Chicken Weight By Year
Schwarzschild radius may be exceeded by the year 2200.

taaliee2014-10-14 01:29:12
are u sure this is exponential growth!!?! IT COULD BE LOGARITHMIC MODEL!!!
tali2014-10-14 01:37:35
i ment cubic maybe
talei2014-10-14 01:38:34
u forgot to label axis -10pts
taloi2014-10-31 11:15:29
also you forgot the bigger chickens
taioole2014-10-31 11:15:51
and fatter
telli2014-10-31 11:16:00
also the smaller chickens
tealiod2014-10-31 11:16:13
and the tea chickens
L's & D's2014-11-16 04:09:41
What about the coffee chickens?
Eggy2014-12-31 07:57:12
And the eggs
chicken2022-01-26 15:49:11
dont lie

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