Bricktronic2021-06-23 22:09:21
Bricktronic2016-12-24 14:47:56
Lmfao so true.
Bricktronic2016-12-24 14:45:38
This is impressive. I like how fast it goes lmao. Shit, I'd buy this.
Bricktronic2016-08-29 04:17:15
Just wanted to pass this by; modeling is a bitch, isn't it? I've had to redo the player 6 times so far, pretty frustrating. I like the way TGE's animations were set up better, it was less complicated.
Bricktronic2016-08-26 01:21:21
Bro you just made my day by responding with such hospitality. Thanks for that! And we are actually using static shapes for code-testing as of now, and one of us are working on a C++ brick system, so hopefully that turns out well. Thanks!! :)
Bricktronic2016-08-24 16:59:58
Huh, that's pretty cool. I didn't know you were into robotics. What languages do you know how to code in? I can do C++, TorqueScript (thanks to Blockland), and used to know quite some Lua. You may find it interesting that a few people and I are working on a Blockland - like game with the latest T3D. How did you set the bricks up? Surely, you didn't use static shapes..
Bricktronic2016-08-23 00:35:05
Cool. Yo Badspot, ever since I was a child I've yearned to talk to you. Your game "Blockland" is my favorite game, thus is why I often mod for it. A few friends and I have started a game to be similar to yours, but don't worry, we're not copying anything. It's being made with the T3D engine (latest) from scratch. Just saying in case you find that interesting. Sorry to put this here, I don't know how else to get a message through to you. If you're interested in communicating, which I'm sure you're not, my steam is Bricktronic. Blockland name is Bricktronic.
Bricktronic2016-06-18 17:19:46
Great job, dude, I really enjoyed trying this out. Some nice yet comical music and great gameplay. Your game Blockland will always be my very favorite PC game, though.