Blockland Prototype

In Future War, I discovered many of the limitations of the Torque engine and my ability to produce content. I decided that I needed a simplified game mechanic and graphical style, something that I could easily achieve working by myself. Future War had a deployable system similar to Tribes, and I had made some of the items snap to a grid for easier placement. The fun of building little forts with cubes of rock that snapped into place inspired me to make a lego themed game. Originally I had plans to make it a fort wars type of game with alternating building and combat rounds, but the free building mechanic turned out to be fun on its own.


Press Coverage
Blockland became quite popular and was featured on G4 TV and in some magazines.

random2014-08-13 07:33:06
no download really?!
dargereldren2014-08-16 01:13:39

The official download link got taken down years ago.
You can still find it on the internet though; just do a bit of google searching.
random2014-09-08 18:12:48
dat doesnt anwser my question rly
Dave-2015-03-02 02:55:11
Why do you want the download link to the prototype version of Blockland? The real version is available, you can get the demo version for free, or pay I think $10 for the real version.
Bloxers2015-03-11 23:19:47
Those old shadows looked so good...
gay fucktart2015-05-09 15:28:47
sniff i miss this shit
fucktart gay2015-05-09 15:29:24
you fucking ideot you stoll my name get the fuck out
SuperMario4442015-06-28 17:29:49
I love this, I absolutely fucking love this.
Alarm2015-07-31 21:27:30
God bless this beautiful piece of #@!$.
Blobfish2015-08-02 16:30:37
what I would give for this
dim light2015-09-03 12:53:25
never played this type of version but i have played the version with the tutorial not make of bricks same with the bedroom
Fesky2015-09-29 00:29:11
I want to play D:
LyokoSyon2015-11-24 19:48:00
@Dave- He just wants to see the original game played compared to the retail version.
gay2016-04-13 01:55:29
if any of you miss this shit just play on RTB. theres a server that is hosted 24/7 by Antares, Vitawrap, or Sephiroth. community is small, but its cozy.
Rebldomakr2016-04-19 06:08:23
In response to user "gay"

If anyone is interested, there are still downloads for 0002 (RTB, TOB, TBM, AIO, DTB etc). A simple precise google search will suffice.

Remember, badspot does not control the master server used by alpha blockland. It is the garagegames test server; all games generally use it before they make their own master servers.
Blockygaming1552017-02-02 02:13:39
I want to play
PresentGamerYT2017-03-21 15:41:10
We want to play
Blockland Person2017-07-30 18:07:42
Theres a game similar to this prototype called the orange block on indiedb
emiko2017-08-17 06:01:42
My friend is currently running a Discord server for v0002 and its mods.
emiko is my ho2017-11-15 16:35:45
why wont you just come out as my subby bf~~
Big Gay Avalre2018-05-22 18:09:44
lol this is seriously still up?
Kittzy2018-10-22 20:38:21
This was my childhood game on my moms old windows Xp computer
Princetheking2019-04-29 16:01:52
Wasn't this the v9 model
Badspot2019-05-01 02:26:43
No, all lego stuff was removed before retail release.
Failsafe2019-06-03 23:52:19
v0002 is EpIC
KaizoTrap2021-12-05 04:16:33
its sad you leave Blockland
KaizoTarp2022-01-24 01:41:51
Daniel.S2022-06-30 03:43:03
It's mad to see that this is where it all started :')

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