Empty Sandbox Game2021-07-14 08:12:57
Eve attracts a certain kind of degenerate who for some reason can't admit that they only play Eve because they aren't good at any well designed games on the market. I spent a lot of time trying to play solo only to realize this game doesn't let you play how you want. If you don't join the first circlejerk Corporation in the recruit tab you have already lost. People who say you have to make your own fun with this game are mentally ill. Let me go stare at this wall. Is it a stupid hobby? No. You just have to make your own fun with the wall. Eve Online is a really lazily thought out game, it looks beautiful, but the gameplay is nonexistent. If the community wasn't so delusional it might be more fun for new players, but instead they scare everyone away by being braindead apes, then wonder why the player count is lower than it's been in the past decade and a half. Good riddance from my hard drive, Eve