The Brown Ring of Quality

I have collected a number of logos that resemble a joke from Dilbert. I haven't gone out looking for these, I've just noticed them when going about my business.

On June 11th, 1996, Scott Adams published this Dilbert comic.

Boss: The Dogbert consulting company will help us design a new company logo.

Dogbert: [drinks coffee]

Boss: When will you start?
Dogbert: I just finished. I call it the brown ring of quality.

It proved to be insightful and prophetic.


Lucent Technologies
Just a few months after the comic was originally published, Lucent Technologies, a spin-off of the supposedly-fragmented AT&T, changed their logo to something resembling a Brown Ring of Quality.

The logo is actually called the "Innovation Ring". That is not a joke.
Culinary Circle
A store brand (?) for various Albertson's food products.

This is the most pure BROQ I have seen. It actually looks like a coffee stain.
Sushi Samba
A sub-brand? I found this while searching for the Culinary Circle logo.
AMD Ryzen
Proving once again (along with the Gameboy and Wii) that it doesn't really matter what you name your product as long as it is distinct and the product is good.
Red Granite Pictures
The production company behind the movie The Wolf of Wallstreet.
Shadow of the Tomb Raider
It's a stylized annular eclipse. Normally they use it to replace the "o" in "Tomb" (how clever!), but it is also used on its own.

I noticed it on an Eidos Montreal employee's shirt in this video.
The aliens in the movie Arrival communicate with BROQs. (Spoiler?)
Ok, it hasn't quite gotten there yet, but it's well on its way.

Unchecked minimalism will turn everything into a BROQ.
Conscient Podcast
A clip art logo repurposed for a hippy podcast.

Silent Circle
Some kind of enterprise mobile security business. Ever go to a corporate website look around and still have no idea what they actually do? It's one of those. This is their old logo.

The Silent Circle
A German community organization, unrelated to the previous Silent Circle and also unrelated to the Silent Circle eurodisco group.

Tokyo Tea Rooms
A bar/nightclub/performance venue?

Iza Whiskey and Eats
A Japanese fusion restaurant.

Zen Pore Filter Papers
Labratory filter paper. Pointed out in the comments below.

Blockhead00022021-03-19 16:54:04
Come Sweet Death- Johann Sebastian Bach.

I thought the presence of the piece fitting, we are near an equinox.
Taiku2021-03-20 00:06:45
Coffee Stain Studios is another one but I think that's a little on the nose.
science2021-04-12 02:42:16
2021-04-20 06:45:41
Mr. Annoying2021-04-25 13:27:26
As usual, a Dilbert comic holds up exceedingly well.
DE2021-09-29 08:08:08
The Lucent Logo pre-dated the comic. He was in fact making fun of it. I worked for them then and we all thought it was hilarious.
2021-11-25 23:33:28
Badspot2022-01-29 17:13:52
5 new ones added.
Dabspot2022-02-28 02:58:04
Nice. It's good to know you're still alive.
Dabspot2022-02-28 03:03:11
Add Zen Pore Filter Papers to the logo list..
Auntie Velvet2022-04-06 08:45:45
I noticed this Realtor one via the show Selling Sunset, and thought of Lucent immediately. I didn't realize there were so many more examples.
FlacidPenis2022-05-04 03:07:22
I loved blockland when I was younger and participated in alot of the rpg builds. Glad to see your still alive!
Average Pirate Enjoyer2023-02-06 02:46:44
A note on the Arrival entry: Shaun the Sheep in Farmageddon has a visual gag that parodies the aliens' communication rings with a stain in a pizza box that's shaped just like one of them. Not quite a coffee stain, but close. Almost full circle.
2023-02-13 17:24:07

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