This is an artificial life program I made for my 8th grade science project. Each creature consists of 8 possible cells around a central mouth. Each cell can be a foot (yellow) which allows movement, a stomach (red) which stores food, or an eye (blue) which detects food. They run around, eat the grass, reproduce and mutate. It's not particularly sophisticated but it's neat.

I made this in visual basic 6 on a 486DX. On a modern machine a whole civilization of bugs whips by in a few seconds, but in '95 it could take hours. To get enough trials in for my science project, I hacked in a mode where it would run with no display.

One point during development I had a bug (the programming kind) where the "grass" on the edge of the field wouldn't disappear when consumed. This lead to creatures that just made a b-line for the edge of the screen and stayed there for ever. Genetic algorithms are great at finding flaws in the system.

The Evil Corporation2015-02-13 19:18:31
This game will not run on my computer
Badspot2015-02-14 00:13:23
Krayno2015-09-03 11:35:38
Your comment made my night, Badspot. =D
Coolguy322016-11-15 22:02:30
Did you pass?
ComicSans2017-06-26 18:26:58
It's been 2 years, does the game still work?
ComicSans2017-06-26 18:32:31
Nope, the game still doesn't work...Fix it Badspot
MIKE2018-02-23 15:09:53
its just dont work in new windows try win 98 or 2k
PixelCrunch2018-10-28 10:08:08
This game is actually a base for my current Engineering project.

A simple Game o' Life program, running on Win7.
dude2021-10-24 15:11:46

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