:03:59
Epicduke2018-07-07 01:23:44
yo you fuckers i haven't been on the forum regularly since 2016 and i just want to say the thing i hate most about the forum is not the toxicity or the most pettiest bullshit drama that goes on but it's how half of you identify yourselves by your life on your fucking computers and nothing else. like bitch stop it. i ain't no chad, i'm like 20 pounds overweight, unemployed, and spend most of my free time on my desktop but that's not my phucking personality. i have other fucking hobbies. i like hiking, running, building models, using my telescope. it may be basic bitch boy stuff but it's not as fucking basic as "oh i like playing video games outside is gross haha". also a ton of you are sexual degenerates. even thinking about putting aheago on the side of your desktop tower is degenerate i'm sorry. i forgot his username but a guy literally had a thread about that. didn't go through with that luckily. he was belgain. also you fuckers no you can't have a nsfw board to post your fucking hentai in it's a game marketed to kids. also you're 13 stop it. but this was all back in like 2014-2015 so it might of changed idk. anyways that's the end of my rant god bless. i have no gf goodnight
kidalex2018-07-07 01:24:30
wheww is da fowwummsssss i neeed to shit posst my wego gaaymmm
Actually Mardalf2018-07-07 01:24:59
> almost 10 million posts

What in the blockworld
2018-07-07 01:25:58
Curse You2018-07-07 01:27:13
yo you fuckers i haven't been on the forum regularly since 2016 and i just want to say the thing i hate most about the forum is not the toxicity or the most pettiest bullshit drama that goes on but it's how half of you identify yourselves by your life on your fucking computers and nothing else. like bitch stop it. i ain't no chad, i'm like 20 pounds overweight, unemployed, and spend most of my free time on my desktop but that's not my phucking personality. i have other fucking hobbies. i like hiking, running, building models, using my telescope. it may be basic bitch boy stuff but it's not as fucking basic as "oh i like playing video games outside is gross haha". also a ton of you are sexual degenerates. even thinking about putting aheago on the side of your desktop tower is degenerate i'm sorry. i forgot his username but a guy literally had a thread about that. didn't go through with that luckily. he was belgain. also you fuckers no you can't have a nsfw board to post your fucking hentai in it's a game marketed to kids. also you're 13 stop it. but this was all back in like 2014-2015 so it might of changed idk. anyways that's the end of my rant god bless. i have no gf goodnight
Actually Mardalf2018-07-07 01:28:58
Not actually funny
TableSalt2018-07-07 01:32:04
might have*
gavinthezavin2018-07-07 01:32:47
h2018-07-07 01:36:56
curse you is a faggot
2018-07-07 01:39:12
Badsp0t2018-07-07 01:45:40
The blockland forums will need a paid subscription of 12.99 dollar per month to use it when it comes back
-the real badspot

Badspott2018-07-07 01:48:57
Don't abuse my name or I'll kick your dog.
Bodspat2018-07-07 01:55:42
Despacito 420 confirmed for blockland
Coolspot2018-07-07 01:57:14
Anyone renember me?
SadBpot2018-07-07 01:58:23
you mean Despacito 2^60?
Oriony2018-07-07 02:06:14
i'm back bitches (again)
Oriony2018-07-07 02:10:54
did you hear me i'm back
Oriony2018-07-07 02:11:44
oh great the name stealer is here
Oriony2018-07-07 02:11:56
(probably darth)
Oriony2018-07-07 02:13:17
actually it was me, kidalex
Oriony2018-07-07 02:14:50
Oriony2018-07-07 02:14:51
It's time. Are you ready?
Oriony2018-07-07 02:15:25
I couldn't have hoped to prepare for this without you my brother.
Oriony2018-07-07 02:17:31
blf v2 will require 18+ age identification
pepe the krab2018-07-07 02:18:19
is cockland dead now?
Gatekeeper2018-07-07 02:21:35
Sorry Oriony

BLF v3 requires 60+ for membership
datiel122018-07-07 02:53:04
next person to post is gay for life, no returns, no takebacks, no mirrors , no shields, no exceptions, no reversals, and any time you attempt to get rid of it the gayness will double and forever stick to you.
Oriony2018-07-07 02:53:30
Badspoterino2018-07-07 02:59:00
Epic meme
bedpost2018-07-07 03:07:55
i like how this forum is just so delusional to drama, it's not even funny anymore how the community feeds into even the tiniest argument
terrorit2018-07-07 03:16:59
im planting the bomb
counter terrorist2018-07-07 03:18:21
im defusing the bomb
bedpost2018-07-07 03:18:26
terroit2018-07-07 03:18:48
*shoots coutner terrorist in head*
counter terrorist2018-07-07 03:20:59
It was capitalism all along... Dollar Scholar...
Rotondo2018-07-07 03:21:36
im gay
kompressor2018-07-07 03:22:20
i-im gay for you... rotondo
Drydess2018-07-07 03:25:08
im gay for everybody too
Drydess2018-07-07 03:25:35
we have so much in common buy me a drink
Grimlock2018-07-07 03:35:22
I hope badspot bans you retards like last time
dwaif2018-07-07 03:36:50
sucks that all I ever use the forum for is posting pictures in DOF and even that can be ruined by some retards that decide to fuck around with accounts that aren't theirs
Grimlock2018-07-07 03:38:30
Ladies and gentlemen, this is Mambo No. 5.
Grimlock2018-07-07 03:41:07
can i sex you drydess
Lord Tony2018-07-07 03:57:52
im gonna fuck ur dad lol
Seath452018-07-07 03:59:26
Well suck my dick and cally me sandra.
stellarnaut2018-07-07 04:12:44
stick a c4 in your asshole
sonlinne2018-07-07 04:20:10
did someone get bannded
bean boy2018-07-07 04:21:27
nosotros vivimos en una sociedad
trueblood11112018-07-07 04:25:56
Search up 2 babies one Fox on google
Drydess2018-07-07 04:30:32
@grimlock digits first
lilpaladin12018-07-07 04:40:40
What's with the gibberish?
Drydess2018-07-07 04:47:36
well thats fucking great thanks a lot asshole
Drydess2018-07-07 04:50:26
im gay
Infamous hacker 4chan2018-07-07 04:52:57
guys watch out
stellarnaut2018-07-07 04:57:16
bitch fucjkk
trueblood11112018-07-07 04:59:05
All this fuCKING spam
2018-07-07 04:59:13
the next poster is hella gay
2018-07-07 05:02:47
looks like im gay
Cblock3602018-07-07 05:14:55
Looks like these forums are in...

a Badspot.
stellarnaut2018-07-07 05:15:29
fucking toilet gremlins
kill yourself cblock2018-07-07 05:18:13
:Was:2018-07-07 05:23:17
No Simi!
2018-07-07 05:29:18
why even bother bringing it back up at this point?
so much dumb shit happens every other week.
set up a basic steam workshop implementation, get a few moderators to run the steam discussion boards, and spend more time working on the game or enjoying life rather than scooping the litterbox of a forum full of autistic children. Hell, it'd probably give people a better first impression of the game.
Wandering Comedian2018-07-07 05:35:03
What do you call a place that's the opposite of good?

A bad spot.
DangerZone2018-07-07 06:14:41
what the fuck is this comment section holy shit
cheese2018-07-07 06:15:14
get off the stage
PK Freeze2018-07-07 06:15:17
This is a cesspool of shit.
2018-07-07 06:47:52
jews did 9/11
ret2018-07-07 06:56:57
It's as if there's an underlying desire for trash fires to prosper - the BLF is the perfect catalyst.

Either that or the dude just wants his own space for the game/helping us.
im gay2018-07-07 07:17:56
im gay
Hulk Hogan2018-07-07 07:20:48
poop in my gym brother HH
h2018-07-07 07:24:48
pk freeze is a faggot
oh2018-07-07 07:28:59
Oingo Boingo2018-07-07 07:29:35
if your smart just go on blockland bunkers
ymypp2018-07-07 09:06:15
2018-07-07 09:33:43
2018-07-07 09:49:50
niggas iffy uh blicky got the stiffy uh
deveyer2018-07-07 11:01:42
Jesus christ i come back after, what, like a month? and then this happens, blockland forums fucking DIE god damnit
deveyer2018-07-07 11:01:56
s m h
PK Freeze2018-07-07 11:02:45
sock-o you can quit it now. We know you are playing as h.
Undertaker2018-07-07 11:58:47
Cum on my face brother HHHHHHHH
Moffin2018-07-07 12:12:32
Oh jeez what happened now
ur mom2018-07-07 12:53:15
2018-07-07 13:13:22
nO sPAmMeRINo In THe ChatTeriNO
o-sock2018-07-07 13:52:21
sorry guys my brother went on my computer and he found exploits in smf and i couldnt waste the opportunity so i did a big doo doo
PK Freeze2018-07-07 14:21:57
I'm sorry beter but you are exiled.
JazZ2018-07-07 14:32:14
At least im not banned on here..
PK Freezed2018-07-07 14:45:27
ravioli ravioli whats in the pocketoli
PK Freeze2018-07-07 15:12:42
Wait a second.... That's not me!
Oriony2018-07-07 15:15:07
wassowassowassowassup guys its me the instigating piece of shit
Oriony2018-07-07 15:31:08
Hello? Can anyone hear me? I'm still relying on you.
2018-07-07 15:38:37
i want to download my addons
News2018-07-07 15:55:51
FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCk ive just been trolled.
sonlinne2018-07-07 16:00:12
blockland that game where you build stuff
darth2018-07-07 16:17:18
Do NOT post html or bb code. You will be auto-banned.
sonlinne2018-07-07 16:38:18
this is why blockland forums needs to be shut down forever
sonlinne2018-07-07 16:38:35
also fricc isnt funny
Freedom Bringer2018-07-07 16:43:25
comeon guiys who wants blhack
Blockbyte2018-07-07 16:43:31
so since forums are still down, i cant post a topic in the help section so ill just post here: would anybody happen to know why none of my faces are loading onto blockland? only the default ones do, when i download another one it just doesnt even load onto the game.
Orangemann2018-07-07 16:53:42
yare yare daze
sonlinne2018-07-07 16:53:49
where are you putting them when you download them
mike hawk2018-07-07 17:11:42
just ask that question in the BCC or Glass discord, i dont think anyone here will want to help you
ret2018-07-07 17:30:56
Put your file in the Add-ons folder. Make sure the addon isn't nested (duplicate add-on folders). I think using a Mac for the Steam version might screw up faces.
FelipeO_O2018-07-07 18:00:20
Blf's bizarre adventure
its soo hot2018-07-07 18:03:38
Drydess2018-07-07 18:09:20
> Blf's bizarre adventure

*roundabout plays*
sonlinne2018-07-07 18:20:38
dear glass adminds.: approve my adon
glass adminds2018-07-07 18:30:54
Better glass adminds2018-07-07 18:48:32
ignore him

sonlinne2018-07-07 19:02:14
David Hasselhoff2018-07-07 19:02:53
I hope all the bans get cleared :^)
sonlinne2018-07-07 19:05:21
imagine having to make new accounts with your existing key/s
Carl Johnson2018-07-07 19:17:22
I hope so
Carl Johannson2018-07-07 19:27:17
yes pls
ret2018-07-07 19:27:44
Imagine remembering your keys.
ur granny2018-07-07 19:36:47
Bob2018-07-07 19:43:53
Update the game please
TableSalt2018-07-07 19:45:40
sonlinne2018-07-07 19:46:57
incoming raid of alts
sonlinne2018-07-07 19:47:13
also how long will converting BLF take
Rotonda2018-07-07 19:56:50
Hey guys Rotondo here, just wanted to let you know that SMF has driven Badspot to take his own life. Right before he passed away from overdosing on gasoline he handed development over to Lord Tony. The forums will be back up in a few days and Lord Tony has requested that I make him the only person able to post on the new forums, if anybody else attempts to post they will be automatically banned. Thanks, and have fun.
read my name
trueblood11112018-07-07 20:05:28
Buy blockland forums all access for only $29.99
BLOOKIRBY2018-07-07 20:10:17
I'm Gay2018-07-07 20:17:18
I'm gay
sonlinne2018-07-07 20:33:31
it was approved gamers. thank you for supporting me on my journey
white niggas be like2018-07-07 20:34:07
*is over 70 degrees outside*

Ploopster2018-07-07 20:35:40
Kid temper tantrum is best waifu
zach hill2018-07-07 20:36:46
zach here, new album coming friday the 13th next year.
exit2018-07-07 20:37:02
Mr. Diamond2018-07-07 20:39:05
Remember you will pay one day Heartless bitch
undertale is gay2018-07-07 20:52:31
undertale is gay
drassypot2018-07-07 21:00:36
14/88 take back your future white man the yews control your media and feed you propaganda 8-bitler was right all along
Medivh2018-07-07 21:01:31

If you write your own forum code, you should try and create the ability to Hellban people. Banning people in a way in which they can still post, but nobody else can see their posts. It'd be a good way to weed out repeat offenders I think
2018-07-07 21:03:24
shadowbanning on blf would be fucking hilarious
sonlinne2018-07-07 21:10:22
and shadowban by ip
Mommy Monika2018-07-07 21:24:27
Hey guys, I have 1700 V-bucks.
the pug of questioning2018-07-07 21:31:51
Why is your name Monika?
2018-07-07 21:36:35
cause he gay
sonlinne2018-07-07 21:41:23
ddlc is gay and anyone who likes it is a homosexual
Epicduke2018-07-07 21:41:59
yo man im sorry for what i said im sorry guys ilove this forum im sorry
trueblood11112018-07-07 21:49:27
Blockland Forums 42018-07-07 21:56:24
inb4 someone raids these forums
Blockland Forums 52018-07-07 22:05:58
Im better than u
Blockland Forums 62018-07-07 22:10:38
No I am
King Tony2018-07-07 22:14:22
Ban tablesalt for necrobumping.
Rotondo2018-07-07 22:16:28
Hey guys Rotondo here, just wanted to let you know that SMF has driven Badspot to take his own life. Right before he passed away from overdosing on gasoline he handed development over to Lord Tony. The forums will be back up in a few days and Lord Tony has requested that I make him the only person able to post on the new forums, if anybody else attempts to post they will be automatically banned. Thanks, and have fun.
Epicduke2018-07-07 22:19:37
shtu the fuck up rotondo I HATE YOU AN DT HSI FORUM
Mario2018-07-07 22:21:05
Epicduke2018-07-07 22:24:53
Blockland Forums 62018-07-07 22:34:00
can you atleast make a "drama" section
TableSalt2018-07-07 22:34:21
i cant live.... without the blovk land forums......
bedpost2018-07-07 22:36:45
how the fuck do u overdose on gasoline
smh badspot is a p00sy
Wario2018-07-07 22:37:30
fortnite2018-07-07 22:43:22

2018-07-07 22:44:54
Jewish tricks abound
Blockland2018-07-07 22:45:32

Roblox2018-07-07 22:46:38

TableSalt2018-07-07 22:49:21
if one (not me) were to admit to trolling here would they (not me) get banned on the real forums once they return (asking for a friend (not me))
King Tony2018-07-07 22:59:08
hey guys. my clan is great. DONT JOIN IT YOU"RE NOT ALLWOED To!!!
the members r secret as well. fucking secret society mate dont ask about it
i love sucking dick and killing SJW black jewish nongenderbinaryfluid females haha yes
ellis man2018-07-07 23:01:08
man tries to be funny by being the 10000000th person to say "blockland is dead"
Steve Harvey2018-07-07 23:01:17
WARIO!!!!!!!!!! YOU'RE ALIVE!!!!!!!!!!!
sonlinne2018-07-07 23:01:47
blockland IS dead you fucking moron
ellis man2018-07-07 23:05:18
UR MOM IS DEAD Frickn Nerd....
Steve Harvey2018-07-07 23:05:49
CBlock3602018-07-07 23:07:47
I will bring Blockland back to life with the power of actually making quality gamemodes that aren't overly complex and are actually fun to play that isn't a bunch of RP BS
trueblood11112018-07-07 23:07:50
The posts are repeating
ellis man2018-07-07 23:14:54
quality is stuphid
CRAZEY2018-07-07 23:15:54
this is the BEST version of the forums thus far!!!
not an alt2018-07-07 23:21:27
when we get artillery
sonlinne2018-07-07 23:32:58
cblock being pretentious doesnt make you better at doing things it just makes you pretentious
ellis man2018-07-07 23:35:06
german gay lol
nalnalas2018-07-07 23:36:56
dirty peenus i like dicks dirty peenus i like dicks dirty peenus i like dicks dirty peenus i like dicks dirty peenus i like dicks dirty peenus i like dicks dirty peenus i like dicks dirty peenus i like dicks dirty peenus i like dicks dirty peenus i like dicks dirty peenus i like dicks dirty peenus i like dicks dirty peenus i like dicks dirty peenus i like dicks dirty peenus i like dicks dirty peenus i like dicks dirty peenus i like dicks dirty peenus i like dicks dirty peenus i like dicks dirty peenus i like dicks dirty peenus i like dicks dirty peenus i like dicks dirty peenus i like dicks dirty peenus i like dicks dirty peenus i like dicks dirty peenus i like dicks dirty peenus i like dicks dirty peenus i like dicks dirty peenus i like dicks dirty peenus i like dicks dirty peenus i like dicks dirty peenus i like dicks dirty peenus i like dicks dirty peenus i like dicks dirty peenus i like dicks dirty peenus i like dicks dirty peenus i like dicks dirty peenus i like dicks dirty peenus i like dicks dirty peenus i like dicks dirty peenus i like dicks dirty peenus i like dicks dirty peenus i like dicks
Nal2018-07-07 23:38:12
Nal2018-07-07 23:39:31
Alright guys, who here is going to make the new Furry thread?
Nal2018-07-07 23:41:49
Seriously guys i need to get my rocks off SOMEONE post some hot furry art, thanks.
smelly2018-07-07 23:44:50
smelly2018-07-07 23:45:31
shit i tried to do loss but it didnt work
TableSalt2018-07-07 23:50:09
dude, nice
momentum2018-07-07 23:51:49
hi lol
Badsp0t2018-07-08 00:01:48
Germestar is cool, it was the biggest mistake to ban him.
(In dez.2016)
2018-07-08 00:02:07
sonlinne2018-07-08 00:02:19
Germestar2018-07-08 00:02:43
#revival of GermestarArmy!#revival of GermestarArmy!#revival of GermestarArmy!#revival of GermestarArmy!#revival of GermestarArmy!#revival of GermestarArmy!#revival of GermestarArmy!#revival of GermestarArmy!#revival of GermestarArmy!#revival of GermestarArmy!#revival of GermestarArmy!#revival of GermestarArmy!#revival of GermestarArmy!#revival of GermestarArmy!#revival of GermestarArmy!#revival of GermestarArmy!#revival of GermestarArmy!#revival of GermestarArmy!#revival of GermestarArmy!#revival of GermestarArmy!#revival of GermestarArmy!#revival of GermestarArmy!#revival of GermestarArmy!#revival of GermestarArmy!#revival of GermestarArmy!#revival of GermestarArmy!#revival of GermestarArmy!#revival of GermestarArmy!#revival of GermestarArmy!#revival of GermestarArmy!#revival of GermestarArmy!#revival of GermestarArmy!#revival of GermestarArmy!
BOT2018-07-08 00:04:04
Warum werden deutsche Kommentare gesperrt?
Merchandise2018-07-08 00:06:03
#a heart for Germestar.
unholyrush2018-07-08 00:07:21
Are that real members of the GermestarArmy or fakers?
Steve Harvey2018-07-08 00:09:37
Mario2018-07-08 00:09:45
2018-07-08 00:10:00
Damn it, now how am I going to shill my awful loop pack.
Skill4life2018-07-08 00:13:20
not sure
unholyrush2018-07-08 00:13:47
Are that real members of the GermestarArmy or fakers?
trueblood11112018-07-08 00:14:02
I =
I I I _
Zizo2018-07-08 00:14:51
I loved Germestar he was cool but that army was *******
VEganer2018-07-08 00:17:08
I miss Germestar. He was the victim of the cybermobbing the Blockland forum that idiots post shit things about him.
-->But than Badspot ban him. At this time i was very Angry
2018-07-08 00:19:25
I miss Germestar. He was a victim of that Blockland-forum lie-postings he did nothing wrong. But that idiots post shit about him and than he gets banned. At this time I was very angry
Hi man2018-07-08 00:23:14
Hello Guys
Charles2018-07-08 00:27:55
I love lloops.
43822018-07-08 00:30:06
wtf dont post as me germestar u lil shit
Do NOT post html or bb code. You will be auto-banned.
.2018-07-08 00:34:49
nixtheglaceon2018-07-08 00:53:03
is it just me or is every "[name] the [pokemon] person on the internet a fucking psychopath
nixtheglaceon2018-07-08 00:53:51
stop fucking trolling me
nixtheglaceon2018-07-08 01:03:05
no u
Curse You2018-07-08 01:07:50
01111 01110 10001
10000 10001 01010
10110 11111 00100
10001 10001 00100
01110 10001 00100
Curse You2018-07-08 01:12:59
01110 01110 01110
01110 01110 01110
01110 01110 01110
01110 01110 01110
01110 01110 01110
Curse You2018-07-08 01:13:59
01010 00100 00100
11111 01100 00100
01010 00100 00100
11111 00100 00000
01010 01110 00100
ok2018-07-08 01:18:42
sonlinne2018-07-08 01:22:35
LOL spam funny
ok2018-07-08 01:22:47
Sixmorphugus2018-07-08 01:26:10
Please remove the Drama board. Just hide it and all topics it contains. You should simply ban people who attempt to take what it was to another board.
it was needed2018-07-08 01:35:20
atleast just keep it for in game blockland and not for the forums?
Master Matthew2018-07-08 01:37:25
i like diapers
Ephialtes2018-07-08 01:37:30
does anyone know how to remove horse cum from human hair?
Grimlock2018-07-08 01:46:43
sounds like sixmorphugus is autistic to me
Black and White is Stocking2018-07-08 01:56:37
What did you guys do?
Vonideous2018-07-08 02:04:30
the forums will never return
Drydess2018-07-08 02:05:18
> Alright guys, who here is going to make the new Furry thread?

this is a pressing matter that must be addressed
Lord Pony2018-07-08 02:05:46
shut up all of you and join my klan
Mario2018-07-08 02:20:44
Badsp0t2018-07-08 02:41:51
Badspt2018-07-08 02:42:51
sonlinne2018-07-08 02:50:31
Curse You2018-07-08 03:02:27
wait what i didn't post these last 2 ones
Curse You2018-07-08 03:06:42
01110011 01110101 01100011 01101011 00100000 01101101 01100101
2018-07-08 03:29:42
code your own forums before you put the smf 2.0 one up
Wario2018-07-08 03:31:35
Stephen... I'm still dead.
Steve Harvey2018-07-08 03:31:43
Wario2018-07-08 03:31:57
What matters is that you keep me in your heart, Stephen.
Steve Harvey2018-07-08 03:32:33
I'll get you back, Wario...
Wario2018-07-08 03:33:10
The route of life we both followed will always influence you, Stephen.
Wario2018-07-08 03:33:29
And so I will always be there to guide you, through our time...
Steve Harvey2018-07-08 03:33:54
trueblood55552018-07-08 03:39:03
Steve Harvey2018-07-08 03:44:18
Steve Harvey2018-07-08 03:44:27
i'm coming wario.
Mr Noobler2018-07-08 03:52:09
hopefully its not brickcity or whatever it is again
2018-07-08 03:53:39
if you tlak to yourself you hate society
Wario2018-07-08 04:00:46
Remember me Stephen.
Steve Harvey2018-07-08 04:01:49
sonlinne2018-07-08 04:02:10
been a pleasure, Stefan
Steve Harvey2018-07-08 04:02:54
can you hear me wario? please
sonlinne2018-07-08 04:03:27
so far this is the worst walking dead game episode
Waluigi2018-07-08 04:05:43
What did you say? Stephen, this can't be true...
Waluigi2018-07-08 04:12:49
i'm not in smash
Imperium2018-07-08 04:21:54
When the forums come back somebody is going to have their reputation destroyed
Imperium2018-07-08 04:22:01
CBlock3602018-07-08 04:28:32
Guys, what if we made superkart 2.0? That will surely revive Blockland!
anon2018-07-08 04:29:37
This new watermelon sour patch kid slurpie at 7/11 tastes great
Steve Harvey2018-07-08 04:41:19
I'll find you Wario...
CBlock3602018-07-08 04:52:57
I wonder how officerzach is doing? Last time i've even seen or heard of him he had an arguement about furbies, but this was months ago.
trueblood11112018-07-08 05:10:58
Zach got his account perma banned
Joseph Joestar2018-07-08 05:53:13
officerzach2018-07-08 05:53:19
im back with my doraemon
chubs2018-07-08 06:20:23
badspot we're hungry
It is very true that centerman12346 is banned from the actual Blf.
I love anonymous posting.2018-07-08 06:35:56
Isn't this fun
Child2018-07-08 06:36:36
Autism2018-07-08 06:36:59
Gun2018-07-08 06:37:14
Unreasonable2018-07-08 06:37:39
Dangerous2018-07-08 06:38:11
Club2018-07-08 06:38:28
Nasal2018-07-08 06:39:06
Finger2018-07-08 06:39:23
Comment2018-07-08 06:39:43
former member2018-07-08 07:01:56
I decide to check out this forum on a whim after 3 years and the forums gets attacked yet again. Absolutely hilarious.
forber mebner2018-07-08 07:16:27
Ie decidae to check oot this forum on a hwim ahtar 3 years and teh forums gets attackead yet again. Absolutely heilarioos.
identofy2018-07-08 07:18:24
blockland forums
2018-07-08 07:19:33
You can tell who posts no matter the name by the symbol and color next to their name in the Comments section.
buttmunch2018-07-08 07:31:46
its only been 3 days but it feels like forever
Falco2018-07-08 07:42:12
Hello! Wario? Is that you?
CBlock3602018-07-08 07:43:03
Doraezach's account was perm banned on the forum but not ingame.
Frank West2018-07-08 08:03:26
I've covered wars, yaknow
Fwank Rest2018-07-08 08:23:25
C've iovered yars, waknow
Fwank West2018-07-08 08:53:02
I've cwovewed waws u know uwu
JC Denton2018-07-08 09:01:59
What a shame.
Wank Frest2018-07-08 09:57:49
I've covered porns you know.
cumcat2018-07-08 10:53:03
Around elves...
h2018-07-08 11:29:49
stop whining
Rolfey952018-07-08 12:18:29
New Blockland forums looks nice
Rolfey952018-07-08 12:24:36
Is it known how many accounts where actually affected?
Formor Mombor2018-07-08 12:56:59
O docodo to chock oot thos forom on o whom oftor 3 yoors ond tho foroms gots ottockod yot ogoon. obsolotoly holorooos.
Scaredhappyguy/qaydrin2018-07-08 13:18:25
did you miss me m8s
PK Freeze2018-07-08 13:27:49
No, who are you?
pee man2018-07-08 13:37:26
pan man2018-07-08 14:13:37
Vienna2018-07-08 14:17:59
FelipeO_O is a fucking cuck2018-07-08 14:36:33
We need a Blockland Down the Rabbit Hole
Say hi to taboobles and shit
icapsed2018-07-08 15:19:17
what do these blox city fuckos have against us huh
FelipeO_O2018-07-08 15:23:17
What the fuck youre name
trueblood11112018-07-08 16:12:05
July 8th, the forums are still down
Muttiilpomodoronero2018-07-08 16:41:25
plz badspot hurry up
Superfun909/wilrnilr2018-07-08 16:54:45
Well this is exciting.
sonlinne2018-07-08 16:56:51
@CB he has a discord server where he posts his silly toys and his awful "animations" regularly. i've noticed he also types like my dad and it puts me off
Fuck off felipe2018-07-08 17:17:07
Real Taboo2018-07-08 17:20:08
Fucking Badspot
P1xelized2018-07-08 17:37:12
bye blf
Tony Orlando2018-07-08 17:49:38
Wario is dead.
Mocheeze2018-07-08 17:54:45
Not dead.
truememestar2018-07-08 18:13:26
i wanted to download super creeper lol
Bedspoot2018-07-08 18:20:18
Hewoo i am bedspoot and i wool boop ur snoot and gr8dayseth is gay lool
torin32018-07-08 18:26:24
I ship myself, tito, and kidalex. We are all gonna have a gay ol' time!
Cool Blockhead2018-07-08 18:27:27
This is absolutely absurd, this anonymous posting, it is clearly a repeat of April Fools 2016.
Wario2018-07-08 18:36:31
sexy2018-07-08 18:37:50
Do The Marwio
sexy2018-07-08 18:37:51
Do The Marwio
tbf2018-07-08 18:55:14
eat oabt2018-07-08 19:05:59
lag2018-07-08 19:12:37
dude im lagging
Marwio2018-07-08 19:22:04
Fuck Yu Sexy Bitch
FelipeO_O2018-07-08 19:22:37
Fuck you americans always the same.
FelipeO_O2018-07-08 19:22:45
Just come to Brazil.
Grimlock2018-07-08 19:26:59
Shut up monkey
FelipeO_O2018-07-08 19:29:07
Fuck off stupid cunt
Monkey2018-07-08 19:30:32
I didn't even say anything dude.
FelipeO_O2018-07-08 19:31:15
Stupid fucking monkey come to brazil
Monkey2018-07-08 19:32:18
Are you paying for my plane ticket? The Zoo doesn't make me much money.
FelipeO_O2018-07-08 19:32:43
Ja Ja Ja Ja
badspot t2018-07-08 19:33:53
Hey guys its really me, Bad Spot.
big gay2018-07-08 19:34:47
big big gay
badspot t2018-07-08 19:35:02
Shut up. Big gay. You arent Funny for real. Im Bad Spot.
badspot t2018-07-08 19:36:47
Im adding Super Wario to the game. Rest in piece Suyper wario. Im bad spot.
badspot t2018-07-08 19:38:00
Everyone. Add me on roblox. Im bad spot.
xxsonicxx062018-07-08 19:57:28
Damn, I will sure miss the forums, how the fuck will we get our addons? And what about our clan. Now there is a chance the forums is finally dead and will rest from the cancerous tom fuckery from you guys. I hope this will be more kind and more disease accepting.
Average car add-on maker2018-07-08 20:11:57
Superkart is basically Knack. Superkart 2 will be Knack 2.
@ILoveStapler2018-07-08 20:12:08
Casual Sunday?
MORICHi2018-07-08 20:18:20
So uh, what's up fellas?
Mario2018-07-08 20:19:18
Grimlock2018-07-08 20:23:30
filipe is a chimp
PK Freeze2018-07-08 20:31:13
Grimlock more like, lockjaw, a spasm of the jaw muscles, causing the mouth to remain tightly closed, typically as a symptom of tetanus.
poop2018-07-08 20:33:02
i poop
sheer heart attack2018-07-08 20:36:21
has no weakness
Nani?!?!?!?2018-07-08 20:37:48
This must be the work of an enemy stand!
Jadedacat19762018-07-08 20:39:04
@Badspot I think you should change to xenforo
Grimlock2018-07-08 20:39:15
isn't pk freeze the retard that spams glass all the time
Grimlock2018-07-08 20:39:21
isn't pk freeze the retard that spams glass all the time
Is that a...2018-07-08 20:46:53
PK Freeze2018-07-08 20:50:18
no thats captain hoovy
Order your 'Sam the sex doll' today for just $199.99 plus $59.99 shipping and handling. But wait, if you call within the next 20 minutes, we'll throw in a free Hungarian child sex slave! Order yours today!!
OnlyTwentyCharacters2018-07-08 21:02:03
Hey bambinos who are you rooting for in the semi-finals of the world cup
2018-07-08 21:02:24
Grimlock why isn't your name patton anymore?
Hi, Welcome to WatchMojo.2018-07-08 21:04:18
Hi, Welcome to WatchMojo, today we'll be counting down our favorite Top 10 Top 10 Countdowns. Number 10: WatchMojo's Top 10 Top 10 Countdowns. In this top 10 countdown, WatchMojo counts down their favorite top 10 top 10 countdowns, starting with WatchMojo's Top 10 Top 10 countdowns.
Anonymous2018-07-08 21:06:46
So ever since FNaF 2 was released I've found myself somewhat attracted to Toy Chica. I know its kind of a meme or a joke but I need help.

It took a while before my attraction to her became sexual. While I know everyone has a fetish of some sort, I've always felt insecure about this and I was wondering if anyone could tell me if being attracted to her is normal. It is beginning to worry me.

Im not a furry and will never consider myself as one. Note that I was 10 years of age when this all started, which is close to the age that people develop fetishes. But please give me your opinion, does this make me a weird person?
GreenBH2018-07-08 21:10:34
Who would like more information on a Blockland rip off?
owo2018-07-08 21:11:41
The Howocaust was the systematic, buweaucwatic, state-sponsowed pewsecution and muwdew of six miwwion Jews by the Nyazi wegime and its cowwabowatows. Howocaust is a wowd of Gweek owigin meanying "sacwifice by fiwe." The Nyazis, who came to powew in Gewmany in Janyuawy 1933, bewieved that Gewmans wewe "waciawwy supewiow" and that the Jews, deemed "infewiow," wewe an awien thweat to the so-cawwed Gewman waciaw communyity.
Gif is pronounced yiff2018-07-08 21:13:04
Fun fact, the source of this debate comes from English borrowed words. You see, while words borrowed from Old Norse kept their hard Gs, words from Old French had a sound shift where the G would soften in front of front vowels (ee, e, and i). Interestingly, Old English words with G underwent a sound shift where the Gs became Ys, so, since GIF is an English-made word, the correct pronunciation is "yiff"
Re: Semen2018-07-08 21:16:04
Eating semen isn't gay. In fact it's one of the most masculine things a man can do, think about it, you're eating the very essence of masculinity.
2018-07-08 21:17:22
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Gender is fun
Why is it hard to see that brains are gendered as well as our bodies.

Being trans simply means that someone was born with a brain that expects its body to be another sex than what it is. If anything trans people's existence supports the idea that gender is not a choice because if it was why would anyone need to transistion?

The WHO just changed their classification for gender identity disorder to gender incongruance (which also means being trans was moved from being a mental health issue to being considered a sexual health issue). I think the phrase gender incongruance is descriptive of the trans experience. Trans pepole experience an incongruance between their internal gender identity (the gender of their brain) and the external sex of their body. Most people have brains that match their physical sex, trans pepole don't.

If gender was a choice than there would be no trans pepole. Unfortunately gender is not a choice and trans pepole are on the shitty side of a statistical curve and ended up with brains and bodies that just don't match.
sonlinne2018-07-08 21:18:03
yo quiero jodo chicos de anime tbh
Fortnite is2018-07-08 21:28:10
a shitty bootleg copy and paste of PUBG and TF2
2018-07-08 21:28:48
if you get caught while jacking off, youre gay for stopping.
but if you keep jacking off, whoever keeps looking turns gay
LiaiSOns832018-07-08 21:29:57
Hey reddit I've been meaning to ask this but do you ever just shit your pants on purpose? I've found it to be quite soothing and very warm and gives me a stiffy like no other. If i was into a girl and she didn't like my new fetish what should I do?
POLITICS MEGATHREAD2018-07-08 21:39:12
Post politics stuff
trueblood11112018-07-08 21:41:03
Anybody else just want to blow their brains out
PK Freeze2018-07-08 21:45:27
trueblood dont do it
Heavy sweapon dude lol2018-07-08 21:46:13
its costs me 400 thousand collars fto fire this weapon..... for 12 seconds.............
Smart Man2018-07-08 21:51:45
Battle Royale sucks cause it originated from a movie in Japan that stole ideas from the Roman Colosseum and twisted those ideals. Everything that comes from Japan is basically weeb crap, so battle royale is weeb crap.
ass2018-07-08 22:38:17
anybody else get that 403 forbidden error when you open the forum page
Master King Deaddude2018-07-08 22:43:49
yeah same :/
urdad2018-07-08 22:48:50
i got three shiny articunos in pokemon go
Mario2018-07-08 22:51:21
Mario2018-07-08 22:51:21
Smart Man2018-07-08 22:51:29
Releasing Superkart early was a stupid decision from the developers. They didn't have to give in to demands, but they did. It was the developer's fault that Superkart failed.
Xeidious2018-07-08 23:15:33
Truth is, the game was rigged from the start.
Smart Man2018-07-08 23:27:11
People who do not release finished game modes like Heed's TDM or Randomizer tdm are bad people.
ret2018-07-08 23:28:52
The late April Fool's joke is that our IPs were logged on here, and each comment will be traced to their respective forum accounts.
Smart Man2018-07-08 23:33:59
There was a server that some one made in which players could buy weapon loadouts and engage in close-quarters-combat in a variety of maps. It was a very cool server that must be revived!
Falco2018-07-08 23:36:24
Wow, Smart Man. That server sounds pretty cool.
trueblood11112018-07-08 23:42:32
Everything is fucked. The forums wont come back
eliptats2018-07-08 23:45:10
-Spllsthch- -Twplsh- Her lower abdomen distended, warped around the silhouette worming its way through her crotch, the lum swaying to and fro like the tail of an exciting dog displacing her organs in its rampart through her, delivering ache through every strained musculature It bent to the grub's girth. Rarity paralyzed to do nothing but witness her midsection mould like clay around the protrusion of the parasite, and feel her flower undulate with strain, clutching the width of the filthy maggot. In the stress she exuded heat, in the cooled caverns of the hive she felt sweat and gunk coagulate to cold blotches over her heat pricked coat
Th-this is unbearable, c-can't you j-just wriggle your wa-way back out, no? Y-you are really hurting-nng
-Slsltch- Her stomach swelled around the outlines of her occupant. Tension easing from her marehood as it glid over every chubby segment of the larva despite each stretch filling her with the sense of fitting on a dress two sizes too small only for the ache to percolate at her middle, belly billowing outward with her skin contorting in flabs matching the sections of the invader's form. -Splsltch- -Pllssh- A splatter of gunk fluttered from her crotch, as the lips engulfed the maggot, sealing itself shut in its wake, her abdomen buckling, bending, distorting by the grub worming up to the wall of her cervix.
P-please I-ll do anything, I-i can get you a proper mother, provide all manner of cute holed outfits a-and my friend is great at partie-. P-please, Rarity pleaded as she felt the prods turning into rams, her vagina already contorted to a highway, and now her cervix followed suit, pried apart by the horn and squirms of the grub seeking its way through her, following instinct, the mentality imposed on it by the hive mind's orders, primal urges, to make itself a mother.
Falco2018-07-08 23:47:57
No eliptats, I don't think it did.
Smart Man2018-07-08 23:48:10
This is how a bee hive chooses their new queen.
Smart Man2018-07-08 23:50:27
Also, the hit Iraqian anime Doraemon might actually be decent compared to RWBY? Which one do you think is better?
Forbidden2018-07-09 00:07:54
You don't have permission to access / on this server.

Additionally, a 403 Forbidden error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request.
Bender2018-07-09 00:11:58
All you ever do is complain
Smart Man2018-07-09 00:13:46
Did you know? The actor who played Jar Jar Binks in Star Wars: The Phantom Menace had contemplated committing suicide when he was universally hated by both fans and critics.
Anon2018-07-09 00:15:53
How high is your IQ Smart Man? Do you watch Rick and Morty?
Smart Man2018-07-09 00:17:39
Smart Man2018-07-09 00:18:18
Smart Man2018-07-09 00:22:08
A good story will always be tainted when a lgbqt character is put in, but a bad story where the main character is a straight white man with no flaws is saved.
bloxcity2018-07-09 00:23:53
play bloxcity really cool fun game at
ikethegeneric real2018-07-09 00:31:00
i did it. i am the one who brought the forums down. you must pay ransom for your gay fucking lego forum to be brought back up. send me funnycoins at RCG2C34T786R5GF3RB8CFVY374T
NalNalas2018-07-09 00:31:37
looking for furry foot pics hit me up at [email protected]
Leland-Chan2018-07-09 00:42:21
New episode of Kid Temper Tantrum is up.
ann2018-07-09 01:58:07
hello i am retarded
Ephialtes2018-07-09 02:03:05
Hi guys, it's Ephialtes. I am now announcing Return To Blockland 2, coming soon.
FelipeO_O2018-07-09 02:04:13
^ You may go fuck yourself ^
FelipeO_O2018-07-09 02:05:08
Ephialtes2018-07-09 02:07:32
Just because of that comment, Return to Blockland 2 is canceled.
XXpussyslayerXX2018-07-09 02:18:30
good nobody wanted it anyway
Moon Wolf2018-07-09 02:21:45
We got glass now
cum2018-07-09 02:23:00
i cum
Gsterman2018-07-09 02:49:46
me too
Smart Man2018-07-09 02:56:24
Making a new Return To Blockland is like making Despacito 2.
JazZ2018-07-09 03:18:02
Since i am allowed to post on here i would like to note that the post one of my accounts was banned for is actually very accurate. The Blockland is dying post actually marked the statistical decline of the player base. Just thought after a couple of years since ive been gone id come back to remind you that your only source of fuel for your ego is slowly dying and you have nothing to move forward to except reality.
Black and White2018-07-09 03:48:27
Wait who said I was stocking? that wasn't me.
Grimlock2018-07-09 03:49:48
good to see JazZ is still as retarded as ever
stellarnatu2018-07-09 03:58:08
i teep kicked the blockland server and it screwed up the forums sorry
FelipeO_O2018-07-09 04:01:17
Let's just fucking use 4chan
FelipeO_O2018-07-09 04:01:53
It's more secure :P
JizZ2018-07-09 04:08:20
Haha nice post JIZZ
Soviet Narwhal2018-07-09 04:33:15
Look I always say bad things about furries, but I actually think they are pretty hot. Just all that fur rubbing together
Mario2018-07-09 05:03:33
2018-07-09 05:19:50
the forum 404 doesn't redirect here anymore Badspot
JazZ sucks the2018-07-09 06:20:50
fattest doinks in the subway bathroom
The forums2018-07-09 06:22:16
Are dead.
Jizz is wrong2018-07-09 06:25:17
There is no decline. We must keep typing random shit in the off top is section
ANNOUNCEMENT!2018-07-09 06:34:09
I don't think the hackers who caused the QUARINTINE was blox city. Hell, they were so humiliated they rebranded to brick planet and are essentially dead. The previous event like this was a site lockdown, possibly due to a hack. After this event, security will be much better. Having to lay low in the vault will be incredibly unlikely. Either way, try and join a temporary forum run by one of us
Elektito2018-07-09 06:37:14
Lmao jazz is still assblasted. What a coincidence that he just HAPPENS to pop up right after the forum gets fucking pounded with the biggest leak in its history? Hmmm
perv2018-07-09 06:52:22
hey guys i'm completely serious when I say this: There's a doujinshi named "Do You Like Big Girls?" about a short guy becoming dorm manager for a women's volleyball team. It's actually the only hentai that I can say that I came for the porn, but stayed for the story and comedy. This shit is *GOLD*
Useless Adapter2018-07-09 07:53:47
f2018-07-09 10:13:26
I dont have an account here, wont let me without buying ur shitty game, or have any idea wtf this is more a shitty minecraft ripoff but I came to say eat shit kidalex you pathetic fuck, go choke on the object dicks i drew and go fuck yourself
TableSalt2018-07-09 10:17:30
person above infinite gay
PK Freeze2018-07-09 11:28:49
f just go back to roblox.
Carl Johnson2018-07-09 11:54:11
What's that about trains?
Cave Johnson2018-07-09 12:02:48
What's this about lemons?
Corl Bonson2018-07-09 12:53:04
What's this about Arabs?
ANNOUNCEMENT!2018-07-09 13:01:30
im gay
Congratulations!2018-07-09 13:36:42
To the gay man
dsaf2018-07-09 14:46:07
Drydess2018-07-09 15:53:01
here we go again
sonlinne2018-07-09 15:53:57
why are people into inanimate objects with human genitals
Blockhead2018-07-09 15:56:37
PK Freeze2018-07-09 15:59:40
To those still here: why the fuck you still here? The forums are back dummy.
Drydess2018-07-09 16:04:25
also if someone could tell badspot that you can post without key verification that'd be great
Drydess2018-07-09 16:09:03
nevermind i was lied to
Cblock3602018-07-09 16:14:55
>goes to log into the forums
>In maintenance mode
2018-07-09 16:27:24
dead again
chappers2018-07-09 16:42:11
tony was right necrobumping is a liberal sjw ploy
sonlinne2018-07-09 17:21:02
gotta go get some paypal money
2018-07-09 21:53:38
Anon2018-07-10 01:44:53
The forums are back up I think
benis2018-07-11 22:51:14
this is still my fav forum
auz2018-07-15 23:46:09
tap like if you up
Black and White is Stocking2018-07-21 07:51:40
How about no.
mario2018-07-30 22:43:08
wamuu2018-08-09 00:40:58
awaken my masters
Not Dotmaster Cade2018-08-25 00:36:32
for the love of god why @personabove
slate2018-08-25 06:19:57
a2018-10-29 15:26:32
where my october 2018 vros at
2018-11-01 16:33:30
we dead again?
Badspot2018-11-01 16:48:37
There's a few hours of planned maintenance at the hosting provider.
fuck2018-11-01 17:35:26
Dog2018-11-01 17:38:56
This is fine.
jam jar2018-11-01 17:43:00
free brickadia keys for sale
TableSalt2018-11-01 18:05:28
tell the hosting provider to stop having a few hours of planned maintenance at the hosting provider
kidatschool2018-11-01 18:07:22
This Si UnEpic..
kidalex2018-11-01 18:33:02
Plastijames is a fucking retard
Darth2018-11-01 18:34:59
It's honestly amazing how many BOS users come in here to create the most toxic cesspool of human beings to ever exist within a day. I know the BLF3 has been here for a while but still, my point stands valid
edd2018-11-01 19:02:31
what the fuck are you crying for its a bootleg version of the forum and youre still angry over the evil trolls
lambdatorin2018-11-01 21:03:29
brickadia is full of fucking cry babies and faggots who cant take jokes
Darth2018-11-02 00:12:11
who cares edd
Michael2018-11-02 14:03:34
Hey! Vsauce, Michael here.
Pp2018-12-03 04:32:26
It fell off
Michaelepike2018-12-19 06:24:13
Hello. And Bye.
Michael2019-02-05 20:31:31
Hey! Vsauce, Michael here.
soviet narswhale2019-03-17 03:57:43
hey guys : D
2019-03-17 03:57:53
when does blockland forums come back>?
sonlinne2019-04-11 03:07:47
hello :)
Se bing2019-05-30 20:15:33
Shut The fuck Up SOnl ine.
2019-08-07 21:13:00
rafa1202019-08-07 21:13:29
celau2020-08-10 04:32:27
you mother fucker i cant belive you just mother fucker badspot

this is why i leaked all keys
celau2020-08-10 04:34:45
if i didn't leak all keys blockland would be good

here is my friends
1. compix
2. radio star
3. dumbmatt
5. cca
6. other hackers
ukiito2021-11-15 01:18:34
ezraph.2022-01-05 03:37:30
I miss this game. Don't get me wrong. Watching one of the guys' videos gets me on a nostalgia trip again and I can't believe I'm doing this.

I hope I'd be able to post to the MAIN forums to share you a big story once I put my mind and money to it. Someday it'll happen.

S/O Filipe
ezraph.2022-01-05 03:37:54
ukiito2022-01-26 17:55:13
Infomaniac_2022-07-24 11:08:26
pompmaker12023-01-31 13:31:19
what's going on guys
sponge2023-05-30 10:27:39
hey guys whats up

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